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Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Who is Ramblin’ Jack Elliott?

When you are named Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, you know one must have accomplished a lot rambling on. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, born Elliott Charles Adnopoz, is a phenomenon of folk and country music.

Influencing by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Peter Seeger, Elliott first came into the spotlight in the late ’50s. He was first introduced as a companion and interpreter to the legendary Woody Guthrie and later developed himself as a magnificent artist.

Quick facts

Birth nameElliot Charles Adnopoz
Known asRamblin’ Jack Elliott
BirthdayAugust 1, 1931
Age92 years old
Sun signLeo
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York, United States
EducationMidwood High School in Brooklyn

The early life of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

Elliott was born on August 1, 1931, in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a doctor and wanted Elliott to follow in his footsteps.

However, young Elliott had made up his mind, and he chose country music amidst the immense pressure from his parents.

Initially fascinated by the rodeos, he ran away from his home at the age of fifteen to become a cowboy at J.E. Ranch Rodeo. Although he stayed there only three months before his parents tracked him down and took him home, Elliott was already exposed to country music.

Inspired by a singing cowboy at the Rodeo, Elliott learned guitar by himself. From here on out started the inspirational and long-standing career of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott personal life  

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott married June Elliott and had a daughter named Aiyana Elliott in 1969. Although we don’t know the exact date of Elliott and June’s marriage, we know that the couple stuck together throughout their life.

Aiyana Elliott is currently a director and producer with more than three credits to her name, including the biographical movie about her father, ‘The ballad of Ramblin’ Jack.’

Talking about Ramblin’ Jack himself, he lived a life with several ups and downs where he had to fight against drugs and alcohol addictions. Elliott has claimed that he really struggled with his addiction and even reached a point where he thought about quitting music.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is currently 90 years old and lives a happy life, still living up to his name and telling stories about his travels and music.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott is USD 1.4 million. And, thanks to his extraordinary career, he is still earning money from his music.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott career

The mother of folk singer and songwriter Odetta suitably named Elliott as Ramblin’ Jack Elliot.

Elliott’s musical career started in the mid-’50s when he recorded ‘Bad men,’ ‘Heroes,’ and ‘Pirates.’ Clearly, Elliott’s love for Woody Guthrie’s music resembled in his songs as he tried to mimic the legendary singer.

Guthrie wanted to meet Elliott, and they finally did in 1953 and decided to travel together. Therefore, Elliott got the opportunity to learn from the best.

Elliott began living together with Guthrie in his house for several months. Then, Guthrie and Elliott traveled all across the United States and even the United Kingdom, and that is where Ramblin’ Jack Elliott found initial success in his musical career.

He recorded a total of five albums in the U.K over six years.

In 1961, Elliott finally returned to the United States and reunited with his old friend Woody. It was through Woody that Elliott first met Bob Dylan.

Performing with his unique style and singing songs that tell a tale, Elliott became an inspirational figure to the youth at that time.

Elliott has had an illustrious career and has been awarded numerous times. His achievements and awards are listed in this article below.

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott albums:

Title (year)Songs List
Woody Guthrie’s Blues (1956)“Talking Columbia Blues”
“Ludlow Massacre”
“Hard Traveling”
“Talking Dustbowl Blues”
“1913 Massacre”
“Talking Sailor Blues”
Jack Elliot Sings (1957)“Alabama Bound”
“Good Morning Blues”
“Talking Blues”
“Rocky Mountain Belle”
“”Jesse Fuller’s San Francisco Blues” (Jesse Fuller)
“Fifteen Cents”
“Mule Skinners” (Jimmie Rodgers, Vaughn Horton)
“John Henry
Jack Takes the Floor (1958)
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Jesse Fuller)
“Ol’ Riley”
“Boll Weevil” (Traditional)
“Bed Bug Blues”
“New York Town”
“Grey Goose”
“Mule Skinner Blues” (Jimmie Rodgers, Vaughn Horton)
“Dink’s Song”
“Black Baby”
“Salty Dog” (Traditional)
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott in London EMI Records (1959)“Rusty Jiggs and Sandy Sam”
“Git Along Little Doggies” (Traditional)
“Sadie Brown” (Jack Elliott)
“Night Herding Song” (Traditional)
“Chisolm Trail” (Traditional)
“Fifteen Cents and a Dollar”
“Rocky Mountain Belle” (Traditional)
“Talking Blues”
“Diamond Joe” (Traditional)
“In the Willow Garden”
“I Ride an Old Paint” (Traditional)
“Jack O’ Diamonds”
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott Sings Songs by Woody Guthrie and Jimmie Rodgers (1960)“Do-Re-Mi” (Woody Guthrie)
“Dead or Alive” (Lonnie Donegan, Guthrie)
“Grand Coulee Dam” (Guthrie)
“Dust Storm Disaster” (Guthrie)
“I Ain’t Got No Home” (Guthrie)
“So Long (It’s Been Good to Know Yuh)” (Guthrie)
“T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)” (Jimmie Rodgers)
“Waiting for a Train” (Rodgers)
“Jimmie the Kid” (Rodgers)
“Mother, the Queen of My Heart” (Rodgers)
“In the Jailhouse Now” (Rodgers)
“Whippin’ That Old T.B.” (Rodgers)
Jack Elliott Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie (1960)“Hard Traveling”
“Grand Coulee Dam”
“New York Town”
“Tom Joad”
“Talking Dust Bowl”
“This Land is Your Land”
“Pretty Boy Floyd”
“Philadelphia Lawyer”
“Talking Columbia”
“Dust Storm Disaster”
“Riding in My Car”
“1913 Massacre”
“So Long”
Songs to Grow On by Woody Guthrie, Sung by Jack Elliott (1961)“Jig Along Home”
“Car Song”
“Swimmy Swim”
“Don’t You Push Me Down”
“Why Oh Why”
“Put Your Finger in the Air”
“Wake Up”
“Pretty and Shiny-Oh”
“Pick It Up”
“Dance Around”
“How Dja Do”
“My Little Seed”
“Build a House”
“Needle Song”
“We All Work Together”
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (1962)“Sadie Brown” (Jack Elliott)
“East Virginia Blues” (Carter)
“I Belong to Glasgow” (William Fyffe)
“The Cuckoo” (Traditional)
“Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” (Traditional)
“South Coast” (Lillian Bos Ross)
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Jesse Fuller)
“The Last Letter” (Rex Griffin, Traditional)
“I Love Her So/I Got a Woman” (Ray Charles)
“Candy Man” (Reverend Gary Davis)
“Tramp on the Street” (Grady Cole, Hazel Cole)
“Railroad Bill” (Traditional)
Country Style (1962)“Mean Mama Blues” (Charles Mitchell, Moon Mullican)
“Low and Lonely” (Fred Rose)
“Wreck of the Old ’97” (Henry Clay Work)
“Old Shep” (Red Foley)
“Wabash Cannonball” (A. P. Carter)
“Brown Eyes”
“Lovesick Blues” (Cliff Friend, Irving Mills)
“Arthritis Blues” (Butch Hayes)[citation needed]
“Take Me Back and Love Me One More Time”
“Tennessee Stud” (Jimmy Driftwood)
“Those Brown Eyes” (Alan Arkin, Bill Carey, Erik Darling, Woody Guthrie)
“Detour” (Paul Westmoreland)
“Soldier’s Last Letter” (Ernest Tubb, Redd Stewart)
Jack Elliott (1964)“Roving Gambler”
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken”
“Diamond Joe”
“Guabi Guabi” (a Zimbabwean love song originally recorded by George Sibanda which talks about love and gifts to his lover)
“Sowing on the Mountains”
“Roll On Buddy”
“1913 Massacre” (Woody Guthrie)
“House of the Rising Sun”
“Shade of the Old Apple Tree”
“Black Snake Moan”
“Portland Town” (Derroll Adams)
“More Pretty Girls”
Young Brigham (1968)“If I Were a Carpenter” (Tim Hardin)
“Talking Fisherman” (Woody Guthrie)
“Tennessee Stud” (Jimmy Driftwood)
“Tractor” (Jack Elliott)
“Night Herding Song” (Traditional; arranged by Jack Elliott)
“Rock Island Line” (Traditional; arranged by Jack Elliott)
“Danville Girl” (Traditional; arranged by Jack Elliott)
“912 Greens” (Elliott)
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Bob Dylan)
“Connection” (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards)
“Goodnight Little Arlo” (Woody Guthrie)
Bull Durham Sacks & Railroad Tracks (1970)“Me and Bobby McGee” (Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster) – 3:45
“Folsom Prison Blues” (Johnny Cash) – 3:48
“Reason to Believe” (Tim Hardin) – 2:02
“I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” (Bob Dylan) – 1:51
“Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down” (Traditional) – 3:57
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Dylan) – 1:05
“Lay Lady Lay” (Dylan) – 2:55
“Girl from the North Country” (Dylan) – 3:00
“The Tramp on the Street” (Grady Cole, Hazel Cole) – 4:27
“Michigan Water Blue” (Clarence Williams) – 2:14
“Don’t You Leave Me Here” (Traditional) – 1:26
“Blue Mountain” (Traditional) – 0:44
“With God on Our Side” (Dylan) – 3:44
Kerouac’s Last Dream (1981)“Buffalo Skinners” (Traditional)
“Pretty Boy Floyd” (Woody Guthrie)
“Cup of Coffee” (Jack Elliott)
“Roving Gambler” (Traditional)
“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” (Fred Rose)
“The Cuckoo” (Traditional)
“Talkin’ Fishin'” (Guthrie)
“1913 Massacre” (Guthrie)
“912 Greens” (Elliott)
South Coast (1995)“Pastures of Plenty” (Woody Guthrie) – 2:46
“If I Were a Carpenter” (Tim Hardin) – 5:00
“Cocaine Blues” (Reverend Gary Davis) – 2:29
“I Ain’t Got No Home” (Guthrie) – 2:07
“Will James” (Ian Tyson) – 2:16
“The Buffalo Skinners (On the Trail of the Buffalo)” (Traditional) – 5:24
“Rake and Ramblin’ Boy” (Derroll Adams) – 2:26
“South Coast” (Lillian Bos Ross) – 7:53
“Talkin’ Dust Bowl” (Guthrie) – 3:03
“Mean Old Bed Bug Blues” (Joe Davis) – 3:23
“Ludlow Massacre” (Guthrie) – 4:25
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Jesse Fuller) – 2:14
Friends of Mine (1998)“Ridin’ Down the Canyon” (duet with Arlo Guthrie) (Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette) – 4:24
“Me and Billy the Kid” (duet with Peter Rowan) (Joe Ely) – 3:50
“Last Letter” (duet with Rosalie Sorrels)(Rex Griffin) – 5:06
“Louise” (duet with Tom Waits)(Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan) – 4:44
“Rex’s Blues” (with Nanci Griffith and Emmylou Harris) (Townes Van Zandt) – 2:36
“Walls of Red Wing” (duet with John Prine) (Bob Dylan) – 4:31
“Hard Travelin'” (duet with Jerry Jeff Walker)(Woody Guthrie) – 2:46
“He Was a Friend of Mine” (duet with Jerry Jeff Walker)(traditional) – 3:25
“Dark as a Dungeon” (duet with Guy Clark) (Merle Travis) – 4:43
“Friend of the Devil” (duet with Bob Weir) (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, John Dawson) – 4:14
“Reason to Believe” (Tim Hardin) – 3:25
“Bleeker Street Blues” (Jack Elliott) – 3:51
“Old Time Feeling” (with Tom Waits and Guy Clark) (Guy Clark) – 0:45
The Long Ride (1999)“Connection” (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) – 3:09
“Cup of Coffee” (Ramblin’ Jack Elliott) – 6:16
“Ranger’s Command” (Woody Guthrie) – 3:30
“Pony” (Tom Waits) – 3:23
“St. James Infirmary” (Joe Primrose, Traditional) – 3:20
“Picture from Life’s Other Side” (Traditional) – 5:03
“East Virginia Blues” (Carter, Traditional) – 3:59
“The Sky Above and the Mud Below” (Tom Russell) – 6:15
“Take Me Back and Try Me One More Time” (Ernest Tubb) – 3:27
“Now He’s Just Dust in the Wind” (Elliott, Roy Rogers) – 4:33
“True Blue Jeans” (Elliott, Rogers) – 2:31
“Diamond Joe” (Traditional) – 3:17
“With God on Our Side” (Bob Dylan) – 7:30
I Stand Alone (2006)“Engine 143” – 3:28
“Arthritis Blues” – 4:21
“Old Blue” – 3:16
“Driving Nails in My Coffin” – 1:54
“Rake & Ramblin’ Boy” – 1:50
“Hong Kong Blues” – 2:08
“Jean Harlow” – 0:31
“Call Me a Dog” – 1:26
“Careless Darling” – 1:27
“Mr. Garfield” – 3:36
“My Old Dog & Me” – 0:19
“Leaving Cheyenne ” – 1:40
“Remember Me” – 1:19
“Willy Moore” – 2:06
“Honey, Where You Been So Long?” – 1:26
“Woody’s Last Ride” – 1:38
A Stranger Here (2009)“Rising High Water Blues” (Blind Lemon Jefferson) – 3:55
“Death Don’t Have No Mercy” (Reverend Gary Davis) – 6:08
“Rambler’s Blues” (Lonnie Johnson) – 5:14
“Soul of a Man” (Blind Willie Johnson) – 4:16
“Richland Women Blues” (Mississippi John Hurt) – 4:25
“Grinnin’ in Your Face” (Son House) – 3:55
“New Stranger Blues” (Tampa Red) – 3:25
“Falling Down Blues” (Furry Lewis) – 4:53
“How Long Blues” (Leroy Carr) – 4:44
“Please Remember Me” (Walter Davis) – 4:03
The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of Wight 1957 (2004)“Intro” – 0:49
“T for Texas” (Jimmie Rodgers) – 4:08
“Howdido” (Woody Guthrie) – 1:49
“I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say” (Jelly Roll Morton) – 2:16
“Crash on the Highway” (Dorsey M. Dixon) – 2:16
“Candy Man” (Reverend Gary Davis) – 1:28
“Ballad of John Henry” (Traditional) – 2:21
“Car Song” (Guthrie) – 2:13
“Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” (Traditional) – 3:35
“Old Blue” (Traditional) – 2:49
“Don’t You Leave Me Here” (Guthrie) – 1:35
“Why Oh Why” (Guthrie) – 1:54
“In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree” (Traditional) – 3:24
“Oklahoma Hills” (Guthrie) – 2:11
“Rock Island Line” (Traditional) – 5:16
“Closing/Railroad Bill” (Traditional) – 0:41
Jack Elliott at the Second Fret (1962) -Live Album“Mule Skinner Blues” (Jimmie Rodgers, Vaughn Horton)
“Cool Water” (Bob Nolan)
“Talking Miner” (Woody Guthrie)
“Boll Weevil” (Traditional)
“How Long Blues”
“Salty Dog” (Traditional)
“Tyin’ Knots in the Devil’s Tail”
“Hobo’s Lullaby” (Goebel Reeves)
“Talking Sailor” (Woody Guthrie)
“Rock Island Line” (Lead Belly)
The Rambling Boys (1958) (With Derroll Adams)“Rich and Rambling Boys” (A. P. Carter)
“Buffalo Skinners” (Traditional)
“Wish I Was a Rock”
“State of Arkansas”
“Mother’s Not Dead”
“East Virginia Blues” (Carter)
“The Old Bachelor” – 2:28
“Danville Girl” (Traditional)
“The Death of Mr. Garfield” (Traditional)
“Roll on Buddy” (Traditional)
Woody Guthrie’s Blues (1956)“Talking Columbia Blues” – 3:46
“Ludlow Massacre” – 3:39
“Hard Traveling” – 3:26
“Talking Dustbowl Blues” – 2:56
“1913 Massacre” – 4:10
“Talking Sailor Blues” – 4:00
The Essential Ramblin’ Jack Elliott (1976)“Roving Gambler” – 3:36
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken” – 2:38
“Diamond Joe” – 2:58
“Guabi Guabi” (Traditional, Jack Elliott) – 4:43
“Sowing on the Mountain” – 2:15
“Roll on Buddy” – 2:03
“1913 Massacre” (Woody Guthrie) – 3:51
“House of the Rising Sun” – 3:28
“Shade of the Old Apple Tree” – 2:41
“Black Snake Moan” – 3:26
“Portland Town” (Derroll Adams) – 1:59
“More Pretty Girls Than One” – 2:14
Double LP and CD reissue live tracks:
“San Francisco Bay Blues” (Jesse Fuller) – 2:15
“Buffalo Skinners” – 4:51
“Sadie Brown” – 3:30
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Bob Dylan) – 4:13
“Blind Lemon Jefferson” (Lead Belly) – 3:55
“Ramblin’ Round Your City” (Guthrie) – 3:50
“Tennessee Stud” (Jimmy Driftwood) – 4:14
“Night Herding Song” – 3:20
“Lovesick Blues” (Cliff Friend, Irving Mills) – 3:17
“I Belong to Glasgow” (William Fyffe) – 5:31
Best of the Vanguard Years (2000)“Roving Gambler” – 3:35
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken” – 2:37
“Diamond Joe” – 2:58
“Guabi Guabi” (Traditional, Jack Elliott) – 4:43
“Sowing on the Mountain” – 2:15
“Roll on Buddy” – 2:01
“1913 Massacre” (Woody Guthrie) – 3:52
“House of the Rising Sun” – 3:27
“Shade of the Old Apple Tree” – 2:42
“Black Snake Moan” – 3:25
“Portland Town” (Derroll Adams) – 1:59
“More Pretty Girls Than One” – 2:14
“Danville Girl” – 2:53
“John Hardy” – 2:27
“Dark as a Dungeon” (Merle Travis) – 2:53
“Hard Ain’t It Hard” (Guthrie) – 2:40
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Bob Dylan) – 3:16
“I Got A Woman” – 2:33
“Railroad Bill” – 3:57
“I Never Will Marry” – 2:29
“At My Window” – 2:09
“Blue Eyed Elaine” – 2:18
“Wildwood Flower” (Carter) – 2:25
“Ranger’s Command” (Guthrie) – 3:32
“Willie Moore” – 2:53
The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbour 1957 (2004)“Intro” – 0:48
“Hard Travelin'” (Woody Guthrie) – 3:57
“Big Rock Candy Mountain” – 1:43
“Old Rattler” (J. K. Hunter) – 2:18
“Talking Columbia Blues” (Guthrie) – 3:06
“Streets of Laredo” – 2:27
“Jack of Diamonds” – 3:23
“Rusty Jiggs & Sandy Sam” – 2:54
“Tom Joad” (Guthrie) – 7:25
“Acres of Clams” – 2:31
“Freight Train” (Elizabeth Cotten) – 1:13
“Chisholm Trail” – 1:57
“Crawdad Song” – 2:25
“Black Girl (aka In the Pines)” – 3:04
“Tom Dooley” – 2:16
“Rocky Mountain Belle” – 1:30
Vanguard Visionaries (2007)“1913 Massacre” (Woody Guthrie) – 3:49
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken” – 2:36
“Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” (Bob Dylan) – 3:16
“John Hardy” – 2:26
“Guabi Guabi” (Traditional, Jack Elliott) – 4:41
“House of the Rising Sun” – 3:27
“Black Snake Moan” – 3:25
“Roving Gambler” – 3:33
“Diamond Joe” – 2:56
“I Got a Woman” – 2:32

Awards and achievements:

AwardCategoryNominated workStatus
Grammy Awards (1995)Best Traditional Folk AlbumSouth CoastWon
Grammy Awards (1998) Best Traditional Folk Album Friends Of Mine (Album)Nominated
Grammy Awards (1999)Best Traditional Folk Album The Long Ride (Album)Nominated
Grammy Awards (2006)Best Traditional Folk AlbumI Stand AloneNominated
Grammy Awards (2009)Best Traditional Blues AlbumA Stranger HereWon

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