Ron Goldman- He was killed along with Nicole Simpson

As fragile as life is, sometimes it leaves you with unresolved mysteries. The unfinished stories and the vexing misery of “not knowing” arises diverse perspectives towards a single name. Ron Goldman is one of those names that has not cooled down for more than two decades.

After a long time, the silver jubilee of the “trial of the century” has been evoked with the ten parts podcast series released by Kim Goldman, Ron’s sister.

The Murder of Nicole and Ron is a televised case that involved almost everything, including crime, racism, and prejudice. This issue has forced every head in the tug of war to imprint the name “Ron” forever in our memories.

Ron Goldman Biography
Ron Goldman Biography

Quick facts

Full nameRonald Lyle Goldman
Nickname Ron Goldman
BirthdayJuly 2, 1968
DeathJune 12, 1994
Sun SignCancer
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA
TattooInked an “Ankh” on his shoulder.
ParentsFred Goldman,
Sharon (Fohrman) Rufo
SiblingsKim Goldman
Marital statusSingle
Height1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch)
Eye colorLight brown
Favorite sportsSurfing, Beach Volleyball, Rollerblading, Nightclubbing, Tennis, soccer
Fashion styleFormal style – Light Stripped shirts, Printed tie, Trendy canvas and Baseball cap, headband, flannel shirts over round neck white t-shirts for informal style.

Childhood and Education

Born on July 2, 1968, as the first child of Fred Goldman and Sharon (Fohrman) Rufo, Ron was a skinny but strong and happy kid.

Ron Goldmans parent Fred Sharon and Kid Goldman
Ron Goldman’s parent and sister Fred, Sharon, and Kid Goldman in a court hearing

He was more free-spirited in nature, completely happy-go-lucky kind of a personality, and fun to be with.

Born and raised in a community of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Chicago, Ron lived most of his childhood living under Jewish influence with his younger sister Kim Goldman. He enjoyed playing soccer and tennis and was the clown of the room.

Ron grew up with a difficult childhood with a single parent. 

His parents got separated in 1974 when he was merely six. Having walked over by their mother must have led him to be a fierce friend, loving son, and protective brother throughout his life.

Ron spent a brief time in custody of his mother and then lived with his father and sister.

Fred remarried to Patti Glass and moved to Southern California in 1987 to live with their three children when Ron was eighteen. Fred lives in Arizona at present.

The separation had a long-term impact on his personality and studies. He attended a high school at Adlai E. Stevenson High school in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Later on, he had to follow his family to Southern California, disrupting his studies.

As supportive and kind as his father was to make him grow up in a tight-knit family, they shared anything and everything with each other.

The grieved sister recalls her brother, who was protective of her and did not allow any harm near her.

He was a courageous big brother who pulled his terrified sister from a car wreck and rode to the hospital in the ambulance with her when they were teenagers.

They had a profound relationship, which increased with time.

As recalled by his father, Ron took pride in taking care of his sister more than anything in the world. Any guy had to cross through Ron to ask Kim on a date.

These are the memories that provide resiliency and courage to the grieved family to date.

Ron had a handsome built, charismatic personality, brilliant smile, loyal and protective nature, which made Kim share all her fears and secrets to her only brother, who would go out of his way to help people in need.

Fred Goldman – Ron Goldman’s Father

Fred Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman. Apart from that, Fred Goldman is a filmmaker and producer from the United States.

After Fred Goldman’s divorce in 1974, Fred, a businessman from Chicago, Illinois, raised Ron and his daughter, Kim, on his own. Furthermore, Fred Goldman was in shock and heartbroken when he heard about his son’s murder along with Nicole Brown Simpson.

Relationships and Dating History

Tabloid insinuations were popular after his death which rumored his romantic relationship with Nicole Brown. However, friends and family argue otherwise, so there is no solid evidence of whether the rumors are true.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Ron met Nicole six months before their death when he borrowed her Lamborghini to meet his friend Craig Clark for lunch.

Craig claimed that Ron mentioned borrowing a car, but he did not introduce her as his girlfriend.

According to acquaintances, they had a platonic relationship. However, their friendship grew as they held together with multiple hangouts like dance, coffee, and dinner.

Ron had dated Jacqui Bell for nearly two years and had a breakup 3 months prior to his death.

Ron was pretty close to his family and friends. He shared everything regarding his love life with them. However, he was not the “secret dating” type.

Ron Goldman with his father and sister


Ron could never fit into a mold. It may be the reason why he had diverse jobs throughout his short lifetime of 25 years.

He worked as a camp counselor when young and volunteered to help disabled children. 

After graduating high school in 1986, he joined a Psychology major for a semester at Illinois State University. After that, he joined the Pledge Sigma Nu fraternity before he followed his family to Southern California at the age of eighteen.

While living in LA, he took some classes at Pierce College and worked as an employment headhunter and tennis instructor.

He had a string of waiter jobs and modeling assignments for Barry Zeldes.

He worked as the owner of a store Z90049, a promoter of restaurant bars in Century city dance club called “Tripps,” an event promoter and even contestant on a short-lived game show Studs in 1992.

He earned an emergency medical technician’s license before dying but did not pursue that career.

During his final days, he was working as a waiting shift at Mezzaluna Trattoria restaurant in Brentwood.

Son of an estate man and salesperson, Ron had a fair temperament for the restaurant business.

During the end days of his life, he wanted to open a restaurant- bar in the Brentwood area by the name of the ankh symbol.

It is an Egyptian symbol meaning “eternal life.”

Ron Goldman Sister Accident

According to Kim Goldman, as Goldman’s murderer, Simpson walked in front of her car one day in 1996.

Kim Goldman could kill him right at the moment, but she didn’t. She explained. “I never believed I could use the terms like ‘avenger’ and ‘assassin’ to characterize me, but they were at the time.

He fought till death

He was a few weeks shy of his 26th birthday, a fine Sunday evening, when Ron received a call from Nicole Brown Simpson – ex-wife of former NFL player and media personnel O.J. Simpson.

Earlier that evening, Nicole dined with her mother in the restaurant where Ron served. Unfortunately, her mother accidentally left her sunglasses.

However, Ron did not serve them; he searched for the glasses and found them in a street gutter outside the restaurant.

Ron had a good friendship with beautiful blonde Nicole. Being an ex-waitress herself, it was easy for her to connect with him.

He agreed to drop the glasses at her home on his way back after work.

Ron stayed fifteen minutes at the bar before he punched out at 9:33 and stopped by his Brentwood apartment.

He spoke briefly to his roommate, who worked at the same place, and they made a plan to go out later that night. Ron never made it.

Police later discovered Ron shortly after midnight. He was found dead next to the body of Nicole at her home in LA. During the reconstruction of events, police came to believe he must have arrived shortly after Nicole’s death on 12 June 1994.

Neighbors were alerted when Nicole’s Akita named “Kato” howled consistently with a bloodstain in his belly and neck.

They reported to the police. The officers discovered thirty-five-year-old Nicole’s body in the walkaway corridor; Ron was lying a few feet away in the bush.

A phone call from the Coroner’s office informed Fred about the death of his beloved son.

He broke the crushing news to Kim, who fell to the ground in despair. Unfortunately, they were told their son was the “other victim” of the murder case of Nicole Brown.

Eyewitnesses believe he was putting up a fight, was shouting, and trying his best to save her.

Nicole was stabbed 12 times and slashed across her neck while Ron tried to defend the attack.

More than 25 stabbed wounds were reported in his autopsy.

Ron’s fame as the “other victim”

O.J. Simpson was the prime suspect of the crime. Ron Goldman became the “other victim” at the brutal crime whose verdict highlights a celebrity figure as the defendant and his ex-wife as a victim.

“Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were slain”– the hype of this news was much towards the star of color, prejudice existing in the society, and many other facts associated which led the “other victim” out of the spotlight.

Ron Goldman murder case trial

Ron was an innocent bystander who just happened to be at the wrong place and the wrong time.

He was victimized because he could not flee but went to prevent and help. It was nearly a year-long televised trial that ended with Simpson being acquitted in 1995.

Fred and Kim continued their legal protest against Simpson with everything in their power.

The case of national obsession revived itself after a civil trial of 1997 where Simpson was found liable to the victims’ wrongful death and fined $33.5 million.

Ron’s family was not satisfied by the Jury’s decision. However, the “Dream team of attorneys” successfully freed the suspect, whom they believed was guilty.

They indefatigably tailed Simpson for years and created a moral pressure on him.

In 2007 Simpson’s case was re-highlighted when he was imprisoned in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping and paroled in October 2017 in Las Vegas.

Thus the talk about Ron never ended throughout the period of more than two decades.

Release of books His name is Ron: Our search for justice (1997) and If I did it: Confessions of a killer (2007), and movies “The O.J. Simpson Story” and Russ Russo in “Reenactment of the century” enacted Ron which added fuel to the effect of tailing.

The podcast– confronting O. J. Simpson, where Kim interviewed members of the jury and key person related to the infamous case of Ron Goldman, stirred up the name in the media again.


The first controversy of Ron’s life regarded his relationship with Nicole, which was disqualified because of a lack of substantial evidence.

The biggest controversy of his life was whether proof of Simpson being guilty was disregarded. Instead, it set OJ free and non-guilty during the trial.

The third controversy about Ron is still running. His name after his death is being used by Kim and Fred to milk money out of Simpson.

Some key persons of the case, close to Simpson, also claim Kim being mentally traumatized gold diggers.

Net worth

Famous as “an American Waiter” in the last days of his life, had he been living, Ron would have approximately one million to five million U.S. dollars of net worth by 2019. (According to

Goldman charity after death

Though he did not raise funds himself for any cause, the murder case of Ron and his name in Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, which received a portion of proceeds from the book If I did it, has been serving for advocacy of victimized survivors of violent crimes.

The family suffered a tragedy in the spotlight. Millions of dollars received as the liability of his death from Simpson along with proceeding rights, charity collections, and fundraisers across the world has helped the foundation’s services.

Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice

When “If I Did It” was released in 2007, a note on the book’s last page said that a percentage of the sales would be for donation to the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice.

The Goldman Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “empower, inspire, motivate, and support persons who have been victims of crime.” Similarly, Mark Goldman, Fred Goldman’s first cousin, is one of the most generous donors.

According to the reports, this foundation gives money to various organizations and programs that help victims and survivors of violent crime.

According to some sources, Goldman’s promise of a Foundation to assist crime victims was nothing more than a tale/public relations tool. The foundation did so to justify their publishing and profiting from the same book criticized and successfully shut down.

Therefore, there is no proof that the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice has come to help anyone other than Fred and Kim Goldman.

Social media

Though Ron was not a part of any social media while he was alive.

His young sister’s determination to honor his legacy by lending her voice in advocating victims through her non-profit organization has made him popular in SNS.

Forty-five years old Kim has named her son Samuel Ronald Hahn in memory of her brother.

She truly believes him as her hero, and her Instagram walls are loaded with pictures of both Ronald’s, time and again.

Eternal life on the grave

Victim of Officially unsolved murder mystery, Ron Goldman, died a vicious death with his eyes wide open.

His sister could never see the last pictures of her brother, but she cherishes him and his bravery to have fought and not fled till the very last breath.

His body rests beneath the ankh- headstone in Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park, Westlake Village, California.

Ron Goldman Funeral

Goldman and Brown were found dead on the approach to the condominium at 875 South Bundy Drive. However, just after midnight, police discovered their bodies.

The authorities concluded that Goldman arrived during or shortly after Nicole’s death after reconstructing the events. Additionally, Goldman’s family believes Goldman died while attempting to save Brown from her attacker.

Unfortunately, Ron died 20 days before his 26th birthday. Moreover, his funeral took place at Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park in Westlake Village, California.


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