Who Is Santo Dettore, Courteney Cox Weei Husband? Kids And Family

Courteney Cox Weei husband Santo Dettore is one of the frequent questions the renowned host faces as she has actively shared the update regarding her relationship.

Courteney Cox is the vibrant co-host of the morning show at WEEI Sports Radio Network. She has decades of experience in radio and digital networks.

Cox hails from Boston. The host kickstarted her on-air journey as a reporter for “Eagle Eye View,” an online segment covering Boston College Athletics.

Before her current role, Cox made waves as a host and reporter at NESN. With decades of experience, she seamlessly connects with listeners and offers insights and interviews that resonate with her audience.

She is among the beloved and trusted voices on the airwaves, making mornings lively for sports enthusiasts tuning in to WEEI.

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Who Is Santo Dettore? Is He Courteney Cox Weei Husband?

The co-host of the morning show at WEEI frequently posts a photo with a person named Santo Dettore.

Looking at the social media posts, fans are curious to know: Who is Santo Dettore? Are they married?

Well, Santo is Courteney Cox’s husband. They got married a year back. Santo is a relatively private figure, keeping a low profile despite being married to a well-known personality.

While Santo maintains an active presence on social media, his accounts are private. This has added an air of mystery to his personal life.

Who Is Santo Dettore
 The co-host of the morning show at WEEI, Courteney Cox is married to Santo Dettore. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Despite the limited public information about him, it’s evident that he shares a close bond with his wife, Courteney Cox.

In contrast, Courteney has a significant social media following with 70k followers. She frequently updates the details of her personal and professional life, including cherished moments with her husband, Santo.

Their love story reached a milestone as they recently celebrated their first anniversary.

However, details about Santo’s background, profession, and personal life remain scarce. The couple prefers keeping certain aspects of their relationship private.

As Courteney continues sharing glimpses of their life, fans are left to admire the couple’s love story.

Get To Know Courteney Cox Weei Kids And Family

Courteney Cox and Santo Dettore are in the second year of their marriage. The couple are yet to expand their family with kids.

People over the internet keep speculating about potential plans for the future. However, the couple hasn’t announced any immediate family additions.

The couple may consider having kids in the years to come to expand their love life with more happiness.

Navigating the early stages of marriage, it’s common for couples to take time before stepping into the responsibilities of parenthood.

Since it has just been a year since their wedding, Courteney and Santo may be savoring the joys of marital life and exploring the parenthood ahead.

The decision to start a family is deeply personal, and the couple is taking their time in making such a significant commitment.

In the absence of kids, the couple has found joy in the companionship of a cute dog, a furry family member.

Kids And Family
Courteney and Santo have found joy in the companionship of a cute furry dog. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Courteney frequently shares heartwarming pictures with her beloved companion on social media. These posts glimpse the couple’s life and highlight their love for the pet.

As the couple continues to navigate the years of togetherness, fans will undoubtedly watch with interest to see if and when they decide to expand their family.

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