For now, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s honeymoon looks more like a staycation than a honeymoon. They spent the first day of their married life cruising around Los Angeles.

In a Rolls-Royce wrapped in flowers and displaying a “just married” sign, the newlyweds looked like anyone else doing errands.

The couple is staying at a hotel in the Los Angeles area, and they went grocery shopping and ate at a burger stand in Calabasas for the day.

The blushing bride is still trying her best to keep a low profile. Since she left the wedding on Thursday night, Britney has been keeping out of sight, and they are even using the loading dock area at their hotel to avoid crowds.

There were paparazzi around, so Sam and Brit’s bodyguards used an umbrella to shield Britney’s face.

The Funny moment is- After the wedding, while Sam was still wearing his black “Britney & Sam” tee came out of a store and decided he’d had enough of the “just married” sign. Then he yanked it off the Rolls and handed it to a photographer.