Rough Beauty Chew Jia Tian Drowning Led To Death, Obituary

Chew Jia Tian Drowning: The Rough beauty Chew Jia Tian was found in waters off Sentosa on October 24.

Chew Jia Tian was motivated to begin Unpleasant Excellence when she was a previous staff nurturer at Khoo Teck Puat Emergency Clinic. The medical care worker expected her to clean up routinely.

Ms Chew also revealed to Vulcan Post that following her graduation in 2016 as a nurse, she decided to operate her firm full-time.

That year, the Singapore-based company was already gaining momentum, and soon after she committed to it full-time, it started turning a profit.

Prior to this, Mr Alvin Ng told CNA that his companion had seen a capsized kayak and yelled for the skipper of their boat to stop.

Mr Ng saved the male kayaker on Sunday morning when he was traveling to a fishing location.

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Rough Beauty Chew Jia Tian Drowning Led To Death

A tragic occurrence occurred earlier this week off the scenic coastline of Sentosa when a 33-year-old woman, Ms. Chew Jia Tian, was kayaking. The calm waters that drew her in turned dangerous, leading her kayak to capsize.

The sea kept her location hidden for two agonizing days, putting her family and friends in a state of tense uncertainty. Her lifeless body was discovered on the terrible day of October 24.

Chew Jia Tian Drowning
Chew Jia Tian died while rescuing a male kayaker whose boat had capsized. (Source: Most Share News)

Ms Chew and the male kayaker, who was subsequently rescued by a passing boat, were part of a group of three who had launched their own sea kayaks from Sentosa towards the Southern Islands.

Mr Sim, who underlined that he did not plan the expedition, said a fourth sea kayaker came to meet them on the waves and join them.

Chew Jia Tian obituary 

The obituary and funeral arrangement of Chew Jia’s will be released by her family. 

Ms. Chew Jia Tian’s life demonstrated her commitment, compassion, and business spirit. Her terrible death serves as a lesson of life’s unpredictability and the significance of savouring every moment.

Ms. Chew Jia Tian was a quiet, kind, and diligent student at the Singapore Institute of Technology, where she obtained her nursing degree. She passed away on Sunday while kayaking off the shore of Sentosa.

According to Associate Professor Elaine Siow, who oversees the SIT nursing, health, and social sciences cluster, she was also involved in alumni events and a source of inspiration for the SIT community.

While we grieve her passing, we also remember the extraordinary lady she was and the lasting impression she had on those who knew her.

During this difficult time, we extend our heartfelt condolences to Ms. Chew’s family and friends.

The family of Chew Jia Tian mourns the loss 

Chew Jia Tian’s death has left a long shadow over her family, leaving them with aching hearts and precious memories.

While the news of her death spread quickly online and through media channels, her family has stayed mute, refusing to share their feelings with the world.

This silence has only added to the mystery surrounding Jia Tian’s personal life, which includes family members like her parents and siblings.

Chew Jia Tian’s obvious propensity for privacy has extended to her family, leaving them an enigma to the public eye.

Chew Jia Tian Drowning
Chew Jia Tian death has left a long shadow over her family.  (Source: evrmemories)

Tian was more than just a victim; she was an extraordinary businesswoman. She had previously worked as a nurse before embarking on a trip to pursue her passion about a decade ago.

Ms. Chew established her own business, where she created environmentally friendly soap, demonstrating her commitment to sustainability and artistry.

Her narrative shows that, even in the face of catastrophe, the legacy of people like her goes on, making an unforgettable impression on the world.

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