Piper Rockelle Parents: Piper Smith And Tiffany Rockelle

People want to know about Piper Rockelle parents. Rockelle became a well-known influencer after starting to upload videos on YouTube in the late 2010s.


A teen YouTube sensation’s mother is expected to appear in court later this year after being accused of assaulting almost a dozen of her daughter’s teenage co-creators on sexual, physical, and emotional grounds.


The 11 teenage content makers sued Tiffany Smith, whose daughter is YouTuber Piper Rockelle, last year over the claimed mistreatment and an apparent lack of payment for their work.


The complaint submitted in January 2022 claims that Smith has subjected people to “harassment, molestation, and abuse.”


According to plaintiff lawyer Matt Sarelson, the civil trial was initially set to begin in Los Angeles on Monday but was postponed until November 6, many months ago.

After this news, netizens are curious to know more about Piper Rockelle’s parents and detailed information on this case.

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Piper Rockelle Parents: Piper Smith And Tiffany Rockelle

Netizens are curious to know about Piper Rockelle’s father and mother after the lawsuit with her mom, Tiffany, went viral.

Piper was born to Piper Smith and Tiffany Rockelle in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill are her two brothers.

While her other brother is well-known as an internet comedian and a social media celebrity, her elder brother Tyler oversees her YouTube output.

Family is the most essential thing in the world. She has learned to appreciate the importance of her family, and she finds inspiration in them.

Piper Rockelle Parents
Piper Rockelle’s parents Piper Smith and Tiffany Rockelle. (Source: Classified Mom)

Although her father abandoned them, her family still supports her work, and her older brother greatly impacts the content she produces and how the public perceives her.

Most people probably know Tiffany best as Piper’s mother.

According to the Los Angeles Times, she calls herself a “momager” and manages Piper Rockelle Inc., her daughter’s multimillion-dollar business.

The Lawsuit Of Piper Mom Tiffany Smith

On April 17, allegations of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse against around a dozen juvenile co-creators was brought against her mother.

11 former “Piper Squad” members filed a lawsuit against Tiffany Smith alleging mistreatment and underpayment for their labor.

The plaintiffs, who appeared on Rockelle’s YouTube channel, are suing Smith and her boyfriend Hunter Hill, who also worked on the channel’s creation, for at least $22 million in damages.

According to the plaintiff’s complaint, Smith made improper sexual remarks and touched the kids. They even encouraged the kids to act sexually aggressively while filming videos.

According to the lawsuit, Smith and Hill incorrectly labeled the plaintiffs’ videos as offensive, which cost them income prospects. Smith had counterclaimed for $30 million but quickly abandoned it.

Following the accusations against Smith and Hill, Piper’s channel, which has more than 10 million members, was demonetized in February 2022.

The lawsuit has received much media attention, and the plaintiffs request at least $22 million in damages.

Piper Rockelle Parents
Piper Rockelle mother Tiffany Rockelle. (Source: People)

In an extraordinary turn of events, Smith and Piper brought their lawsuit under the RICO Act, often applied to mobs or other organizations involved in organized crime.

Smith and her daughter claim the moms are involved in a plot to extract money by faking claims of sexual abuse against Smith.

On July 13, they submitted the lawsuit to the Northern District of Illinois’ US District Court.

Nine plaintiffs in the case said that Smith and Hill “sabotaged” their YouTube channels after they split from the “Squad” by fraudulently labeling their content as objectionable.

They also employ bots to reduce subscriber counts and post their videos on pornographic websites.

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