RIP Ohio Bryan Voltz Motorcycle Accident Linked To Death Cause Obituary

Bryan Voltz motorcycle accident has left his family, friends, and the entire town grieving a significant loss.

Those who knew Bryan have been profoundly affected by this awful tragedy, which has reverberated widely.

The loss of Bryan has left his family members, who cherished him as a beloved son, brother, and father, with an unfathomable gap in their hearts.

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Bryan Voltz Motorcycle Accident

On June 10, 2023, a motorcycle accident in Scio, Ohio, cruelly claimed the life of Smithville, Ohio, resident Bryan Voltz.

On March 27, 1990, he was born in Wooster, Ohio, and spent his early years there until moving back.

He attended Kent State University from 2008 to 2011, earning his associate’s degree. Bryan graduated from Smithville High School in 2008.

Bryan worked at Wayne Holmes Health in Wooster after finishing his education before enlisting in the US Air Force from 2016 to 2019.

He trained as a medic and worked as an honor guard while serving in the military, residing in places like San Antonio, Texas, and Honduras.

He was accepted to Aultman College and had hoped to advance his radiology-related medical profession.

Bryan Voltz Motorcycle Accident
Bryan Voltz tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident (Image Source: lovetoknow)

Bryan Voltz adored spending time with his family, especially his daughter Kensley, and he had a strong enthusiasm for sports and being near the water.

Along with many of his extended family, he is survived by his parents, daughter, grandmother, and other relatives.

Bryan’s memorial ceremony will take place at the Custer-Glenn Funeral Home in Wooster, and there will be a visiting period before the service so that friends and family can come together to offer their respects.

Bryan Voltz Obituary

The heartfelt obituary for Bryan Voltz gives a vivid picture of a life full of love, grit, and family.

Up in Wooster, Ohio, Bryan attended Kent State University to earn his associate’s degree.

In the beginning, at Wayne Holmes Health and then as a medic in the US Air Force, he committed to helping others.

Bryan loved sports and the peace of being by the ocean, but his family was what made him truly happy.

He relished every second he spent with his daughter Kensley since he loved her so much.

Bryan is survived by his parents, his much-loved grandmother, and a large extended family that includes aunts, uncles, nephews, and cousins.

In the wake of Bryan Voltz's tragic passing, an emotional obituary paints a vivid portrait of a life lived with love, determination, and a deep sense of family
In the wake of Bryan Voltz’s tragic passing, an emotional obituary paints a vivid portrait of a life lived with love, determination, and a deep sense of family

Those who loved Bryan are left with a massive hole in their life due to his passing.

They assemble to say their last goodbyes, carrying the sadness of his passing and priceless memories.

He will always be remembered as a committed serviceman, adoring father, and cherished family member.

Bryan Voltz Family Mourns The Loss

Bryan Voltz’s unexpected death has left a gloomy pall over his family, who are now grieving the loss of their beloved father, brother, and son.

They find comfort in their precious memories and the enduring love they shared with Bryan as they struggle under an overpowering sadness.

With their emotions weighed down by the dreams he had yet to accomplish, his parents, R. Troy and Lori Ann Voltz, carry the crushing burden of their son’s absence.

They cherish their time with Bryan and reflect on his contagious laugh, unwavering resolve, and limitless love for his daughter, Kensley.

Kensley’s world has been destroyed by Bryan’s passing, which has left a gaping hole in her tender heart.

The daughter’s loss is significant because the relationship between her father and her was an unbreakable link.

Even so, she finds comfort in the treasured memories they made together and the unbreakable bond that will always bind them.

Kensley is embraced by her family’s unshakable love and support, which reminds her of her father’s profound affection for her.

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