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Remington Alexander Blackstock: Second Son of Kelly Clarkson, Bio, family, and net worth

Who is Remington Alexander Blackstock?

Being a celebrity child is a blessing for everyone. You are already famous before you are born. The same happened with the second child of Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock.

The public went crazy when the power couple announced their son, Remington Alexander Blackstock. Remington is the second child of the famous singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson. His father is Brandon Blackstock.

Brandon Blackstock is a former talent manager. He is currently the CEO of the management company, Starstruck. Do you want to know more about Remington Alexander Blackstock? Let’s get into it.

Quick facts

Full nameRemington Alexander Blackstock
BirthdateApril 12th, 2016
BirthplaceUnited States
FatherBrandon Blackstock
MotherKelly Clarkson
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde
Net worthUnknown

Remington Alexander Blackstock childhood and education

Remington Alexander Blackstock was born on April 12th, 2016, in the United States. Remington was born to his father, Brandon Blackstock, and mother, Kelly Clarkson.

He has a sister named River Rose Blackstock, the first child of Brandon and Kelly. His father had previously married Melissa White.

Remington also has a step-sister and a step-brother. They are Savannah Blackstock and Seth Blackstock.

But, Melissa and Brandon divorced in 2012. Brandon then married his biological mother, Kelly Clarkson, in 2013. Meanwhile, the details about Remington’s education are not yet available.
We will update you if something pops up.

Remington Alexander Blackstock birthday

Remington Alexander Blackstock’s birthdate is April 12th, 2016, in the USA.

How old is Remington Alexander Blackstock?

As of 2020, Remington Alexander Blackstock is a four years old boy.

Remington Alexander Blackstock with sister River Rose Blackstock

Remington Alexander Blackstock personality traits

Remington Alexander Blackstock is a 4-year-old adorable boy. The height and weight are not yet out. Looking at the photos, he seems to have the average size and weight that a four-year child should have.

Remington Alexander Blackstock has blonde hair with beautiful brown eyes. He will be a superstar like his father, Brandon Blackstock.

As per his birth date, Remington belongs to the zodiac sign Aries. Aries people are confident, spontaneous, and have a very fit body.

Rise to fame

Remington Alexander Blackstock soon gathered all the media attention after his birth. Being the famous couple Kelly and Brandon’s child, the small baby has grabbed the media’s eyes.

Mother Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson (born April 24th, 1982) is a famous singer, actress, and TV personality.
Kelly is a versatile lady with a beautiful personality. She is perfect when it comes to managing professional as well as personal life.

Kelly is quite successful in her career. She is the first American idol (2002). Success never stopped for Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly has never failed to amaze her audience with her beautiful voice and personality. Hence, Kelly won various awards and recognitions. It includes 3 Grammy, three television video music awards, and 4 American awards.

Kelly Clarkson debuted with her first single, ‘A Moment Like This,’ which was a huge success. The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also became the country’s best-selling single of 2002.

Kelly Clarkson is famous for her songs like ‘Since U Been Gone and ‘Because of You.’ Kelly is the winner of two Grammys Awards.

Father Brandon Blackstock

Remington Alexander Blackstock’s Father, Brandon Blackstock, is a former talent manager. Brandon was born (December 16th, 1976) in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

Brandon Blackstock is famous for his role in ‘Blake Shelton Live: It’s All About Tonight’ (2010). He had also supported his wife’s program, ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ (2019).

Previously, Brandon and Melissa White were a couple. But, they divorced in 2013. The couple also has two children named Savannah Blackstock and Seth Blackstock.

Remington Alexander Blackstock father, Brandon Blackstock, and Mother, Kelly Clarkson’s relationship

Remington Alexander Blackstock’s parents Brandon and Kelly married on October 20th, 2013. Kelly had managed to live a happy life with her husband and step-children.

But, Kelly and Brandon’s relationship lost its spark. And Kelly filed for a divorce, ending a 7-year long relationship.

In June 2020, Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce with Brandon Blackstock. She said the reasons were ‘irreconcilable differences.’

However, Kelly Clarkson was quite disturbed after her divorce. In one of the interviews, Kelly Blackstock said:

“I’ve been talking to friends that have been through a divorce,”
“I don’t know how people go through that without having some outlet because it is the worst thing ever for everyone involved.”

Remington Alexander Blackstock with mother Kelly Clarkson and sister River Rose Blackstock.

Remington Alexander Blackstock’s grandparents

Remington’s grandparents are Stephen Michael Clarkson and Jeanne Clarkson via his mother. Similarly, Narvel Blackstock and Elisa Gayle Ritter from his father’s side.

His grandparents Narvel Blackstock and Elisa Gayle Ritter, separated in 1988. Navel Blackstock (born August 31st, 1956) is an American television producer.

Navel Blackstock has produced various TV programs. It includes ‘Forever Love’ (1998), ‘Secret of Giving’ (1999), ‘Blake Shelton Live: It’s All About Tonight’ in (2010).

While Kelly Clarkson’s Father, Michael Clarkson, is a former engineer. Her parents divorced when she was six years old.

Kelly Clarkson often talks about her childhood without her father. In fact, in several interviews, she often talks about her struggle after her father left them.

Kelly revealed she grew up living separately from her siblings. Her sister lived with her aunt, brother with her father, and Kelly lived with their mother.

In the interview, Kelly Clarkson talked about her rocky relationship with her father.

She said:

“I don’t know what my father went through as a child, and I don’t know why he left and made the decisions he made, but everyone’s human. I don’t understand it for me, but I understand the depth of what that is — having a child — now, and he’s made me want to be that much more present in my family”. Furthermore, the American Idol winner,

Kelly Clarkson added:

“Even if it’s not your father, whoever it is in your life if someone presents such a cancerous environment and then keeps hurting you, and even if they’re doing it inadvertently and they don’t know better, you should not have that person in your life. And it’s OK. That’s not a hateful situation. You go your own way,”

Kelly Clarkson’s Father, Michael Clarkson, died due to some health issues. The exact information about his death is not out yet.

Kelly didn’t even meet her father on his death bed, nor she showed up at his funeral. We can unquestionably imagine the pain she had gone through.

But, Kelly Clarkson is a strong, fierce, and independent woman. She does not dwell on that stuff anymore.

Remington Alexander Blackstock controversy

Remington himself didn’t get caught up with any kinds of controversies. But, his mother, Kelly, dealt with many online trolls after announcing her divorce.

Netizens on Twitter claimed that the couple’s split up was the result of her hectic schedule. The ugly spat began after Kelly announced her appearance on America’s Got Talent. It was after the former judge, Simon Cowell, had a major bike accident.

The tweet said:

“now Kelly is taking Simon’s place…no wonder her marriage didn’t work…surprise she has time for her kids…not the good old country girl we fell in love with… it’s all about Kelly being on tv…and no one else…no tears for her…but for her kids.”

After reading the heart-wrenching tweet, Kelly Clarkson responded like a pro and said:

“Wow. Shaming a woman who has a great work ethic, is a great mom, and who steps up and fills in when a friend asks for a favor because that’s actually what ‘good old country girls’ do…. this can’t be who you are deep down. I have more faith in your heart. Aim higher, please.”
Kelly Clarkson indeed nailed it with her tweet.

Remington Alexander Blackstock net worth

Remington Alexander Blackstock is relatively young for earning. But, his mother, Kelly Clarkson’s net worth is at around $45 million.

Likewise, his father, Brandon Blackstock, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Remington lives a very lavish life with all the comfort and luxury with his family in the USA.

Remington Alexander Blackstock Instagram

Remington Alexander Blackstock is too young to be present on social media platforms. However, you can follow his mother, Kelly Clarkson, to know about her whereabouts.

Kelly’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellyclarkson


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