Sarah Katz Long QT Syndrome: Death And Obituary

Sarah Katz Long QT Syndrome has drawn attention as Sarah’s parents recently sued Panera Bread for not being transparent enough.

Sarah Katz was a cherished junior at the University of Pennsylvania who originally hailed from Jersey City.

She had a lifelong passion for CPR and AED awareness advocacy. She was driven to empower others with life-saving skills from a young age.

Sarah was a Red Cap ambassador with the American Heart Association (AHA). The AHA recognized her exceptional contributions with awards in 2013 and 2015.

In this role, she taught CPR in high schools and underserved communities, profoundly impacting countless lives.

In addition, the young girl also played an instrumental role in organizing teams for the Wall Street Run & Heart Walk.

The beautiful soul is no more with us. However, She remains an inspiration for many.

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Sarah Katz Long QT Syndrome Details

Sarah Katz was diagnosed with long QT syndrome at the very young age of 5. She faced a lifelong heart condition that affects the heart’s electrical system.

Long QT syndrome can lead to irregular heartbeats, particularly during stress or physical exertion.

However, with careful management and medication, leading a relatively everyday life is often possible.

Sarah’s condition was well-controlled through medication and regular medical check-ups.

Sarah Katz Long QT Syndrome
Sarah Katz was suffering with long QT syndrome since her childhood. (Photo Source: Independent)

Her report showed the expected results, and there was no serious issue.

Tragically, Sarah’s life took a devastating turn when she purchased a “Charged Lemonade” from a Panera Bread restaurant in Philadelphia on September 10, 2022.

Due to her heart condition, Sarah had been advised by her healthcare providers to avoid such high-caffeine beverages.

Hours after consuming the drink, Sarah went into cardiac arrest.

Her close friend Victoria mentioned that if Sarah had been aware of the drink’s caffeine content, she would never have chosen to consume it.

A medical report confirmed that Sarah’s cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia resulting from long QT syndrome.

Sarah’s parents are now pursuing legal action against Panera Bread, alleging that the restaurant must be transparent and provide adequate warning about the high caffeine level.

Sarah Katz Death And Obituary

The evening Sarah Katz consumed the “Charged Lemonade” marked the death of the beautiful soul.

Her close friend and roommate witnessed the heartbreaking moment when Sarah went into cardiac arrest.

The energetic girl enjoying herself hours before was now in a life-and-death battle. Soon, the cardiac arrest took his life, leaving a void in the hearts of her beloved ones.

After Sarah’s death, the SADS Foundation, an organization dedicated to sudden arrhythmia death syndromes, published her obituary on its official website.

Sarah Katz’s commitment to making a difference didn’t stop at her studies. She actively worked with Project ADAM and was a research assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

She was also on the path to bringing CPR training to the University of Pennsylvania.

Death And Obituary
Sarah had a lifelong passion for CPR awareness advocacy. (Photo Source: SAD Foundation)

Even after her passing, Sarah’s friends carried on her mission. They organized a CPR certification class, ensuring her legacy continued in the form of life-saving skills.

Victoria Conroy shared that Sarah was an outstanding student. In addition, she was an exceptionally involved and passionate individual.

Conroy further mentioned Sarah’s warmth extended to everyone on campus. She left a positive mark on all those she encountered.

Sarah Katz’s passing left a profound void in the lives of her friends, parents, and those who knew her.

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