Rhonda Worthey: 11-year-marriage failed with footballer ex-husband

Who is Rhonda Worthey?

Rhonda Worthey, a publicist, worked with the Dallas Cowboys when her love story with Troy Kenneth Aikman started. Troy was leading the team as their starting quarterback.

Rhonda and Troy usually stayed away from mainstream media, but they were always on the radar because Troy was a big deal in Texas.

Rhonda is a female name that has a Welsh origin. The name means “good spear.” According to the Greeks, Rhonda means “a powerful river.”

These days, many marriages end in divorce; one day, everything is fine, but the other day, everything is changed, and everything over just like that. Do you wonder what goes so wrong, and all of a sudden, a happily running marriage is over and ends up in divorce?

Americal Football player Troy Kenneth Aikman and his publicist wife, Rhonda Worthey, seemed like a happily married couple until they decided to file a sudden divorce in 2011.

Rhonda started as a bright publicist for Dallas Cowboys, but later, her career trajectory slowed down before she disappeared from the limelight. And what’s more, she also had issues with the authorities.

Please continue reading to know more about her.

quick facts

Name   Rhonda Worthey
BirthdayMay 2, 1970
Age52 years old
BirthplaceTexas, USA
Sun Sign Taurus
TraitsPositive: sensual, gentle, and kind

Negative: short-tempered, possessive, and jealous
Eyes colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
Ethnicity White
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-husbandTroy Kenneth Aikman (m. 2000-2011)
ChildrenRachel, Jordan Ashley Aikman, Alexa Marie Aikman
Sexual orientationStraight
Profession Commentator, Publicist, Media Personality

interesting facts

1. Rhonda Worthey is a publicist and commentator

Rhonda holds a degree in public relations, due to which she got her job as a publicist and commentator for the Dallas Cowboys. 

While she was working here, she met her future husband, Troy Aikman. 

2. Rhonda Worthey is the ex-wife of Troy Aikman

Rhonda and Troy were at the peak of their career when they met. They spent a lot of time together as they were working under the same company. 

Troy proposed to Rhonda in 1998, and they got married in his mansion in Plano, Texas.

3. Rhonda has a child from her previous relationship

Rhonda shares two daughters with Troy Aikman. Their eldest daughter was born after a year of their marriage in 2001, and their second was born in 2002.

However, she also has a daughter named Rachel from her previous relationship. The name of her biological father is unknown, but Troy has adopted her.

4. Rhonda Worthey was arrested for public intoxication

In 2018, TMZ reported that Rhonda was charged with public intoxication at a high school in Murphy, Texas.

She was charged with 30 days of probation and a $269 bail.

5. Rhonda was rumored to be in ‘The Real Housewives of Dallas’

Being the ex-celebrity wife, Rhonda was also rumored to be in the TV show. However, the series kept being pushed back, due to which Rhonda got tired of waiting and opted out.

Rhonda Worthey age and early life

Rhonda Worthey was born on May 2, 1970, which now makes her 52 years old.

We can not find much information about her parents and upbringing. What we know is that she was born to American Parents in Texas, USA and her ethnicity is white. 

Rhonda Worthey with husband Troy Aikman


Since she has worked as a publicist, we think that she had a degree in public relations.


Rhonda began her career with the Dallas Cowboys, where her future husband was a soccer player during the late ’90s. While working for Dallas Cowboys, she caught the attention of their top quarterback, Troy Aikman, whom she married later.

Rhonda has worked as a commentator and publicist.

Rhonda and Troy were in a relationship shortly after they got married, and after eleven years of living together, the couple went their separate ways.

personality traits

Born under the zodiac sign Taurus, Rhonda is a friendly and active woman. She is beautiful and very dedicated to her work.

Blessed with brown eyes and hair, she is of average height. She is a white American and straight by sexual orientation.

She has worked in various interactive capacities in public relations as a Commentator and a Publicist. The profession that she is involved in needs a lot of work and research, which indicates that she was a hardworking and dedicated woman.

Rhonda Worthey Aikman relationships

Rhonda and Troy met when both were working for Dallas Cowboys: Rhonda was a publicist, and Troy was their top-notch quarterback and the leader of the team. Working under the same company gave them a lot of time together, and their little romantic relationship went on to be strong enough for them to take it seriously. 

Rhonda already had a daughter from her previous relationship before Troy; her name is Rachel. 

Troy Aikman Rhonda Worthey wedding

After a steady relationship and coming out in public in 1998, this couple decided to exchange marital vows after Troy asked the big question. Rhonda was all excited and agreed. This exchange of vows transpired in front of their friends and family members at Troy’s mansion situated in Plano, Texas.

Rhonda Worthey Troy Aikman wife

Troy was always on the radar of the media as he was a successful football player, and that was a big deal in Texas. Because of this, Rhonda was also on the radar of the media due to her relationship with Troy. Troy Aikman welcomed everything his wife – Rhonda brought into their marriage, including her daughter – Rachel, from her previous relationship; Tory has officially adopted Rachel.

After a year of their marriage, on August 24, 2001, this couple was blessed with their first child, a baby girl. They named her Jordan Ashley Aikman. They also welcomed their second daughter – Alexa Marie Aikman, on July 30, 2002.

Both Rhonda and Troy were very fond of their daughters.

Rhonda Worthey with Troy Aikman and their daughters

Rhonda is a very supportive woman and a loving wife; she always supported her husband in his ups and downs throughout his career as a football player as well as a sports commentator. The couple seemed happy, and their family seemed like the perfect family.

Their happiness only lasted until some relationship issues got the better of them. This happy family crumbled after going through some relationship issues. Instead of trying to work through their problems and move on, the couple decided it was best for them if they separated from each other and focused on their individual lives.

After 11 years of marriage filled with ups and downs, the couple separated on January 24, 2011. Their divorce was not as dramatic as that of others. However, they did run into a conflict regarding the custody of their daughters. In the end, Rhonda won the charge of both of her children.

As a part of their divorce settlement, Rhonda received a house worth USD 1.5 million. In addition to this substantial alimony, she has also continued to receive spousal and child support worth USD 1.7 million.

About her ex-husband, Troy Kenneth Aikman

Troy Kenneth Aikman was the best quarterback in the NFL. He played twelve consecutive seasons for the Dallas Cowboys and helped the Cowboys win three tremendous Bowl victories during his career.

The former pro-American football star has been an icon due to his passion and dedication for his football career, both on and off the field. During his eleven years stint with the Dallas Cowboys, Troy was a three-time Super Bowler and a six-time Pro Bowler. Rhonda, his wife, was a great supporter of his career and stood by him through ups and downs. 

After his retirement, he transitioned into a professional sportscaster on TV, primarily for the Fox Community. 

After separating from his first wife, Troy Aikman has found happiness again with Catherine (Capa), who is a famous American Fashion Retailer. They got married in September 2017.

Rhonda Worthey daughters

Jordan Ashley is the first child of Troy Aikman and the second daughter of Rhonda. She was born on August 24, 2001, in Plano, Texas, USA.

She is studying in Washington and Lee University. Their eldest daughter Jordan, who is very athletic, used to be in her high school lacrosse team before going to Switzerland, where she pursued her college education.

Alexa Marie is the youngest daughter of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey. She was born on July 30, 2002. The second daughter, Alexa, has also been a part of a volleyball team at her school during her freshman year.

Both daughters are very fond of their father and have taken after their father in terms of athleticism.

Rhonda Worthey controversies 

Unlike her husband, Rhonda Worthey has stayed under the radar of the media limelight after their divorce for the wrong reasons. The big news surrounding her trouble with the authority was featured in TMZ on August 27, 2018.

After suddenly being arrested and charged with public intoxication in a high school in Murphy, Texas, Rhonda was ashamed and had no idea what to do. 

Rhonda Aikman with her daughter and ex husband Troy

Reportedly, the police found her in possession of two water bottles containing a liquid that smelled like alcohol. She explained that she was waiting for her friend to guide her to the destination, and according to her lawyer, Rhonda had no intention of breaking any law.

Yet, she was unfortunate enough to be present in the wrong place at the wrong time. As it was a minor offense, she got charged with only 30 days of probation. She also posted $269 bail after being charged with public intoxication.

Even after the intoxication incident, she has been in the news for the wrong reasons.

The Real Housewives of Dallas rumor

The Real Housewives of Dallas reality TV show franchise has become a big part of US reality TV shows and focuses on the lives of wives of celebrities and high-profile people in Dallas, Texas. 

When the idea of Real Housewives of Dallas got introduced in 2012, Rhonda was also rumored to be one of the candidates. However, the series kept being pushed back and, at last, aired in 2016. Upon its release, fans were left disappointed when Rhonda was nowhere to be seen as a series regular.

While she was never officially confirmed by the producers of the series, rumors were that Rhonda just got tired of waiting for the green light for the show and opted out.

Rhonda Worthey net worth

Rhonda Worthey worked for several years as a publicist, and she made enough from her job. However, her net worth got a significant boost following her divorce from her millionaire husband, Troy Kenneth Aikman.

After the divorce, the couple got an equal share of the property. However, Troy paid a massive sum of money in spousal support and child support, both of which added to her net worth.

The estimated value of her net worth as of 2019 is USD 10 million. Rhonda later gave up her stake in their family mansion and built an estate worth USD 1.5 million in Dallas.

She is a media personality and also has insurance for her health, life, body. But we have not been able to verify this.

Troy Aikman net worth

Troy Aikman, her ex-husband, has a net worth of USD 60 million.

social media

Rhonda Worthey is quite active on social media and goes by her husband’s surname. 


You can find Rhonda on Facebook as Rhonda Aikman. She is pretty active on Facebook as she posts about donating to a fundraiser, her pets, and her everyday life.

Aside from that she loves to upload a lot of photos with her two daughters on this platform.


She is on Instagram as @rhondaaikman, but sadly, the account is private. 

She has 247 followers and follower 350 accounts on her private Instagram account.

Rhonda Worthey Twitter

Rhonda is on Twitter as @RhondaKAikman

Usually she is not active there. She has only made one tweet, that too, in February 2015.

Rhonda Worthey now

Rhonda Worthey Aikman currently lives in Dallas, Texas, in a mansion she bought after her divorce. 

Worthey has focused her time on raising her daughters and is happy doing so. But unfortunately, there is no information about her profession as a publicist and commentator.

Rhonda spotted attending her daughters’ programs through her Facebook.


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