Pisces personality traits, love compatibility, and more

Pisces overview

Sweet, gentle, and dreamy. It’s everyone’s favorite Pisces! Belonging to the water element signs, a Pisces personality is what comes to your mind when you think of the kind next-door neighbor you have or a dear friend.

People born between February 19 and March 20 belong to the Pisces sun sign. They are represented by two Fishes, as the name suggests. Pisces is a water sign, like Cancer and Scorpio.

The two fish in the Pisces symbol are seen to be swimming in different directions, which can be understood as a depiction of the division between their attention towards fantasy and reality.

Let’s get to learn more about the dreamy sign that is Pisces.

Pisces Personality Traits
Pisces Personality Traits

Some general information about the Pisces sun sign:

Date: February 19 to March 20

Symbol: The Fishes/ ♓

Element: Water

Ruling planet: Neptune

Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7                                                      

Colors: Sea Green, Aqua

Lucky day: Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Sundays

Lucky gemstone: Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral

Associated organ: Feet

Characteristic traits of Pisces – the good and the bad

People belonging to the Pisces sun sign are kind of out of this world. Or well, they might be just in their heads. Piscean are imaginative and emotional beings. They make excellent company, but not all the time.

Do the bad traits of Pisces overpower their good traits? Let’s get to know them a little better.

Good characteristics explained

The water sign Pisces is driven by the matters of the heart. They are greatly empathetic and kind. If you’re feeling down, a Pisces will be the perfect shoulder to cry on for you as they make efforts in understanding a person’s emotions and trying to make them feel better.

Another wonderful trait of Pisces is their generous nature and big heart. Their generosity is so great that they prioritize the needs of others before their own. They want to make the ones they care about happy, even if it means sacrificing their own pleasure in the process.

This empathetic nature enables them to reflect people’s emotions and eventually, brings out the best in people. Have you noticed that when you talk with that one person in your life, you feel better and you want to do better in your life? If you have then congratulations! You’ve probably found yourself a great Pisces friend.

And of course, any description of Pisces is incomplete without discussing their sensitive nature. Pisces tend to take everything to heart. They tend to take words seriously and are careful about what they say to others equally as well.

Pisces sign
Pisces sign

Pisces is most likely the only sign that is as sensitive to other people’s feelings as they are to their own. They are excellent listeners and hearing pain in your voice will make them feel sad too.

Additionally, Piscean are extremely creative and talented, thanks to their imaginative minds. They make amazing artists and writers. They like to think outside the box and break free from the norm to make their own way in life.

Intuitiveness is another strength of this sign. They are really intuitive and their gut feeling almost never lies. It’s a gift that they have naturally. Also, they are able to see what people normally overlook, thanks to their deep thinking. Pisces are potential visionaries.

Not only are they gentle and caring, Pisces are very romantic as well. They love to show affection and make their loved ones feel special. Known to have a heart full of love to give, having a Piscean partner will definitely make your love life wonderful.

Bad characteristics explained

Pisces appear to be the perfect gentle and caring people when you first meet them. Spending time with them feels great as they make you feel special and loved.

But when they get comfortable with you and show you their true self, you will notice their ‘escapist’ nature. They are dreamers who like to live in their own little world of their imagination instead of facing reality.

Trying to tackle a problem head-on is the last step in Piscean’s problem-solving techniques. They try to avoid stressful situations in real life and like to flow back to their imaginative state of mind. This causes them to be out of touch with reality and makes it harder for them to solve their problems in time.

Their sensitive nature that is adored tends to take over their emotions, making them an emotional mess at times. They can be over-sensitive and emotional to the point where their emotions take over their rationality.

Dealing with a Pisces? Be ready to deal with some dramatic reactions and mood swings. Their emotional override is hard to handle for some. These intense emotions come rushing to them at once and they often feel overwhelmed by them and might not react properly to certain situations.

As Pisces tries to maintain a balance between their vivid imagination and intense surges of emotions, making a quick solid decision ends up being the hardest task for them. They tend to overthink every aspect and struggle to focus and decide.

The same overthinking habit of Piscean affects their overall mindset too. Pisces often come across as pessimists due to their nature of overanalyzing EVERYTHING! So, it is obvious that they get clouded by a number of negative thoughts as well.

This attitude isn’t well-received by people, especially those who are looking forward to support, optimism, and advice. Ironically, Piscean can be the worst and best people you can go to when you’re feeling low. They will either instantly make you feel better with their gentle words, or their pessimism will drag you further below in sadness.

Pisces Sunsign
Pisces Sun sign

You’d think the consequences of their daydreaming would be limited to just their thoughts or conversations but it translates physically into laziness. This water sign is too busy swimming in its own dream world. I mean why would you want to snap back to reality when your imagination is so creative, right?

Pisces wishes that would be the case but unfortunately, that isn’t a very productive habit. Though their minds are racing, their bodies need a lot of motivation to take action.

Pisces in relationships

If you’ve landed a Pisces as your partner, you’re a lucky one! You’re in for a lovely time with them. Piscean are hopeless romantics. Love, affection, and romance are very valuable for them.

You are definitely in for the long run with a Pisces. They usually prefer commitment and loyalty over flirting and meaningless flings. Moreover, they tend to fall in love hard and fast. A Pisces will give you their all in a relationship and they will rightfully expect the same love and effort back from you.

Good looks aren’t enough to win your way through a Piscean heart. They will choose emotional connection over good looks any day of the week.

Pisces compatibility with other signs

Pisces are looking for a partner that will understand them. Possibly the star signs that make a Pisces’ best match are Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Similarly, Pisces should keep an eye out for Libra and Sagittarius; but not for the best reasons. Their match will not be ideal due to the clash in personalities.

Career and professional life of Leo

Pisces are flowing with creative and artistic energy. They are great visionaries and their personality is highly influential. They can help inspire everyone around them.

Piscean are greatly suited for any career that requires talent, creativity, imagination, vision and empathy. For example visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, nonprofit organizers, politicians.

The biggest challenges Pisces might have to face in the professional field would be their indecisive nature and laziness. These two might be a setback for their success. But with a little extra effort, they can work to turn their dreams into reality and reach success.

Health complications of Pisces

This water sign rules the feet in the human body. So it isn’t uncommon for Pisces to show up at the doctor’s office with feet related ailments. It is also said that they have a delicate physical structure.

On top of that, Pisces are also prone to respiratory health related issues such as sinus pain. They are advised to pay attention and take care of themselves during seasonal changes.

Some famous Pisces personalities

Rihanna, Millie Bobby Brown, Justin Bieber, Ellen Page, Emily Blunt, Daniel Craig, Adam Levine, Jordan Peele, Steve Jobs, Camila Cabello, Chelsea Peretti, Stephen Curry, Bruce Willis, Sidney Poitier, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning, Rob Kardashian , and many more.

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