Rhiannon Lambert: Career, family, and net worth

Who is Rhiannon Lambert?

Rhiannon Lambert is a nutritionist and author with a best-selling book titled “Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well.” Likewise, Rhiannon Lambert is also the founder of the Harley Street Clinic in London called Rhitrition.

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert has been providing free diet advice to people on the internet. She has helped millions of people.

Rhiannon Lambert is a successful and one of the richest self-help authors dealing with food and nutrition.

Rhiannon Lambert Biography
Rhiannon Lambert Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameRhiannon Lambert
BirthdayMay 11, 1989
Age34 years old
Sun signTaurus
TraitsPositive: Intelligent, Honest, and Stable
Negative: Stubborn, Lazy, and Materialistic 
BirthplaceSouth West England, United Kingdom
Hair ColorBlonde
Eyes colorBlue
Marital statusMarried
SpouseBilly Evans
ChildrenZachary Evans (son)
ProfessionNutritionist, Author, Entrepreneur
Net WorthUnder review
Social mediaInstagram

Rhiannon Lambert personality

Rhiannon has a positive outlook on life. She is well-educated and is highly knowledgeable on her subject matter.

Since she is involved in the profession that provides nutrition advice to people, she enjoys cooking and creating new, healthy, and delicious recipes. She enjoys spending time with her family.

According to her, she likes to refresh and recharge by leaving London on weekends. This helps her disconnect from her work and professional commitments for a while as she focuses on caring for herself and spending time with her child and husband.

Early Life and Childhood

According to her, she grew up in Wiltshire, which is a county located in South West England.

Rhiannon likes to keep most of the details regarding her personal life and her past life private. She tends to present her work-related content and her current family life on social media.

According to Rhiannon, she had a troubled school life as a child. She has stated that the school where she studied is closed.

Educational Background

Rhiannon received her nutrition and health degree from The National Centre of Eating Disorders. Likewise, she also has completed her Master’s degree in obesity, risks, and prevention.

Acquiring these degrees enabled her to become a registered dietician and open her own private clinic, Rhitrition.

Rhiannon Lambert relationships

Like a true professional, she is mostly focused on content that can help people instead of using her social media for chit-chat.

Rhiannon Lambert wedding picture
Rhiannon Lambert’s wedding picture

Rhiannon Lambert married her boyfriend Billy Evans in 2019. She often posts pictures with her husbands as well as throwback photos of their wedding day. Billy Evans also seemed to be involved in the decision-making process for Rhitrition.

Rhiannon Lambert children

On the 24th of April 2020, Rhiannon gave birth to a baby boy named Zachary. She only has one child and seems to be enjoying motherhood.

Rhiannon showcased her pregnancy journey on her Instagram account and frequently posted photos of her baby boy. Likewise, she also gives tips and tricks to fellow moms on helping their children lead healthy lifestyles.

Career path

Switching from singing to a dietician

She wanted to be a professional singer, and to pursue her dream, she left home at the age of sixteen.

She also won Classic FM’s Young Musician of the Year award and received training at the Royal Academy of Music, where she trained to become a professional soprano singer.

However, she felt malnourished during her endeavor to become a singer due to poor diet choices. Thus, she began focusing on gaining the necessary nutrition-related information to help her become healthier.

Thus, she enrolled in university to study nutrition.

Presently, she has not focused much on her professional singing career but instead chooses to focus on her career as a professional nutritionist. She has not released an album so far and has also not been signed to any record label.

Rhiannon Lambert Rhitrition

Rhitrition is the Harley Street Clinic founded by Rhiannon Lambert, located in London. On the clinic’s website, you can book appointments, gain knowledge regarding nutrition and health, access healthy and easy-to-make recipes, and buy Rhiannons’ books and other health-related products.

She specializes in weight management, eating disorders, and sports nutrition. Some of her regular clients include popular sports and television personalities. However, their names have not been disclosed for privacy and confidentiality purposes.

Besides this, Rhiannon’s work also includes consulting companies on product development and marketing.

Published Books

Rhiannon Lambert has published 3 books to date. They are “Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well,” “Top of Your Game: Eating Right for Mind and Body,” and “The Science of Nutrition.”

Rhiannon Lambert with her son Zachary
Rhiannon Lambert with her son Zachary

“Re-Nourish: A Simple Way to Eat Well” is a best-selling book that provides a simple approach to eating well free from dieting and restriction.

Rhiannon Lambert’s “Food for Thought” podcast

In addition to her work as a registered dietician and her presence on various social media, Rhiannon also is the host of her own podcast titled “Food for Thought.”

As the name implies, “Food for Thought” is a wellness-based podcast that aims to simplify health and nutrition topics by providing evidence-based advice to listeners.

Moreover, Rhiannon also features many health and nutrition experts on her podcast who provide sound diet advice to the listeners using their expertise and years of experience.

Rhiannon Lambert TEDTalk

Rhiannon also gave a Ted talk on “What is a Healthy Relationship with Food?” At a TEDx event, Rhiannon discussed how people could have healthy or unhealthy relationships with food.

Furthermore, the talk aims to fight diet culture and educate people on making healthy choices while making food a positive part of their lives.

Her association with Shona Vertue

Rhiannon has been associated with fitness instructor Shona Vertue in the past. She shared an Instagram photo with Shona in 2018, which became very popular.

Shona Vertue is an Australian personal trainer and fitness instructor qualified in dry needling, facial stretch therapy, and Chinese massage. She is also the American athletic and Sportswear Company brand ambassador, New Balance.

Rhiannon Lambert’s controversy with Lauren Goodger

Rhiannon made headlines when she engaged in a Twitter fight with the reality TV star Lauren Goodger. Lauren Goodger is well-known for starring in the reality show called The Only Way is Essex which aired for two years from 2010 to 2012.

Rhiannon slammed Lauren for giving out dangerous diet advice to her impressionable followers on Twitter. However, this fight was later resolved when Lauren stated that she would meet Rhiannon to learn more about healthy eating.

Rhiannon Lambert net worth

Rhiannon’s main income source is her nutritionist work and the revenue she receives from the books she has sold. Furthermore, she also derives some income from her social media.

Rhiannon Lambert Photo
Rhiannon Lambert Photo

Her net worth is estimated to be between one million dollars to five million dollars. However, this is just a rough estimation, and Rhiannon’s exact net worth is not currently available.

Social Media

Rhiannon Lambert Instagram

Rhiannon has gained a lot of popularity on Instagram. She mainly posts nutrition advice, healthy recipes, tips for leading a healthy lifestyle, and photos of her husband and son.

She has a total of 204,000 followers on Instagram. Her username is “rhitrition.”

Facebook and Twitter

Rhiannon Lambert has a good following on Facebook and Twitter as well. She has 19,000 followers on Twitter and 11,000 followers on Facebook.

Rhiannon Lambert YouTube channel

On her YouTube channel named Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, Rhiannon has 6.4k subscribers.

She often posts healthy recipes, daily vlogs, her motherhood journey, health and nutrition tips, conversations with famous personalities, and clips from her appearances on television on her YouTube channel.

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