Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr, also known as Famous Dex, is making yet another attempt at overcoming his addiction issues.

Rapper Famous Dex enters rehab after being released from jail
Rapper Famous Dex enters rehab after getting out of jail

This latest attempt comes just a few days after he got out of jail following his most recent stint in prison.

A source close to Dex tells us that the rapper was released from the Los Angeles County jail last week and immediately went into a rehab facility.

The 29-years-old is attempting to ease the pain of his health problems so that he gets back to being good enough for the world soon.

Under his probation, Dex spent time in jail in January and again in June for violating his ex-girlfriend’s restraining order against him.

He is currently in his second rehab stay, and according to the reports, he plans on staying in treatment until the middle of November.

After publicly denying the fact that he had any drug problem, he voluntarily admitted himself to treatment in December 2020.

His infamous IG Live session of 2018, where he passed out, was the reason that raised concern among his fans.

The RichForever rapper is on the right track right now. There was some good news in June when Dex announced that he had been drug-free for five months.

There is no doubt that he is seeking a breakthrough moment for his sobriety this time around.

The fact that he’s going to remain here a little longer than he did last time can be a sign that he is searching for the right moment in his recovery.

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