Roy Englebrecht Wikipedia: Amityville Death Toilet Cast Age And Family

With the recent release of Amityville Death Toilet, fans are curious to know about its cast, especially Roy Englebrecht. Continue reading as we explore more about Roy Englebrecht Wikipedia, age, and family.

The spine-chilling horror film directed by Evan Jacob has captivated audiences, sparking curiosity about the cast and their contributions to this haunting film. 
Among the talented actors, Roy Englebrecht stands out, leaving fans eager to explore more about his involvement in the movie and details about his age and family background. 
In this article, we discover the intriguing facets of Roy Englebrecht’s journey in “Amityville Death Toilet” and beyond as we delve into his biography, his connections to the film, and the familial bonds that shape his identity.

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Roy Englebrecht Wikipedia

Roy Englebrecht is a native of Southern California. He is a highly regarded figure in the world of fight promotions.

After graduating from John Brown University, he possesses a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for delivering thrilling events to fans.
As the CEO of Roy Englebrecht Promotions, he has earned a reputation on professional boxing and mixed martial arts shows throughout California.

Roy asking for a vote for the 2018 Newport Beach City Council. (Photo Source: Facebook)

He consistently delivers action-packed cards that cater to the preferences of boxing and mixed martial arts enthusiasts.
Englebrecht’s impressive portfolio includes notable productions such as “Death Toilet 5: Invasion of the Potty Snatchers” and “Amityville Death Toilet.”

Additionally, he gained recognition for his involvement in the groundbreaking “Celebrity Boxing” series in 2002.

Roy Englebrecht In Amityville Death Toilet

Amityville Death Toilet” is a gripping horror film set in the haunted town of Amityville, New York. It features an exceptional cast led by Isaac Golub as Gregg G.

Allin is a renowned Ghost Hunter and host of a popular paranormal podcast.
Roy Englebrecht, known for his involvement in Celebrity Boxing, joins the cast as Mayor Dump, a determined figure demanding answers and ending the gruesome toilet murders plaguing Amityville.
However, as Gregg delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the house, he realizes that appearances can be deceiving. The seemingly unremarkable Amityville house holds terrifying secrets.
As the body count rises, Sebastian, the caretaker, falls victim to a mutilating toilet, propelling Gregg into action.

The ensuing battle pushes Gregg to his limits as he fights to save the town and the entire world from the horrors that lurk within.
“Amityville Death Toilet” promises an intense and thrilling cinematic experience.

With Roy Englebrecht’s inclusion and the talented cast, this supernatural horror film is poised to deliver a gripping and unforgettable cinematic experience, leaving audiences craving more.

Roy Englebrecht: Age And Family 

Roy Englebrecht is a 77-year-old sports promoter. Despite his age, he looks younger than his actual age. He is very active in his profession and well-being.

Age And Family 
Roy Englebrecht with his wife, Nancy. (Photo Source: Facebook)

He has led a remarkable career in the world of fight promotions. While information about his family remains unknown, it is known that he is married to Nancy.
Despite not being active on social media platforms, Englebrecht has expressed gratitude for the blessings God bestowed upon him and his family.
Throughout his extensive career, Englebrecht has demonstrated a deep passion for organizing and staging professional boxing and mixed martial arts events.
His experience and expertise have made him a prominent figure in the industry, allowing him to connect with fans and provide them with exciting and memorable experiences.
Although details regarding Englebrecht’s family are scarce, his commitment to his craft and the success he has achieved in his career are evident.
His contributions to the world of sports promotions have left a lasting impact, and his dedication to providing fans with thrilling events continues to be admired by enthusiasts of boxing and mixed martial arts alike.

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