Robert Shiver Murder: Wife Lindsay Shiver And Lover Terrance Arrested

Robert Shiver Murder: In a Bahamian court, the wife of a former Auburn football player was accused of planning to murder her estranged husband. 

Lindsay’s husband, Robert Shiver of Thomasville, Georgia, was the target of an attempted murder conspiracy.

According to, Faron Newbold conspired with the other two suspects in the failed murder plot.

The terrible case, which includes a prominent Wiregrass couple, is being investigated by authorities.

As the legal processes progress, the community expects more information about the charges and the investigation’s findings.

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Robert Shiver Murder: Wife Lindsay Shiver And Lover Terrance Arrested

After authorities discovered the group’s plot to kill her husband, a former Auburn football player, a woman and two men were arrested in the Bahamas.

Lindsay Shiver, 36, and Terrance Bethel, 28, were planning to murder Shiver’s husband, Robert Shiver, according to Bahama Court News. Faron Newbold, 29, volunteered to assist them.

Robert Shiver Murder
Lindsay Shiver, 36, was arrested in connection with the suspect in Robert Shiver’s murder. (Source: WBRZ)

During an investigation into a break-in at a pub in Guana Cay, police allegedly discovered WhatsApp communications revealing the murder plot on a suspect’s phone.

Robert Shiver, a native of Thomasville, GA, played long snapper at Auburn from 2006 to 2008.

Lindsay Shiver was a cheerleader at the institution where the two allegedly met. The three suspects, who have yet to make a plea, will appear in court on October 5.

Robert Shiver Murder case update 

Along with Newbold, the murder scheme also included Lindsay Shiver, a 36-year-old Dothan native and the wife of Robert Shiver, and Terrance Bethel, a 28-year-old man rumored to have been Lindsay’s lover.

Authorities believe Lindsay hired a hitman to kill her husband, Robert, a Thomasville, Georgia native.

Lindsay Shiver was detained when she landed in Nassau, where one of the suspects lived after the scheme was uncovered.

Robert Shiver
Lindsay Shiver, 36, was arrested in connection with the suspected murder plot. (Source- iStock)

The three suspects’ future court appearance is set for October 5. They were not required to make a plea during their initial hearing.

The charges against this well-known couple have the Wiregrass community in disbelief, and more information on the progress of the inquiry is awaited.

Many cannot believe the accusations’ seriousness as they consider the alleged plot terrifying.

In this sad case of a murder plot targeting a former Auburn football player, the authorities will work carefully to ensure justice is served as the judicial process moves forward.

Robert Shiver Family Explored

Lindsay Shiver, a member of Robert Shiver’s family, unluckily took part in the murder plan against him.

He and Lindsay met at Auburn University, where she was a cheerleader, and he was a former long snapper for the school. They grew close, and their relationship finally resulted in marriage.

After college, Robert pursued a football career and signed a free-agency contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

Nevertheless, He was cut at the initial round of roster cuts before the 2009 campaign.

Robert’s social media images show that he and Lindsay lived together and were blessed with three children.

The love and dedication they have for their expanding family is evident in the fact that their youngest child is four years old.

Aside from his football accomplishments, Robert was recognized for his warm and kind nature, greatly impressed people who knew him.

Furthermore, he was firmly rooted in his hometown of Thomasville, GA, where his family had extensive roots.

The family’s idyllic existence, however, was destroyed by the unexpected discovery of the murder plot, which implicated Lindsay and two other people.

In addition, the community is in shock due to the horrible occurrences surrounding this famous couple.

Lindsay’s involvement in the conspiracy and the motivation behind the dark deed will be extensively scrutinized as the inquiry progresses.

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