Politician James Shaw Ethnicity: Is He Maori? Religion

James Shaw Ethnicity has been a top question regarding his fans and followers. Dive into the descent of New Zealand’s politician and his religious faith.

In the vibrant landscape of New Zealand politics, one figure stands out the brightest: James Peter Edward Shaw.

Shaw is not just a politician. He’s a leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

In 2014, voters chose him as a list representative of the Green Party, marking the beginning of a political journey that would reshape New Zealand’s landscape.

After the 2017 general election, the Green Party decided to help the Labour-led government, and Shaw got some important roles.

He became the Minister of Statistics and Minister for Climate Change and also helped with finance stuff.

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James Shaw Ethnicity and Origin: Is He Maori?

James Shaw, the New Zealand politician, is not of Maori descent. His roots are planted in the rich soil of New Zealand.

Born in Wellington on May 6, 1973, Shaw’s ethnicity is predominantly European.

His upbringing was marked by the influence of his single mother, Cynthia Shaw, and later by his mother’s partner, Susanne Jungersen.

Despite not being Maori, Shaw’s passion for politics and social justice has led him to engage deeply with Maori issues.

In a recent interview on the TV show, Te Ao with Moana, James Shaw talked about the Green Party’s support for Te Tiriti, a significant promise between the Maori people and the government.

James Shaw ethnicity and origin
James Shaw isn’t of Maori descent, and his ethnicity is dominantly European. (Image Source: Twitter)

Shaw really gets why Te Tiriti matters, and he’s all about being fair to everyone, especially Maori folks. 

Even though Shaw isn’t Maori, he cares about what’s happening with them.

He wants New Zealand to be where everyone is treated equally.

In a country with many different cultures, Shaw thinks it’s critical to respect everyone’s rights and views, no matter where they come from.

WInpolitics, he’s all about ensuring everyone feels included and treated right, no matter who they are.

James Shaw Religion and Beliefs explored

James Shaw‘s take on religion is pretty straightforward, as he’s not religious. When asked in an interview whether he is religious or not, he responded with a simple “No.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s been completely away from the world of beliefs.

Back in college at Victoria University, James Shaw was curious about different religions.

With the help of Professor Lloyd Geering, he looked into the histories and cultures connected to various belief systems.

Interestingly, when James Shaw was learning about religion, it wasn’t just dull textbooks and lectures.

His teachers were ex-priests and rabbis who were terrific storytellers. It got him so hooked that he made it his main focus in college.

James Shaw Religion and Beliefs explored
James Shaw has officially revealed in an interview that he is not religious. (Image Source: The Guardian)

Shaw didn’t finish his Bachelor of Arts. Why? According to Shaw, he’s more into doing things hands-on than sitting through lectures and exams.

So, while James Shaw may not identify with any specific religious beliefs, his exploration of world religions speaks volumes about his curiosity and openness to different perspectives.

It proves that even if you don’t follow a specific belief, learning about different ones can be really good for you.

James Shaw’s way of doing things shows he’s genuinely interested in the stories and histories that shape how people see the world.

In a world with many different beliefs, Shaw is all about understanding and appreciating what makes each unique.

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