Ray Allen reacted furiously when a well-known YouTuber Lofe attempted to pull a fart prank on him. The former basketball player told him to “keep it moving!”

Ray Allen gets mad at a famous YouTuber for a fart prank
Ray Allen gets mad at a famous YouTuber for a fart prank

The video, uploaded to YouTube, shows Allen going to Target to pick up a few items.

His attention drew him when he noticed that a YouTube star with almost one million subscribers was following him.

The video shows Lofe walking over to Allen and making incessant farting noises while someone records the prank.

In response to that, the former Celtics star became enraged.

In the clip, Allen shouted, “My man! I know you hear me—you following me around trying to do some bulls**t over here. I know you hear me. Keep it moving!”

Despite Allen’s request not to record further after he instructed them to do so, the YouTuber raving about the guys continued to record even though he asked him to stop.

There is a continuous display of Allen scolding the Youtuber since they ignored his request and continued to record him despite Allen’s request.

They explained to Allen that they were taking photographs of him.

The NBA champ, however, was not pleased with the explanation. He responded, “I’m not cool with that.”

As a result of this discussion, Lofe claimed he did not consider himself playing a prank on Ray Allen. Instead, the Youtuber maintained his position as simply a regular person.

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