Remembering Josh Isaac Ng Suicide: Jenny Teo Son Death And Obituary

The online feed has again resurfaced with the news of Josh Isaac Ng suicide, which happened back in 2018. He was Jenny Teo’s son who left the world too early.

Almost three years ago, a boy named Josh Isaac Ng was all over the headlines in the news after his alleged suicide.

He was found lifeless on the sofa in the study at his home. The step Josh took to end his life brought a lot of misery and grief to his mother, Jenny Teo.

The terrible news of more than three years ago has yet again resurfaced over the internet and has been making an online buzz recently.

Let’s get to know more details about the tragic incident.

The renewed attention to this heart-wrenching story seems to be a reminder of mental health awareness and support for individuals struggling with their inner demons.

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Remembering Josh Isaac Ng Suicide: Jenny Teo Son Death

On the fateful morning of June 25, 2018, a mother’s world was forever shattered when Jenny Teo discovered her only child, Josh Isaac Ng, lifeless on the sofa in their home.

Josh, a mere 21-year-old, had taken his own life, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and a profound sense of loss.

Born on November 13, 1997, Josh’s early years were filled with the innocent joys of childhood. He was a playful and active toddler who reveled in the magic of music and rhythm.

However, life took a darker turn for Josh when, at the age of 12, he experienced a traumatic incident that would haunt him for years to come.

His father subjected him to a two-hour scolding session over his exam results, an ordeal that left Josh deeply scarred.

The emotional turmoil he endured was so severe that it led to a high fever and subsequent refusal to return to school even after his physical health had recovered.

Similarly, the weight of depression became increasingly burdensome as he navigated the tumultuous teenage years.

Josh Isaac Ng Suicide
Josh Isaac had to go through depression. (Source: The Methodist Church in Singapore)

His first breakup marked the beginning of a painful journey through the complexities of mental health.

Seeking help, Josh began consulting a psychiatrist and was prescribed antidepressants. It was a lifeline, but it couldn’t stave off the persistent darkness that seemed to envelop him.

However, by mid-2018, Josh was grappling with unbearable psychological pain, and his sense of self-worth had eroded.

He believed that suicide was the only escape from the torment that had become his daily companion.

Tragically, on that fateful June morning, Josh took his own life.

His mother, Jenny Teo, frantically called for an ambulance, her voice trembling with fear, as she attempted to provide CPR to her beloved son. But it was too late.

Jenny Teo Published A Book After The Tragic Loss

In the wake of the devastating loss of her only child, Josh, Jenny Teo found herself plunged into a world of grief and overwhelming responsibilities.

The immediate aftermath of Josh’s death demanded unimaginable strength from her.

From identifying his lifeless body to arranging the funeral service and overseeing his cremation, the burden weighed heavily on her shoulders.

Being divorced and with Josh as her sole child, the pain was all the more excruciating. The tears also flowed incessantly for many months as she grappled with the void left by her son’s absence.

In 2020, a glimmer of inspiration visited Jenny, a desire to immortalize her experiences and the contents of her heartfelt eulogy in a book.

Josh Isaac Ng mother
Jenny Teo, along with her book Grieving and Living. A Mother’s Hope. A Mother’s Journey. (Source: The Methodist Church in Singapore)

Yet, the journey from idea to publication seemed like a distant dream. Jenny had no experience in writing a book, let alone publishing one. However, fate had other plans.

A benevolent man offered to help Jenny transform her thoughts into an e-book and later into a physical book, all at no cost.

Similarly, Jenny accepted his generous offer. But it wasn’t until last year that she finally mustered the courage to put her thoughts onto paper.

Remarkably, the man’s willingness to assist her persisted, and the project moved forward.

When the time came to print the books, Jenny was determined to cover the expenses.

The man, however, went above and beyond, providing her with the highest quality paper for her book.

On March 15, the fruits of their labor were delivered – 1,055 copies, precisely 1,000 copies. And an additional 55 that would have otherwise been discarded due to minor flaws.

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