Who Is Romina Marcos Novio Alejandro Amaro? Relationship Timeline

Who is Romina Marcos Novio (boyfriend)? Find out whether or not the social media influencer and Mexican actress is dating anyone currently.

Romina Marcos is a well-known Mexican actress in series and soap operas who has distinguished herself in various projects, including Inseparables, in 2021.

Marcos has captivated audiences with her mesmerizing performances throughout her career, which has been defined by dedication and talent.

In addition, her broad acting abilities have enabled her to flourish in various productions, demonstrating her ability to embody diverse characters and bring intricate tales to life.

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Meet Romina Marcos Novio Alejandro Amaro

The daughter of the renowned Niurka, Romina Marcos‘ love life has taken an exciting turn with the advent of a new lover.

During the filming of the popular television show, Alejandro Amaro, a skilled cameraman on the Masterchef Mexico crew, won the heart of the lovely young woman.

They would have met on the set of Masterchef Mexico, where Alejandro Amaro works as a cameraman for TV Azteca.

Romina Marcos Novio
Romina Marcos and Alejandro Amaro met on the set of Masterchef Mexico. (Source- Instagram)

The work setting would have promoted the two’s closeness, eventually developing into a romantic relationship.

Romina Marcos, who inherited her mother’s charisma and outgoing nature, has shared events from her life on social media, garnering a sizable following.

The couple has not been shy about sharing intimate moments on social media, allowing their followers to understand more about their love. Their satisfaction and collaboration in their posts indicate that their connection is robust and accurate.

Romina Marcos relationship timeline

Marcos had a love affair with actor Hussam Nez, who was also a participant in Inseparables Amor al Limite, but they announced their breakup at the end of 2021.

They have taken over social media as fans ship them following their participation in The Stars Dance Today, a program that brought them together and may have fostered love.

Rumors of a romance with Josh Gutiérrez, her companion in ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy,’ circulated after they kissed on stage, but both confirmed that there was nothing but love between them.

Romina Marcos age: How old is she?

Romina Marcos was born on June 24, 1995, in Mérida, Yucatán, and is also known as Niurka’s daughter and Emilio Osorio’s half-sister. The actress is 28 as of 2023. 

The actress is the daughter of Niurka Marcos, a famous vedette and actress of Cuban heritage, and businessman Jorge Francisco de Jess Pasos Romero.

Because of her mother’s inheritance and influence, she was always interested in joining the entertainment industry.

In addition, she began her studies at the Centre for Artistic Education (CEA) and Televisa in this manner.

Growing up with her family’s legacy and resources, her passion for the world of movies and television was encouraged.

Romina Marcos Novio
Romina Marcos, daughter of Niurka Marcos, is a famous vedette and actress of Cuban heritage. (Source- Instagram)

It’s no wonder that Romina found herself on a path to becoming a renowned figure in series and soap operas, given her family’s connections and intrinsic passion for performing.

In addition, her path, fueled by her background and personal ambition, has undoubtedly contributed to her success and recognition in the Mexican entertainment industry.

Romina’s contributions to the business, such as “Inseparables” in 2021, have cemented her image as a sought-after actor, recognized for her artistry and the depth she offers to her parts.

Marcos’s presence will leave an everlasting impression on Mexican television as she adorns large and small screens.

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