Randi Mahomes Biography | Pat Mahomes’s Ex-wife

Who is Randi Mahomes?

Many celebrities in the sports industry whose fame skyrocketed when their name was attached to their other half. Randi Mahomes is that fantastic woman who charmed NFL quarterback Pat Mahomes Sr and became his partner. 

As soon as her name was linked up with this professional player, her fame boosted instantly. Sadly they are no longer together with each other. 

Eventually, Randi Mahomes became a single mother of three children. After being together for several years, they decided to part ways due to some dispute.

Randi Mahomes
Randi Mahomes

As a matter of fact, Randi Mahomes has become one of the inspiring mothers because of her children. Surprisingly these three young one has imprinted their name in different aspect of the industry.

Henceforth, whenever they are asked about the person behind their success, they never forget to mention their mother’s name, Randi Mahomes.

You might be well aware of her husband Patrick, but how much do you know about this wonderful persona? Read this article until the end to learn everything about Randi Mahomes.

Quick facts

Full nameRandi Gail Martin
NicknameRandi Mahomes
BirthdayJanuary 18, 1976
Age47 years old
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsPositive: ambitious, helpful, and hard-working

Negative: Procrastinating, stubborn, and impulsive
BirthplaceTyler, Texas, USA
Currently residingTexas, USA
Father’s nameRandy Martin
Mother’s nameDebbie Bates Martin
SiblingsJill Martin (sister)
Lori Martin (sister)
Joey Martin (brother)
Height5 feet 8 inches
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-husband namePat Mahomes, Sr
Children namePatrick Mahomes, Mia Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
ProfessionPrivate Events Coordinator
Net worthUSD 200,000
Social mediaInstagram

Randy Mahomes Interesting facts

1. Randi Mahomes suggested her son follow the footstep of Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes, son of Randi, is often tackled by player Tom Brady. He was also the biggest hurdle when Patrick was about to make his first Super Bowl. 

However, Randi Martin believes that the Patriots quarterback is the key to Patrick’s success. After the narrow loss to the Patriots in 2018, Randi advised her son to follow Tom Brady’s footsteps. 

She suggested that he do whatever Tom is doing because she can’t imagine someone 20 years younger than her playing. Even more, Patrick expressed his respect for Brady’s career after the loss.

2. She does not like when people mock her son’s voice

Once, the internet was filled with memes of Patrick’s voice. But, unfortunately, he was often trolled not only by his fans but his teammates too. 

His coach admitted that Patrick’s voice sounds froggish, and he can impersonate his voice perfectly. Well, Patrick’s voice was the topic of conversation during his childhood, and as a mother, Randi did not like that even a bit.

His sister even asked her to check his voice, but Patrick was very confident in his voice, and it did not bother him at all.

3. Randi Martin supported her son’s decision to choose football over baseball.

Patrick was quite an athlete who mastered several games, whether football, baseball, basketball, or others. Randi stated that he changed from baseball to football because of the large crowds in the game.

She elaborated that the Texans always came out to enjoy the game on Friday night, if it’s football. Firstly when Patrick played football, he liked it but did not love it. 

So after his junior year, he decided not to involve himself in this game any further. Secondly, his coach did not allow him to play quarterback.

Thirdly, when Patrick played basketball, he saw few people in the audience. Similar was the case in baseball. Although this player was a god in both games, people rarely came to see the game.

Finally, Patrick got to play football, and the stands were full all the time. Things go interested when he was promoted from quarterback to the lead, in his journey to follow the passion Randi always supported from behind.

4. She is proud of her Son’s work in the community.

Being a mother, Randi Mahomes always is proud of her son when they do something for the needy. But, in an interview with KSHB, Mahomes revealed that the proudest for her was when Patrick was at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

He did not tell them about the event, but she knew anyhow. In addition to this, Randi watches her son’s game every time and sometimes joins the audience.

When Chiefs was playing against Colts at Arrowhead Stadium, her son’s team won. Therefore she was overwhelmed with emotion and was so happy that a tear came rolling down her eyes.

Mahomes’ phone had more than 125 texts which she did not reply to instantly. At that moment became a bit emotional and thought about what he meant to her. Eventually, she runs down the fields to congratulate and shake him.

Randi Martin early life, parents, and education

Born in Texas, Randi Gail Martin was born to father Randy Martin and mother Debbie Bates Martin. She changed her name to Randi Mahomes after she became the wife of Pat Mahomes.

Although they are no longer together, she decided to stick by this name. Her father was the school principal.

Randi Martin Mahomes
Randi Martin Mahomes

Hence it is apparent that Randy prioritized discipline, ethics, and hard work in his children’s. He was also the reason why Randi was very good at her studies.

As per education, Randi accomplished her study at Texas High School. Moreover, she is an American woman. Mahomes family strictly follows Christianity in terms of religion. 

Their family often visits Churt whenever they have free time. Along with this, Randi believes that Church is the only place where her children can learn new things, which she failed to teach them.

She says that God is our foundation and helps people to make the right decision.

Randi Martin Siblings

Randi Martin has three siblings, and she is the youngest one in her family. Additionally, she has an older brother, Joey martin, two older sisters Jill Herrington and Lori Deal.

Age and height

This mom of three was born in the year of 1976. She celebrated her birthday each year on the 18th day of January.

In 2021 Randi Mahomes is 47 years old and falls under the sun sign of Capricorns. According to her sign, Randi is courageous, purposeful, and confident.

Mahomes stands tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches tall. However, the most distinct feature of this woman is her perfectly toned body and white glowing skin. In addition, this blonde beauty has a pair of glistening brown eyes.

Pat Mahomes, Randi Martin’s ex-husband

Young Randi was head over heels for Pat Mahomes Sr when she first met him at the high school. Soon a special bond emerged between them, and they decided to take their marriage to the next level.

Randi Mahomes with son patrick and ex-husband Pat Mahomes
Pat Mahomes with wife Randi and son Patrick Mahomes Jr.

Pat was keen on sports and excelled in baseball, basketball, and football from the early days. He is famous for playing with Minnesota Twins. 

He was very bright in playing sports and was showered with a scholarship to study at a reputable university. Despite all this, he decided not to stud and focused on his career.

After this, he was hired by other teams such as Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Texa Rangers. Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Yokohoma Baystars.

Eventually, they agreed to get married and tied the knot. Close friends and family attended their wedding. Unfortunately, although they had a profound understanding, this lovey-dovey couple decided to divorce in 2006.

Soon after this, Randi raised her kids alone. As a matter of fact, after her divorce from Pat, she has not married any guy.

Randi Martin Mahomes’s kids

These love bugs were blessed to have two kids in their youth. Surprisingly, Randi Martin had her third child with an unidentified individual. Although there are several ups and downs in the family, they always stick with each other.

Pat Lavon Mahomes II

In 1995, Randi was delighted to have her first child with Pat. Young Patrick Lavon Mahomes II was born on September 17. 1995. Just like his father, Pat has also earned a name for being one of the amazing baseball players in the sports industry.

Patrick started loving sports when he used to see the game with his father. Then, he used to see him while practicing, which eventually inspired him to follow in his footsteps. 

Randi Mahomes with her sons Pat and Jackson Mahomes
Randi Mahomes with her sons Pat and Jackson Mahomes

On the other hand, Randi Mahomes often expresses her joy for having Pat as a son in her life. Along with sports, Randi also encourages Patrick to focus more on his study and maintains the two. 

Unlike his father, Patrick junior hopped from playing baseball to football. Upon knowing this, Patrick senior was very concerned about her son as football is a tough sport that can impact physical health.

Contrastly, Randi was very supportive and was happy to know that his son is finally doing what he likes. In addition to this, Patrick has finally settled down with fitness trainer cum businesswoman Brittany Matthews.

Upon hearing this, She was delighted to be the grandmother of young Sterling Skye. Moreover, Patrick gifted young Brittany a Lamborghini Urus for initiating her journey as a mother.

Jackson Mahomes

After Patrick, this duo welcomed their second child Jackson Mahomes on May 15, 2000. But, unlike his brother and father, he is not a fan athlete. 

But she has been entertaining people all over the world in TikTok. At the time of writing, he has garnered more than 9568.7k followers and will soon hit 1 million followers.

He posts hilarious videos and shares about his lifestyle on social media. As if it was not enough, he is active on Instagram. 

Pat Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes
Pat Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes

Jackson’s cute face and towering height of 6 feet 6 inches have attracted many fans. However, considering his height, it would have been great if he was into basketball. 

Moreover, this handsome is also a public figure. His Instagram posts are filled with him enjoying his time to the fullest. 

Looking through his Instagram, one can easily guess that he travels and loves watching games.

Mia Randall

The youngest child of Randi Mahomes is cute little Mia, who was born on July 12, 2011. Fans were shocked when they knew that she got a baby despite not having a husband. 

Randi Mahomes with her daughter Mia Randall
Randi Mahomes with her daughter Mia Randall

Not only that, but for some reason, she has been hesitating to share further information about her relationship, flings, or partner. Mia is ten years old in 2021 and is a big fan of the sport. 

She is keen on playing football in basketball. But, looking at her pace, she might make a career as an athlete just like her brother and father in the days to come.

Her occupation

This American lady worked hard as a private events coordinator for Hollytree country Club located in Tyler, Texas. Although she takes care of three children as a single mother, she finds a way to work full time. 

As a matter of fact, Randi Mahomes’s fame was boosted when she walked down the aisle with Patrick Lavon Mahomes, Sr. 

Randi Mahomes net worth

One can imagine that Randi Mahomes is not entitled in any specific profession like her ex-husband and son to make a hefty amount of money. She works as a coordinator for Hollytree Country, which lets her ear more or less.

Raising three kids on her own was a tough job for her, but she provided what was best for them, being a mom. In 2021, Randi Mahomes net worth is USD 200,000. 

According to reliable resources, her work as an event coordinator let her make a sum of USD 31k to 50k annually. In addition to this, her son Patrick boasts a net worth of USD 11.76 million.

Randi Mahomes house

When it comes to money and her lifestyle, Randi Mahomes is tight-lipped most of the time. However, some resources claim that she resides in a lavish house worth $1.9 million.

The property stretches up to 2759 square feet. Her house is filled with expensive furniture.

Social media presence

This 45-year-old mother of three loves spreading love in the world through the words of Jesus. Randi Mahomes is deliberately active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but is unavailable on TikTok.


This 45-year-old mom is also available on Facebook. In 2021 she has accumulated more than 7,641 followers. She goes with the name QBProducer.

Randi Mahomes Instagram

The wife of Patrick Snr has a lot of fan following on Instagram. Her account name goes with randimahomes and has garnered more than 89.1k followers at the time of writing.

Her Instagram profile is filled with the picture of Mahomes family spending quality time with each other. However, most of the picture is taken on the stadium as the family support Patrick in every game.

In addition to this, the Mahomes family travels to a fancy destination and supports each other in whatever they are doing.

Randi Mahomes Twitter

Twitter is a platform where people share what they are seeking from this world and what they get. Randi Mahomes has completely used this platform whenever she finds it unfair in this simple yet complex world.

Whether it be a game, her daily life, or god, she tweets everything in her official account @tootgail. Until now, Randi Mahomes has accumulated a massive following of 67.1 k ad only follows 765 people on Twitter.


Mahomes has her website @QBProducer, where she promotes her son Patrick’s game.

Randi Mahomes Youtube

This mother of three joined youtube on March 19, 2020. She has 19 subscribers and has uploaded seven videos. Her channel @QB Producer has more than 1336 views in 2021.


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