Pitchbook Jep Sedgwick Fired For Racist Harassment, Video

Jep  Sedgwick fired: A recent video has been viral on the Internet where Sedgwick and another man named Nathan Barba harassed a boy wearing a Palestinian sweatshirt.

Jep Sedgwick is an individual who works in the Pitchbook, and his recent activities made people very angry about it. 

The incident occurred while the individual in the Palestine sweatshirt was picking up his partner in San Francisco.

Jep Sedgwick’s name became well-known after the video showed him engaging in what many viewers viewed as harassment and aggressive behavior toward a person wearing a pro-Palestine hoodie.

Moreover, in the video, Jep Sedgwick, identified by his name and the company he worked for, approached the person wearing the pro-Palestine hoodie.

He asked a controversial question about the Israel-Hamas war, which was growing at the time.

Additionally, Sedgwick’s actions appeared aggressive, and he attempted to enter the car, worsening the situation.

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Pitchbook Jep Sedgwick Fired: Is He Racist?

Due to the controversial video that went viral on social media, Jep Sedgwick was highly criticized.

Following the video’s virality, social media users recognized Jep Sedgwick as a PitchBook employee at a financial data and software company in Seattle, Washington.

His affiliation with PitchBook attracted much attention, and his behavior in the video encouraged strong criticism.

As a result of his actions, Sedgwick was reportedly fired from his role as a Business Development Executive at PitchBook, where he had worked for two years.

Jep Sedgwick Fired
Jep Sedgwick was fired from his position by the Picthbook. (Source: Pitchbook)

Moreover, PitchBook clarified that it was not responsible for Jep’s behavior and did not support violence or harassment through a Twitter post.

Similarly, the company underlined that the behavior shown in the video was not consistent with PitchBook’s standards or principles.

Jep, who was subjected to racism for his harassment video, had to lose the prominent job he was doing in the Pitchbook.

Also, the public highly criticized Sedgwick for his worse actions of harassing someone because they wore a Palestinian t-shirt.

Jep Sedgwick became renowned as a figure involved with that incident, which sparked discussions about racism, harassment, and the negative consequences of one’s behavior in the age of social media.

Following his evil actions, he was fired from his job, and now it will be tough for him to get a job anywhere because it is all over social media.

Hence, Jep Sedgwick must regret his actions and feel sorry for what he did to a young boy.

Jep Sedgwick Harassment Video

The footage shows the young man behind the camera reacting to Sedgwick’s activities by locking the car doors and rolling up the window, presumably to protect himself from Sedgwick’s behavior.

In the video, Sedgwick also attempted to break the car’s glass. Additionally, he was not leaving the boy and staying around his car to get a chance to harass him even more.

Nathan Barba, another man involved in the incident, was observed making fun of the individual wearing the pro-Palestine hoodie.

Jep Sedgwick Fired
Jep Sedgwick received lots of criticism due to his behavior. (Source: IRL)

The young boy was just there to pick up his girlfriend, waiting for her inside the car.

Jep did not leave there even when the boy requested him to leave multiple times. 

The boy was terrified of them. However, he courageously made a video of them harassing him and posted it to social media.

Following the video, Jep and another man were highly criticized, and everyone was pissed off due to their inhuman actions towards a person.

Furthermore, their torturing of the young boy was unacceptable, and many are requesting the concerned authorities to take action against them so that the incident cannot be repeated.

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