Sarah Lahbati Before Surgery: Plastic Surgery Transformation

Each and every fan seemingly wants to see photos of Sarah Lahbati before surgery. Did the Swiss-born Filipino actress undergo any cosmetic procedures or not? Let’s find out.

Sarah Lahbati, born on October 9, 1993, is a Swiss-born Filipino actress and reality star.

She gained prominence as a finalist on the 5th season of the reality show StarStruck. Her debut on screen was as Bong Revilla’s daughter in Hokus Pokus.

Following her victory in StarStruck’s fifth season, Lahbati took the lead in GMA Network’s drama series Kokak (2011) and Makapiling Kang Muli (2012).

In 2012, she married actor Richard Gutierrez. The couple has two children named Zion and Kai.

Sarah Lahbati’s career has been marked by her success in both the world of reality television and acting in Filipino drama series.

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Sarah Lahbati Before Surgery: Plastic Surgery Transformation

Sarah Lahbati, the Swiss-born Filipino actress and reality star, is undeniably stunning.

Given her beauty, it’s natural for people to speculate whether she has undergone plastic surgeries or cosmetic transformations.

However, as of now, Sarah herself has not disclosed any information about undergoing facial changes.

A closer look at Sarah’s past photos reveals that her appearance remains remarkably consistent.

There is no clear evidence of significant alterations in her facial features that would suggest plastic surgery.

Sarah Lahbati before surgery
No information has been revealed regarding Lahbati’s plastic surgery transformations. (Source: Instagram)

Instead, what appears to have evolved over time is the radiance and glow-up she has acquired along with her stardom and fame.

Sarah Lahbati’s natural beauty and elegance have always set her apart. Her captivating presence and charisma are unmatched, which is why people may wonder if she has had plastic surgery.

Her ability to captivate audiences with grace and charm has led to speculation about her appearance.

Consequently, there is considerable interest in finding Sarah Lahbati’s “before” photos to compare with her current look.

However, the absence of concrete evidence and Sarah’s silence make it challenging to draw definitive conclusions about whether she has undergone plastic surgery.

Sarah Lahbati Underwent ICL Surgery In 2022

Sarah Lahbati, the Swiss-born Filipino actress and reality star, has long been the subject of curiosity among fans and followers regarding any cosmetic surgeries or procedures she may have undergone.

In 2022, she finally ended some of this mystery by revealing that she had undergone ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) surgery.

Taking to her Instagram account, Sarah shared glimpses of her ICL surgery operation, shedding light on her decision to improve her vision through this procedure.

Dr. Robert T. Ang performed the surgery at the Asian Eye Institute.

Before opting for ICL surgery, Sarah had relied on contact lenses and glasses for an extended period.

Sarah Lahbati ICL surgery
Sarah had been using contact lenses and glasses for a long time, struggling with persistent dry eyes before undergoing ICL surgery. (Source: Yahoo Canada Sports)

She had been grappling with constant dry eyes and the inconvenience of squinting to see things clearly.

Remarkably, Sarah experienced a dramatic improvement in her vision right after the surgery, with a “woke up with 20/20 vision” post on her Instagram.

She expressed her happiness with the outcome and recommended ICL surgery as an alternative to Lasik surgery.

Sarah Lahbati’s openness about her ICL surgery has not only demystified some of the speculation surrounding her appearance but has also shed light on the benefits of this eye procedure.

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