Sava Schultz: A Famous Social Media Influencer, Artist, and model

Who is Sava Schultz?

Sava Schultz is an American social media influencer renowned for captivating content on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Her posts typically feature fitness, travel, fashion, and lip-syncing videos on TikTok.

Apart from her extensive following on these platforms, Sava Schultz has gained considerable fame as an OnlyFans creator, sharing nude and sensual photos and videos. Due to this, she has made the subject of much discussion and controversy.

With her bold and athletic figure, Sava Schultz has captured the attention of her fans. She regularly posts stunning photos and daring appearances, and her OnlyFans content has helped her build a large following.

Sava Schultz Biography
Sava Schultz Biography

Let’s dive into this article to learn more about Sava Schultz’s early life, career, interesting facts, relationships, physical appearance, etc. 

Quick Facts 

Full NameSavannah Schultz
Nick NameSava Schultz
BirthdayNovember 23, 2001
Age21 years old
Sun signSagittarius
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States 
Marital StatusIn a relationship
SpouseMostlyluca (boyfriend)
ProfessionSocial media influencer
Onlyfans star
Instagram model
Net WorthApproximately USD 2-4 million

Interesting Facts

  • Sava has a great love for animals, including cats and dogs, but unlike many others, she considers snakes to be adorable.
  • Sava Schultz is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out in gyms, doing yoga and meditation, and keeping her attractive physique in shape through a well-balanced diet.
  • Sava is deeply fond of arts and crafts, so she enjoys creating sketches of individuals and painting walls.
  • Besides her passion for art, she has tried using chalk as a creative tool and finds it more fascinating than acrylics. 
  • Schultz loves to do photoshoots, create tiktok videos, target shooting, and spend quality time on beaches. 
  • She has experimented with various substances that can cause intoxication, such as cigarettes, drugs, edibles, vaping, etc.
  • Sava Schultz has worked in two music videos with Page Kennedy, her ex-boyfriend’s father.
  • On Instagram, she shares photographs of herself modeling swimwear and fashionable attire.
  • Sava has a great affection for dancing, exploring new destinations, and indulging in shopping.
  • Sava Schultz has appeared in various youtube videos with Luca Schaefer Charlton providing exciting content.
  • Sava has been independent both financially and emotionally from a very young age.
Savannah Schultz
Savannah Schultz

Early Life and Childhood

Savannah Schultz was born in California, United States, on November 23, 2001, making her sun sign Sagittarius. She is 21, an American citizen, and identifies as white. 

Sava Schultz is best known for her daring personality and attractive figure. Before becoming a famous influencer, she was just an ordinary girl living with her family and never aspired to become famous.

Growing up, Sava moved around frequently with her parents and other relatives. Sava seems to have an older sister with who she likely spent her childhood days. She attended Windsor High School in California and has since completed her high school education. Currently, Sava is pursuing a higher college degree.

Moreover, Sava is very young, naïve, and new to this industry, so she has not appeared in any interviews, due to which there has limited information about her family background. However, in a youtube video with Mostlyluca, she revealed that she had to start living on her own at a very young age, and she did not get any support from her family members, unlike other kids her age.

Sava Schultz young photo
Sava Schultz young photo

Sava’s lineage is of White American origin, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schultz, being pure Americans. However, in-depth information about her family background is unavailable on the internet.

Nonetheless, she spends quality time with her friends at exotic locations.


Sava is a young woman who started her career on the social media platform TikTok in 2020. At 19, she began creating and sharing videos on the forum. However, she did not immediately gain popularity, and her initial videos received little attention from the audience.

Despite this, Sava continued creating different types of content, including lip-sync videos, dance videos, and collaborations with humor acts.

Over time, Sava’s videos gained more attention and eventually became popular on TikTok. She now has over a million followers on her TikTok account. However, Sava was not satisfied with being a social media star and decided to make a career transition.

At the beginning of 2021, Sava switched to the adult platform OnlyFans. She gained attention on the platform for her physical assets, described as sassy and significant. Sava is now focused on building her career as an adult star and is paying more attention to raising it to new heights.

Apart from her work on OnlyFans, Sava has also worked as a model and dancer in internationally released video songs. She was featured in the 2021 video song “Ride” by singer Page Kennedy and was later spotted in the video song “Pain” by the same artist in October 2021. In both videos, Sava looked stunning and extraordinary.

Savannah Schultz and Page Kennedy from the song Ride
Savannah Schultz and Page Kennedy from the song Ride

In addition to her presence on TikTok and OnlyFans, Sava also shares content on Instagram, where she has gained a significant following. She shares various photoshoots on her Instagram page, showcasing her physical assets and stunning looks. These photoshoots have gained much attention from her followers, further contributing to her popularity.

Besides sharing photoshoots, Sava also shares paid promotions on her Instagram page, another income source. As an influencer, various brands and companies approach her to promote their products on her page, which she does by sharing pictures and videos.

Sava’s Instagram page has become a significant part of her overall career, contributing to her income and helping her build her brand. Her ability to leverage her social media presence and build a following across different platforms highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and marketing savvy.

Therefore, Sava’s presence on Instagram, Tiktok, and onlyfans platforms has helped her grow her brand and build a following. Her ability to effectively leverage her social media presence across multiple platforms has been a critical factor in her success as a social media influencer and adult star.

Sava Schultz Physical Appearance

Sava Schultz is a well-known influencer with an attractive personality, an alluring figure, captivating eyes, and a radiant smile. In addition, her straight hair adds to her mesmerizing appearance, making her even more eye-catching.

Sava Schultz is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and her weight varies between 148-156 pounds. Additionally, she has a fair skin tone that enhances her natural beauty. Her body measurements are 37-25-42, and she maintains her physique by working out regularly and following a healthy lifestyle.

Sava Schultz alluring figure
Sava Schultz alluring figure

Schultz’s slender body shape allows her to look stunning in any outfit. She prefers wearing well-designed dresses that accentuate her figure and add to her overall appearance.

Moreover, Schultz follows a well-balanced diet to keep herself in shape and maintain her fitness. Her dedication to health and wellness has helped her gain popularity in the influencer industry. Her charismatic personality and attractive looks have also contributed to her success.

Sava Schultz Dating History

Due to Sava’s mesmerizing figure, appearance, and emotional intelligence, any guy would fall in love with her. These attributes may have been the possible reasons why her former boyfriend, Timothy Kennedy, fell in love with her. Timothy is a famous singer and rapper with millions of followers on social media.

In September 2021, Sava was spending quality time with Timothy, and he publicly announced that they were in a relationship. They were also seen together multiple times in February 2022, having a great time with each other.

Sava Schultz with Timothy Kennedy
Sava Schultz with Timothy Kennedy

However, since Valentine’s month, there have been no sightings of them together, and they have unfollowed each other on all social sites. Additionally, Sava has revealed that her former partner has mistreated her like trash. Therefore, this indicates that both of them got separated on bad terms.

Moreover, as of 2023, a rumor is circulating that Sava, an influencer, may be dating Luca, an influencer and content creator, on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. There are several indications that Sava and Luca are more than just friends.

For instance, Sava has appeared in multiple YouTube videos with Luca and collaborated on TikTok and Instagram.

In addition, they have left comments on each other’s posts using terms of endearment, such as “baby,” which is typically witnessed between romantic partners. Furthermore, in response to a fan comment calling them the “cutest couple,” Luca replied with a smiley heart emoji, which suggests that they may indeed be a couple.

However, it is crucial to note that these indications are not definitive proof of a romantic relationship between Sava and Luca. With direct confirmation from the individuals themselves, it is still speculation. 

Sava Schultz and Mostlyluca
Sava Schultz and Mostlyluca

They may be just good friends who enjoy collaborating on content together. Nonetheless, given the evidence, there is more to their relationship than just friendship.

Sava Schultz Crimes 

Sava Schultz revealed in a video with Mostlyluca that she faced a challenging phase when she was away from her family.

During this time, she moved around frequently and resorted to stealing to support herself, ultimately taking around USD 10,000. She struggled to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and toiletries without support. Unfortunately, she got caught stealing at one point.

Social Media

Sava Schultz Twitter

Sava Schultz is present on Twitter with the username “@saucysava” and uses the platform to promote her onlyfans account, share her photos and videos, and interact with her fans. Her Twitter account has a massive following of 62.9k followers.

Sava Schultz Twitter Picture
Sava Schultz Twitter Picture

Sava Schultz Onlyfans

Sava Schultz has gained 103k likes on her OnlyFans account, where she has posted 93 images. She is highly active on the platform, and her large following is willing to pay $17 per month for exclusive content that includes photos and videos of Sava twerking alone or with male friends.

Unfortunately, some of Sava’s private content has been leaked by her fans through various channels, causing controversy and making headlines.

Sava Schultz Tiktok

Sava Schultz is present on TikTok with the username “savaschulz,” Her account has 1.7 million followers and over 16 million likes. She typically posts videos on the platform where she lip-syncs and dances to the latest trending songs on TikTok.

In addition, Sava shares hot videos of herself with her fans and posts other relatable and humorous content. Likewise, she posts videos collaborating with other content creators and her friends.

Sava Schultz Instagram 

Sava Schultz is active on Instagram under the username @sava.schultz. The Instagram model has an excessive following of 1.3 million. 

Sava Schultz Instagram Photo
Sava Schultz Instagram Photo

Sava mostly shares her bold pictures in swimwear, designer dresses, mirror selfies, etc., which get more than 200k likes on each post. However, she has only shared two reels on her Instagram page.

Sava Schultz Net worth

According to sources, the total net worth of Sava Schultz is estimated at around USD 2-4 million as she is a social media influencer and onlyfans creator.

Most of her earnings come from monthly subscriptions from her onlyfans platform and Instagram, where she promotes bikini wears and other clothing brands.

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