Meet Rebecca Nur Islam Husband Nor Azam Sulaiman, Daughters And Sons

Rebecca Nur Islam husband is Nor Azam Sulaiman. In this article, we will discuss more about the actress’s daughter and son.

Rebecca Nur Islam is a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and an actor. This actor has been in several dramas in the past, such as Jangan Tegur Lagi, Dejavu in Kinabalu, and Awak Suka Saya Tak.

She is reportedly continuing her education at the Kuala Lumpur campus of Universiti Utara Malaysia, where she plans to study business administration.

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Meet Rebecca Nur Islam Husband Nor Azam Sulaiman

Nor Azam Sulaiman, a lawyer, and businessman married Rebecca on January 14, 2011.

This couple has nine children, five of which are biological children with her husband, two stepchildren, and two adopted children.

Since having a family, it seems unusual to catch a glimpse of Datin Rebecca Nur Al-Islam, a stunning actress with a distinctive name, on television, in local publications like newspapers and magazines, or in dramas or films.

Rebecca Nur Islam Husband
Rebecca Nur Islam’s Husband is a businessman. (Source- mStar

Perhaps she has been too preoccupied with running the home she and her husband, Dato’ Nur Azam Sulaiman, have built that she has missed the chance to return to acting.

Rebecca stated in a statement that she had hoped for twins for this pregnancy because her three previous children were also born via surgery. So perhaps Rebecca and her husband’s fourth child will be their last.

In fact, he stated that he doesn’t mind having this many children because, in addition to his three children, he also has two stepchildren.

Rebecca Nur Islam daughter and sons

Datin Becca has 7 children, including two stepchildren who each have their own children, which brightens Becca and her husband’s lives.

The actress of Javanese, Chinese, and Arab ancestry who is still abstinent despite giving birth to her fifth kid via cesarean or surgery has a thin body shape.

Datin Becca’s sincerity in caring for all of her children while also running her hijab company,

Regarding Rebecca Nur Islam’s children, she is the loving mama of Nor Adam Daniel, Nor Khayrin, Nor Aliff Raffael, Nor Anggun Raverra, Nor Ahmet Al Reaggan, Nor Arif Qayyum, Nor Aurora Riana, and Nor Anggerik Renesmee.

In addition, Becca also wishes to provide her children with more information by enrolling them in Mandarin language sessions.

Even though her children have diverse hobbies, a mother always wants the best for them and their future.

What happened to Rebecca Nur Islam Spouse?

Datuk Nor Azam Sulaiman, the husband of actress Datin Rebecca Nur Al Islam, now needs a walking stick due to back pain caused by the healing process from Covid-19.

Nor Azam, 53, had been suffering from back discomfort for the past two days, according to the entrepreneur, and sought treatment at a private medical institution here yesterday.

“He has severe back pain and finds it difficult to walk.” This could be a negative effect of Covid-19. Please hope for his recovery,” the Dejavu Di Kinabalu actress stated today on Instagram.

Rebecca’s message was accompanied by a small video of Nor Azam entering the medical center in a wheelchair and then exiting with a walking stick in his hand.

Rebecca Nur Islam Husband
Rebecca Nur Islam with her husband and kids. (Source- Instagram

She also stated that Nor Azam will be returning to the medical center in a week for follow-up care.

After recuperating from Covid-19, Nor Azam, a lawyer, was released from the hospital on July 21.

On July 8, Rebecca, Nor Azam, their six children, and three housemaids tested positive for Covid-19.

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