Who is Renee Portnoy?

Renee Portnoy is an American equestrian and uprising internet personality. More importantly, she became famous for being the ex-wife of David Portnoy.

Although they had an excellent relationship, things went haywire when David was seen in an 8-second sex tape. Upon its release, the internet was filled with their scandal, and it made a massive impact on their relationship.

Before this unimaginable incident, David and Renee Portnoy were one of the most sought out celebrity couples in the industry. Not only they looked good together, but they were also involved in one of the reputed professions.

Renee Portnoy Biography
Renee Portnoy Biography

Even if they are no longer together, both are often mentioned in interviews, scandals and are the topic of gossip. Today we will be revealing about David Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy.

Quick Facts

Full NameRenee Portnoy
Also Known as Renee Satterthwaite
BirthdayMay 5, 1987
Age35 years old
Sun signTaurus
TraitsPositive: Logical, determined, and kind
Jealous, short-tempered, and stubborn
Birth PlaceAbington, Massachusetts, USA
Currently residingNantucket Island, Massachusetts, USA
Parents Not Known
Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-spouse NameDavid Portnoy
Children NameNone
ProfessionBusinesswoman, Equestrian
Net WorthUSD 4 million
Social mediaInstagram

Interesting Facts

1. Renee Portnoy used to make vines.

When the internet was a new thing, and vines were taking over the social media platforms, Renee Portnoy was keen on making vines. She started recording vines from the year 2013 and eventually stopped in 2014.

Most of the vines included the various aspect of the love life of David and Renee. She used to work with her horses and used to watch them race. Other than this, you can clearly enjoy their youth with one another.

In addition to this, Portnoy also shared many vines regarding the concert of famous singers such as Darius Rucker, Dave Matthews Band. She also recorded a hurricane weather report outside their house in Nantucket.

2. She started learning horse riding at the age of 8 and owns a few of them now.

Like morning shows the day, Renee was keen on horse riding and used to adore horses for as long as this lady can remember. When she was just eight years old, she took riding lessons.

Later on, Portnoy collaborated with SmartPak and became a senior buyer in 2010. After that, she worked hard to secure the place of Director of Merchandise for SmartPak. 

To those of you who do not know SmartPark, it is a retailer that sells equine supplements and horseriding gear. Glancing through her social media platforms, it is apparent that she spends most of her time playing and nurturing her horse.

She owns a handful number of horses, such as a black Holsteiner stallion, 17.2 hh Argentinean Warmblood, to name a few. In 2009, she bought a Trent horse ad revealed that it is one of the sweetest horses she has ever met.

Renee Portnoy
Renee Portnoy photo

Apart from this, she is an equestrian who even competed in a race in 2012. Previously Renee had a goal to compete in the Aria National Adult Media Finals. 

Eventually, she got an invitation to the competition and was qualified. It was her first time competing in a big indoor horse show.

3. Once Renee Portnoy explained to her ex-husband David Portnoy to be relentless.

This beautiful lady was interviewed for a part of a documentary on the rise of Barstool titled Barstool Gold. At the end of the second part of the documentary, she was asked to describe her ex-husband.

She stated that:

“David is relentless, but in the best way possible. . Relentlessly trying for what he believes in and relentlessly standing up for his side of things, which can go both ways, but he’s relentless.

Furthermore, she added that David’s relentless dedication to built this company and this huge brand is like superhero status.

She said,

” No one else could have done what he did. Dave’s also the most loyal guy you’ll ever meet. If you’re in Dave’s circle, he will do anything, anything, anything for you. And he’s the funniest guy ever.”

Renee Satterthwaite parents, siblings, childhood, and education

Before tying the knot with the love of her life David, Renee’s maid name was Satterthwaite. She was raised in Abington, Massachusetts, the United States of America.

Due to privacy and personal matters, Satterthwaite hesitates to share about her beloved parents in the media. Therefore there is only a handful of information about Portnoy’s parent’s name and whereabouts.

According to reliable sources, it was revealed that this young lady was the only kid in her family. So one can imagine that having no siblings, it was a little tough for her to grow.

Contrastly, being the only kid in her family, she was showered with all the love and care. Growing up in Abington, she befriended several types of animals.

Among all horses and dogs was one of her favorites. Not to mention she started learning horse racing at the tender age of 8.

During her childhood, she rode many naughty ponies and horses in order to get some extra time in the saddle. As per education, she has been to a local high school located in Abington.

In 2001 Portnoy received her graduation. Soon after that, she received a Bs degree in international relations and business from Boston University.

Renee Portnoy age, height, and body statistics

Born in Abington, Renee Portnoy is an American businesswoman who was born in the year of 1987. As Portnoy celebrates her birthday on the 5th of May, she is 35 years old in 2021.

Similarly, she belongs to the sun sign of Taurus. According to her sign, Portnoy is kind, gentle, and loyal. Although it takes some time for Taureans to make friends, they get around them eventually.

That might be the reason why Renee has such a dependable and lifelong friend. There are several features of Portnoy that attract her fans all over the world.

Apart from her kind gesture, fans are fascinated by her physical attributes too. To be precise, Portnoy stands tall at an average height of 170 cm, which is 5 feet 7 inches in general.

In addition to this, Satterthwaite hits the gym more often to regulate her body. Speaking of which, her bust measure about 34 inches, her waist about 24 inches, and hips about 35 inches.

Moreover, she has a pair of enchanting brown eyes and straight long brown hair.

Who is David Portnoy?

David Portnoy, often known as Dave Portnoy, is a popular blogger, internet celebrity, and founder of the pop culture blog Barstool Sports. Along with this, he is notoriously known for making harsh criticism online in his blog posts and indiscriminately commenting on any individuals.

Dave Portnoy
Dave Portnoy

Moreover, in January 2016, the company was able to sell a majority stake to The Chernin Group. Later the headquarter of Barstool Sports was moved to New York City and is expanding the business.

For the time being. The Chernin Group holds a 36% stake in the company. He has maintained his person as “El Presidente,” which is a blunt and candid character throughout the years.

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How did Renee Portnoy and David Portnoy meet?

Renee Portnoy and Dave Portnoy were fond of each other from college times. They bumped into each other for the first time in 2005 when Portnoy was about to be graduated.

Dave Portnoy and Renee Satterthwaite
Dave Portnoy and Renee Satterthwaite

Likewise, David was entitled with Yanke Group in Boston. They slowly got to know each other, and soon they were attracted to each other. The next thing they knew, this duo started dating.

Renee Portnoy husband

Soon their love for each other blossomed throughout the years. Finally, after dating for three years, this lovey-dovey couple decided to take their relationship to a whole new level, and that was marriage.

They shared rings in the year 2008 in front of their friends and families. Then a year later, they walked down the aisle and ventured out to start a family.

Within a matter of their marital journey, David was blessed to be the founder of Barstool Sports. Although Dave was the company’s face, it was Renee who regulated his activities from his shadow.

It appears that Renee was happy maintaining a low profile in the media. Not to mention during their times together, they never had a baby.

Renee Portnoy divorce

During this college time, sweethearts were together with each other for more than 8years. In these years, they spend their time happily with one another.

However, a rumor about their divorce was swirling on the internet, which later appeared true. Dave was rumored to be having an affair in the year 2016 with a mystery woman who was later identified as Jordyn Hamilton.

They were spotted having drinks in the local bar. Surprisingly David confessed that their marriage was going to break soon. Eventually, in 2017, Renee and David were officially divorced.

Similarly, after their departure, Jordyn also left him. Renee’s ex-husband claimed that Jordyn was cheating him with Soulcycle Instructor.

Dave Portnoy’s sex tape scandal

There is no denying that David has been the topic of gossip since he became famous. He has been indulged in several controversies but not as big as his leaked sex tape.

His 8-second screen recording included a clip of David and an unidentified woman having sexual intercourse. His response to this was pretty obvious, and he tried to bend the truth by saying that he was not the one in the video.

An official press release from Team Portnoy claimed that the male in the video was not him. in the release, the team even praised the man for being in good shape and had an athletic body.

They also elaborated on the fact that the sharing of such videos was illegal and a breach of privacy.

Who was the woman in the video?

In addition to this, the unidentified woman in the video was none other than Sydney Raines. She was seen wearing a collar around her neck and had a leash attached to it.

Surprisingly it was all over the internet. The woman was said to be working as a nanny.

When the video was leaked, her friend asked if she knew the Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy. Later on, one of her friends sent her the video and asked her if she was okay.

It was revealed that the video was shot in July 2020 when she visited David in Nantucket, Mass. When the video became viral, David called her few times to check if she was okay.

After getting negative remarks from the general mass, Raines did something unexpected. Instead of asking for forgiveness with teary eyes, Sydney released an unapologetic response. She conveyed her feeling through Instagram by saying that,

“I came to know yesterday that a video has surfaced on the internet, and yes, that was me. It was not meant to become public. Some people may not approve of the video content, but it was entirely consensual, and, unfortunately, it is no longer private. Portnoy and I are friends with no animosity. I will not label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it. I have been open about my sexuality. Maybe I do not care when I should, but I saw it as just a bump in the road. It was not going to ruin me. I feel like people may see me as a victim in that situation, but I have not seen myself that way.”

In addition to this, many people accused her of doing it for money. In response to this, Sydney denied the accusations.

Sydney confessed that she had declined numerous clothing brands who asked her to strip in the name of advertising for their brand.


As soon as Renee Portnoy accomplished her education, she received a degree in business. After that, she initiated her voyage to become one of a distinguished businesswoman.

Renee Satterthwaite
Renee Satterthwaite

Eventually, in 2010 Portnoy started working for the SmartPak. For Renee, SmartPak was like a combination of hobby and passion.

The company was established in 1999 with the motive to assist the horse owners in providing a better environment and nurturing their favorite pets. The company specialized in supplying additional supplements, riders gear, and other requirements of the horse owners.

After working for many years, she was finally promoted to the director of merchandising.

Renee Portnoy net worth

It is crystal clear that Renee rarely shares about her personal life and preference in the media. Hence, there is only a handful of information about Portnoy that we know of.

According to some sources, it is estimated that in 2021, Renee Portnoy has a total net worth of USD 4 million. This is all thanks to her work as an equine buyer and hardworking businesswoman.

Apart from this, there is no data on her income and expenditure. On the other hand, her ex-husband, David Portnoy is a millionaire.

In 2021, David Portnoy net worth is counted as USD 100 million. Although they are no longer together, Renee still lives in David’s mansion worth USD 2 million in Nantucket.

In addition to this, she has not yet dropped her surname from his husband’s side.

David Portnoy is currently dating Colombian model Silvana Mojica.

Shortly after David divorced Renee, he was linked up with Jordyn. However, as his relationship also turned out to be incompatible, he falls in love with Silvana Majica.

Surprisingly this Columbian model is younger than David’s half age. She is reported to be in her twenties, while David is 44 years old.

This couple was spotted partying together and having a lovely vacation. So young, Majica did not hesitate to show her love towards Portnoy through her official Instagram account.

Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica
Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica

Some sources claim that they also share matching tattoos. Yet, despite all this, none of them have claimed their actual relationship with the press.

Not to mention he is often spotted spending time with different groups of ladies. In such cases, it is tough to say that this man is not single.

Meanwhile, Renee Portnoy is more focused on her career than ever. She has not been involved with any anonymous guy. As per resources, she is leading a single life.

Renee Portnoy Fosters Dogs

As mentioned above, Renee is an avid animal lover. She believes in adopting dogs and giving them home to stray dogs rather than buying them.

Whenever she spots some homeless dogs in the street or her neighborhood, she either adopts them or encourages other people to adopt them.

Dave Portnoy ex-wife Renee Portnoy
Dave Portnoy ex-wife Renee Portnoy

She has been supporting a local animal foster home named the Nantucket Island Safe Harbor to provide homes for needy animals. Not to mention she has adopted many dogs during her journey to save animals.

Social Media

This 34-year-old businesswoman is often busy in her business and accolades. But, despite Renee’s hectic schedule, she releases her stress off through social media platforms.

It is not only a media to share her daily activities but also a way Portnoy insists on inspiring people. Naturally, therefore, Renee Portnoy is active on Instagram and Twitter.

Renee Portnoy Instagram

If you have been following this beauty for a long time, you are well aware that she loves animals. In fact, her Instagram account profile is filled with her pet’s pictures than herself.

Until now, Renee Portnoy has garnered about 40.3 k followers in her Instagram account @renee-portnoy.

Renee Portnoy Twitter

This young personnel logged in to Twitter in the year of 2009. Since that time, Renee Portnoy has been tweeting about her feelings, daily activities to her fans.

There are 31.3k followers on her Twitter account @renee_Portnoy.


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