Ryder Fieri- Son of Lori and Restaureur, and TV Host Guy Fieri

Who is Ryder Fieri?

Ryder Fieri is the youngest son of Guy and Lori Fieri. He is the youngest in his family.

His father, Guy Fieri, is a well-known American restaurateur, author, and Emmy Award-winning TV host. Ryder’s father is a co-owner of three California restaurants and a licensee in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally, He hosts several shows.

As the youngest, Ryder receives attention and love from his parents. But, to ensure he has an everyday life, Lory Fieri, Ryder’s mother, tries to keep him from the spotlight. 

Ryder Fieri
Ryder Fieri Biography

Quick Facts

Full nameRyder Fieri
BirthdayDecember 31, 2005
Age17 years old)
Sun signCapricorn
TraitsPositive– Motivated, ambitious, and practical Negative– Cynical, domineering, and moody
BirthplaceSanta Rosa, California
Currently residingSanta Rosa, California
ParentsGuys Fieri (Father)
Ryder Fieri Mother)
GrandparentsLewis James Ferry (grandfather)
Penelope Anne (grandmother)
SiblingsHunter Fieri
Marital statusSingle
EducationWindsor High School
Sequoia Elementary School
Net worthNot applicable
Social mediaInstagram

Early life

Ryder Fieri was born on December 31, 2005, to Guy and Lori Fieri in Santa Rosa, California.

He is a Capricorn. A Capricorn man is motivated, ambitious, and practical; however, they can be moody and cynical.

Ryder is an English male name that means “mountain warrior” or “knight.”

Ryder fieri with his friend

He enjoys spending time with his 22-year-old older brother. He also enjoys socializing with his classmates, parents, and older brother. In addition, he enjoys surfing and spending time with his family on trips.

Having appeared on several television shows hosted by his father, Ryder has already achieved celebrity status.

The guy always shares photos on social media of them having fun. He named a dish after his son “Ryder’s Turkey Chill.”

Additionally, Fieri owns a vineyard and sells wine named Hunt and Ryde, after two boys.

Ryder is currently a high school student at Windsor High.

Ryder enjoys spending time with his 22-year-old older brother. He also enjoys socializing with his classmates, parents, and older brother. He enjoys surfing and spending time with his family on trips.

As of now, the son of Guy Fieri has already become a celebrity and has appeared on several television shows. His father has posted various photographs of them having fun on social media. Guy Fieri has named a dish after his son: Ryder’s Turkey Chill.

He also owns a vineyard and sells wines called Hunt and Ryde, named after his two boys.


Lewis James Ferry and Penelope Anne Ferry are his grandparents. Both of them are still alive and in good health. Hunter Fieri, his older brother, is his only sibling.

Guy Fieri (father)

Ryder’s father was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1968 to Lewis James and Penelope Ferry. He is an Emmy Award-winning television host, author, and restaurateur.

Educated in France, Guy Fieri developed a passion for cooking and cuisine. His interest in food began at Ferndale Elementary School, where he sold pretzels and washed dishes to raise money for the trip to France to study.

Younger son of Guy Fieri
Ryder Fieri younger son of Guy Fieri

Upon returning to the United States, Guy worked at the Red Lion Inn in Eureka, California, until he enrolled in college in Las Vegas. In 1990, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management. After completing his studies, Ryder Fieri’s father went to work in Long Beach, California.

Guy and Robert Irvine teamed up to launch Chicken Guy!, a fast-food chicken sandwich eatery in Disney Springs, Walt Disney World.

On April 23, 2006, he won the second season of The Next Food Network Star. The Food Network offered him a TV cooking show after he won the season.

Ferry partnered with Carnival Cruise in 2011. In addition, the creator of Planet Hollywood International Inc., Robert Earl, also teamed up with him in 2018. He owns three California restaurants and is a licensee in New York City, Las Vegas, and Nevada.

The New York Times stated in 2010 that Ryder Fieri’s father had become the network’s face, bringing a raucous, mass-market attitude to American food television.

Guy Fieri is a loving and caring father. Ryder and Hunter Fieri, two of his children, have been on many of his shows.

Lori Fieri (mother)

Lori Fieri was born in 1973. She is an adventurous and outdoor person. 

She met Guy in the year 1993 in an unexpected way.

Lori and her friend visited a restaurant in Long Beach, California. Interestingly It was, however, the place where Guy had fired her friend.

The guy was enraged and was about to order his ex-employee to leave.

When asked to leave, Lori argued that she and her friend had a right to be in the restaurant. However, he was quick to handle the situation and calmed things down.

The two began chatting and progressively became closer to each other. 

Their passion for food brought them together. He would prepare a variety of delectable dinners to capture Lori’s heart.

At that time, Guy was 22, Lori was 19, and the two had fallen madly in love. In 1995, they got married.

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Hunter Fieri (elder brother)

Family photo
Guy Fieri with his wife and two sons, Ryder and Hunter

His older brother, Hunter, was born on August 7, 1996. He attends Sonoma Academy and the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.

It was Hunter who taught Ryder to surf. Both brothers have a very tight-knit bond. 

Likewise, his older brother, Hunter, has made several brief appearances on their father’s television show Guy’s Big Bite. Hunter also assists his father with the family restaurant, party planning, and on-stage performances.

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Ryder Fieri Girlfriend

Ryder’s dating history has been the subject of much speculation on the internet. Finding out who is dating Ryder Fieri is easier, but keeping track of his flings, hookups, and breakups is more complicated.

sophia soltanizadeh supposed girlfried
Sophia Soltanizadeh, supposed girlfriend of Ryder

Ryder is only fifteen years old. Nonetheless, some teenagers begin dating as early as their mid-teens.

On Instagram, Ryder Fieri appears romantically interested in Sophia (@sophiasoltanizadeh). Other than that, there isn’t much information on his romantic relationships.

Furthermore, his gorgeous charm has drawn many female admirers even at a young age.

As a result, he is too young to be dating other women. Moreover, he’s too young to be involved in extramarital relationships or encounters.


The choice of Ryder’s career is difficult to predict since he is too young. However, as per Hunter, Guy tries to share his culinary knowledge with his sons.

Younger son of Guy Fieri in a school baseball team Jersey
Younger son of Guy Fieri on a school baseball team jersey

He says,

“When I was in third or fourth grade, [Dad] tells me, ‘I’m done getting up and making you breakfast at 6 a.m. before school. You’re going to get up now. I’m going to teach you how to make breakfast. He taught me how to make a French toast sandwich and put cream cheese and sliced strawberries in the middle.”

In an interview, Guy said,

“I wanted him to get a couple years of his own feeling and flavor and message,” Guy explained to Delish about Hunter’s career. “When that gets done, we’ll all know when it’s time for him to come back to the family program. It’s gonna happen, I don’t have any question. Matter of fact, I look forward to it. I’m almost wanting to cheat the system and bring him back early, but I know what’s going to be best for him.”

He wants his sons to follow his path, but time will tell.

Net worth

Ryder Fieri, the celebrity kid, has yet to make money from his engagement. However, his father currently has a net worth of USD 25 million.

He is the principal source of income for the Fieri family. With his family of four, he lives a lavish lifestyle. Guy has amassed such wealth due to the numerous professions he has undertaken. Journalists, restaurateurs, television personalities, and game show hosts are among them.

Unlike other celebrity chefs, he continues to expand his television and restaurant empire (currently appended to numerous restaurants). Each season, Guy earns between USD 10,000 and USD 20,000 per show.

In addition, he produced between 60 and 80 television series in a given year. As a result, his earnings were in the same ballpark.

Aside from that, the sales and appearances of his goods in the media contribute to his annual revenues. Drive-Ins and Dives, Diners, Guy’s Grocery Games, Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-off, Ultimate Recipe Showdown, and Guy’s Ranch Kitchen are just a handful of Guy Fieri’s Food Network TV shows.

Apart from his father, his mother’s net worth is USD 15 million.

Social media

Regarding his social media activity, Ryder Fieri uses the handle @ryderf05 on Instagram.

He shares photos of his lifestyle and friends on his Instagram account.

Besides, we frequently see him on his father’s and brother’s Instagram profiles, @guyfieri and @hunterfieri, respectively.

He is also active on Snapchat and has a TikTok account. You can follow him at @ryderfieri05.


What Does Ryder Fieri Do For A Living?

Ryder Fieri is a celebrity kid who is studying in a high school. Being the youngest son of one of the most popular TV personalities, we bet Ryder doesn’t have to do anything for a living.

How Old Is Ryder Fieri?

Born on December 31, 2005, Ryder Fieri is currently 16 years old.

Does Guy Fieri Have A Son?

Yes, Guy Fieri has two sons: Hunter Fieri and Ryder Fieri.

How Tall Is Ryder Fieri?

Ryder Fieri was approximately 4 feet 8 inches at the beginning of 2021. However, his height and weight will gradually grow as a teenager.

Is Ryder Fieri Sick?

No, Ryder Fieri is not sick. His parents don’t bring him much into the spotlight because of his young age. Instead, they want Ryder to grow up and decide what he wants to do himself.

What Is Ryder Fieri Doing Now?

Ryder Fieri is a high school student living his best life with friends and family.

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