As a result of leaked cellphone videos showing her dancing and partying wildly with her celebrity friends, Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin is now facing calls to take a drug test.

With her being the youngest leader in the world, she maintained her innocence and vehemently denied that she had ever taken drugs in the viral videos she appeared in.

During a press conference held on Thursday, she stated, “I have not used drugs myself or anything other than alcohol. I have danced, sung, and partied and done perfectly legal things.”

A group of friends, including Finnish musicians, TV personalities, and politicians, are seen dancing and singing to the music in the video recordings, which were believed to be taken from a private Instagram account by Marin.

Mikko Kärnä, a Finnish member of parliament from Marin’s coalition partner Centre Party, sent a tweet following the leak in which he suggested Marin should take a voluntary drug test and publicly disclose the results. He wrote, “The people are also allowed to expect this from their prime minister.”

On Thursday, Marin, while speaking at a press conference, maintained that although she drank alcohol, she didn’t consume an excessive amount of it and partied in an energetic style.

The 36-years-old European leader said, “I have not used any drugs, so it is not a problem to take a drug test, but I also think it is quite special that something like this is required.”

Her actions, according to Marin, were completely normal and were not in violation of any law. Additionally, she stated that she was informed a couple of weeks ago that she was being filmed at the social event but expected the recordings to remain private after all.

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