Sarina Oshi No Ko Illness Anaplastic Astrocytoma Sickness And Family

Witness the heart-wrenching journey of Sarina Tendouji illness in Oshi No Ko as she battles anaplastic astrocytoma, intertwining her unwavering passion for her idol Ai Hoshino with the hidden fears that shadow her every step. 

Sarina Tendouji, a central figure in the manga series Oshi no Ko, played a crucial role in the storyline.

As a young patient at the hospital where Gorou Amamiya, the protagonist, worked, she left a lasting impact on him.

Sarina was an avid fan of Ai Hoshino, and her admiration for the pop star influenced Gorou.

Interestingly, it is revealed that Sarina is the previous incarnation of Ruby Hoshino, adding an intriguing twist to her character.

With her unique background and connection to both Gorou and Ruby, Sarina’s presence in the series was pivotal to the development of the plot.

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Sarina Oshi No Ko Illness

In the manga series Oshi No Ko, Sarina Tendouji’s illness was called “anaplastic astrocytoma,” a real-life disease rather than a fictional creation.

Despite her condition, Sarina appeared lively and energetic, especially when discussing her favorite idol, Ai, or playfully teasing Gorou.

Her passion for Ai was evident, as she diligently watched her performances and committed every dance move to memory.

Sarina Oshi No Ko Illness
Sarina Tendouji in Oshi No Ko (Source: Oshi no Ko Wiki – Fandom)

However, her illness took a toll on Sarina’s emotional well-being.

The frustration of being restricted in her movements led to depression, and she feared falling. This fear became deeply ingrained, even carrying over into her next life as Ruby.

However, with the guidance of Ai, Ruby managed to conquer her fears and overcome the psychological barriers that held her back.

Sarina’s depiction and struggle with anaplastic astrocytoma added a layer of realism to the story, highlighting the emotional impact and challenges individuals face with real-life illnesses.

Sarina Anaplastic Astrocytoma Sickness

In the manga series Oshi No Ko, Sarina Tendouji’s illness, anaplastic astrocytoma, was depicted as a real-life condition rather than a mere creation of the comic books.

This disease is characterized by symptoms such as motor paralysis and sensory impairment, which Sarina experienced firsthand. Due to her condition, she often struggled to move correctly and frequently fell.

The exact cause of Sarina’s incurable disease remains unknown. However, it is commonly believed that stress, overwork, and disordered eating may contribute to developing anaplastic astrocytoma.

Some theories suggest that the incidence of this disease could increase with high-stress levels, regardless of age.

Sarina Oshi No Ko Illness
Aqua Hoshino meets Sarina Tendouji’s mother (Source: Sportskeeda)

It is important to note that this information is based on general knowledge, and consulting a medical specialist would provide more detailed insights.

Sarina’s parents, who lived in the city center, appeared to have neglected her during her illness and frequent hospitalizations.

While her life before her illness remains undisclosed, it is believed to have been filled with significant stress.

Despite the financial comfort evident from her lengthy hospital stays and access to idol merchandise and DVDs, Sarina may have faced the pressure of high expectations from her parents at a young age.

These stressors might have played a role in her development of anaplastic astrocytoma.

Sarina Family

Sarina Tendouji’s family in the manga series Oshi No Ko consists of her mother, Marina Tendouji, and an unnamed father.

While Sarina’s father is not explicitly mentioned or named in the story, her mother, Marina, is referenced.

Not much is known about Sarina’s family dynamics, but it is implied that there may have been some neglect or lack of support from her parents during her illness and hospitalizations.

Sarina Oshi No Ko Illness
Sarina and Gorou in Oshi No Ko (Source: Attack of the Fanboy)

The fact that Sarina’s parents lived in the city center suggests a certain level of affluence, as evidenced by her extended stays in a private hospital room and access to idol merchandise.

However, financial comfort did not necessarily translate into emotional or caregiving support for Sarina.

The absence of detailed information about Sarina’s family, particularly her father, leaves room for speculation and further exploration of the impact of family dynamics on her character development and the challenges she faced while dealing with anaplastic astrocytoma.

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