Roy Wiegand Trumpet Bicycle Accident Linked To Death, Obituary

Roy Wiegand Trumpet Bicycle Accident is linked to his sudden demise. His loved ones are deeply mourning his passing.

Roy Wiegand is a well-known and talented trumpet performer in the Los Angeles area.

Roy has also been a prominent Los Angeles freelance scene member for over 40 years, performing in various styles ranging from jazz to Dixieland.

In addition, Roy has also played on several recording sessions for movie pictures and television, including The Nutty Professor, the theme for America’s Funniest Home Videos, and innumerable commercial jingles.

On Saturday, July 29, Wiegand was riding home from a 2,500-mile expedition when he was hit from behind by a pickup vehicle near Salinas.

Wiegand was declared deceased on the scene. Wiegand’s cycling partner, Chris Haller, was also on his way home that day.

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Roy Wiegand Trumpet Bicycle Accident Linked To Death

Roy Wiegand, a native of Las Vegas, California, and a member of Salem Lutheran Church in Glendale died tragically.

On Monday, July 31, 2023, he was declared deceased in a social media post. He was killed by a truck while on a charity bike ride, something he performed frequently.

Roy Wiegand Trumpet
Roy Wiegand died tragically on July 31, 2023, in an accident. (Source- SNBC)

Roy Wiegand was killed by a pickup truck while riding for another great cause called “Roy’s Ride.”

The Las Vegas native rode 2,500 miles from Los Angeles to Mexico to San Francisco and back to Southern California to raise funding for the Navajo water project and alleviate water shortages among Navajo Nation people.

Roy Wiegand Trumpet Obituary Details 

Roy Wiegand’s obituary and funeral details will be announced later by the family.

His friends and family back home are mourning the loss of a giving man and great artist, hoping that his death may help raise awareness for the cause he was cycling for.

Wiegand was slain while participating in Roy’s Ride, a fundraiser for the Navajo Water Project.

Roy Wiegand Trumpet
The family will release Roy Wiegand’s obituary details.  (Source: PaperCity)

His 2,500-mile bike journey was part of a $25,000 fundraising attempt to provide clean running water and solar power to houses in the Navajo Nation.

Weigand raised more than $28,000 in total. His wife and two children survive Wiegand. Friends claim that no one who met him will ever forget him, particularly his dedication to his favorite causes.

Chris Tedesco, Roy’s best friend, wrote-

“Numb shocked and devastated by the news that one of my greatest friends on the trumpet here in LA, Roy Wiegand III, was struck and killed while riding his bicycle for a good cause yesterday.” 

Brief about Trumpet Musician Roy Wiegand

Roy Wiegand and his family were devout Glendale, California’s Salem Lutheran Church members. Roy and Angela Wiegand were both outstanding professional musicians.

Furthermore, Roy has an exceptional drive to take on seemingly impossible undertakings to collect donations for those in need.

In addition, Roy was not just a talented trumpeter who spent nearly a decade with JackMack & The Heart Attack. Still, he was also recognized for his friendly and amusing personality.

He always sought ways to serve and make a difference in people’s lives. He did it all for a good cause, whether ultra-marathon runs or month-long bicycle excursions.

Every task he undertook was designed to draw attention to the suffering of others and promote awareness so that they may receive the required assistance.

Roy’s life was a true inspiration for using one’s talents and passions to serve others and alleviate their suffering.

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