Savannah Blackstock: Kelly Clarkson’s step-daughter, bio, dating, horse riding, net worth

Who is Savannah Blackstock?

Savannah Blackstock – the name itself invokes a sense of freedom and expansiveness. This passion for freedom is reflected in her love for horses. The daughter of Brandon Blackstock, CEO of the management company “Starstruck” and former talent manager, Savannah, has been raised amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

But despite being surrounded by celebrities, Savannah’s true love lies with the majestic creatures that roam the grassy plains. Born to Melissa Ashworth, the biological mother of Savannah, Brandon was also married to Kelly Clarkson, a famous American singer, until their divorce in 2020.

Savannah Blackstock daughter of Brandon Blackstock

Let’s read about who Savannah Blackstock is.

quick facts

Full nameSavannah Blackstock
BirthdayJune 7, 2002
Age21 years old
TraitsPositive: Passionate, intelligent, and social
Negative: Indecisive, inconsistent, and overly anxious
BirthplaceNashville, Tennessee, USA.
Current residenceOcala, Florida, USA
ParentsBrandon Blackstock,
Melissa Ashworth
Step-motherKelly Clarkson
SiblingsSeth Blackstock
StepsiblingsRemington Blackstock,
River Rose Blackstock
GrandparentsNarvel Blackstock,
Elisa Gayle Ritter,
Reba McEntire
Marital statusEngaged
SpouseQuentin Lee (Fiancé)
ChildrenLake Easton Lee
Profession55 kgs (121 lbs.)
Net worth
Social media
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 ft 5 inches (1.65m)

Early life

Childhood photo of Savannah Blackstock

Savannah Blackstock, daughter of the former talent manager Brandon Blackstock and Melissa Ashworth, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in June 2002. Being the first-born child, Savannah had the luxury of being the center of attention for her parents, who were prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

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Born on June 7, 2002, Savannah is a Gemini, perfectly reflecting her outgoing and fun-loving personality. As a Gemini woman, she is intelligent, witty, and charming, with a keen interest in music and film.

Growing up in a household surrounded by celebrities and the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world, Savannah’s love for horses was a breath of fresh air. She spent her childhood with her parents and siblings, mostly outdoors, enjoying the vast expanses of the grassy plains. Her love for horses grew, and she became an accomplished equestrian at a young age. She would often participate in horse riding competitions, where she showed her natural talent and passion for the sport.

As a child, Savannah had the luxury of traveling extensively with her parents, visiting different countries, and experiencing different cultures. She met many famous personalities and learned about different aspects of the entertainment industry. Her father’s experience in the industry rubbed off on her, and she developed a keen interest in music and film.

Despite being exposed to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry from a young age, Savannah’s parents ensured she had a grounded upbringing. They instilled the values of hard work, humility, and kindness, which she carries with her today. Savannah’s childhood was a unique blend of glamour and the outdoors, giving her a well-rounded perspective on life.

Today, Savannah is an accomplished young woman with a passion for horses and a bright future ahead of her. Standing at 5′ 5 (1.65m), she has beautiful brown eyes and straight black hair.



Savannah Blackstock’s grandparents are Narvel Blackstock and Elisa Gayle Ritter on her father’s side and Clark R. Ashworth and Sandra K. Ashworth on her mother’s side. Narvel Blackstock is a well-known music manager and television producer, while Elisa Gayle Ritter is a former television actress.

Savannah’s grandfather, Narvel, has managed several high-profile artists, including Kelly Clarkson, his son Brandon’s ex-wife, whom he also married in 2013 after divorcing Elisa. Clark R. Ashworth and Sandra K. Ashworth have kept a relatively low profile, and not much information is available about them. Nonetheless, Savannah comes from a family with a rich background in music and entertainment.


Savannah Blackstock, the talented horse rider, is the daughter of Brandon Blackstock and Melissa Ashworth. Brandon is a renowned talent manager who has worked with several high-profile music artists, while Melissa is a former secretary. Savannah’s parents divorced in 2012, and her father later married Kelly Clarkson, the famous American singer he also managed for a while.

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Brandon and Melissa’s relationship produced two children, Savannah and Seth, who have grown up to be accomplished, young individuals.

Savannah Blackstock with her father Brandon Blackstock and step-mother Kelly Clarkson
Savannah Blackstock with her father Brandon Blackstock and step-mother Kelly Clarkson

Savannah has remained close to her parents and step-siblings, River and Remington, despite the divorce. Seth, Savannah’s younger brother, is also the son of Brandon and Melissa. Seth shares a close bond with his sister and step-siblings.


Savannah Blackstock has one brother, Seth Blackstock. Seth is the second child of Brandon Blackstock and Melissa Ashworth, born on November 21, 2006. Like his sister, he is passionate about the outdoors and is close to his parents and step-siblings.

Savannah and Seth share a strong sibling bond and often spend time together enjoying activities such as horse riding and hiking. Savannah and Seth also share a warm relationship with their father, Brandon, and their stepmother, Kelly Clarkson, despite the challenges of divorce. Together, they form a close-knit family with a deep love and respect for one another.

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Lake Easter Lee

On January 17, 2022, Savannah gave birth to a son named Lake Easter Lee. Blackstock revealed her pregnancy with her boyfriend, Quentin Lee, in September 2021. 

She shared this good news with photos from a nature-filled photoshoot that she did with Quentin. She wore a gray bodycon dress that highlighted her baby bump.

On February 3, 2022, she shared the photo of her son for the first time on her social media.


She is quite open about her relationship on social media. Savannah often posts pictures with her boyfriend, Quentin Lee, on Instagram.

Quentin Lee

Savannah Blackstock has been in a loving relationship with her boyfriend, Quentin Lee, since October 2019. Lee is an entrepreneur based in Central Florida, USA, and according to his Instagram bio, he is a car fanatic who loves eventing. The couple has been inseparable since they started dating and often share pictures of themselves on social media.

Savannah with Quentin and her son
Savannah with Quentin and her son

Savannah and Lee’s relationship seems strong and complements each other perfectly. They share a deep bond, evident in how they look at and speak about each other. Savannah has never been shy about expressing her love for her boyfriend, and her Instagram is filled with adorable photos and captions about her love for him.

On Lee’s birthday, Savannah posted a heartwarming message on Instagram, expressing her deep affection for him. The message read:

“Happy birthday, my love. I am so blessed to have found someone so perfect for me. I look forward to being a part of your growth, and I will always be right by your side through thick and thin. You give me happiness I never knew existed. You have my heart forever and ever.”

Lee responded to the message, saying:

“Truly the one that makes me happiest and will without a doubt have your back through it all. My love for you is immeasurable. Thank you for just being who you are and making me feel special with every little thing that you do.”

The couple has proved time and time again that they are madly in love with each other. Their relationship seems to be a match made in heaven, and they share a bright future. We wish them all the luck in their love life.


Savannah Blackstock riding a horse.

Savannah Blackstock is a passionate horse lover and has been riding since she was three. She began with barrel racing and later switched to eventing. On October 2, 2018, she purchased two young horses from the UK through Wayfarer Eventing.

Savannah has a red horse named Garrynduig Albie, gifted by her father. She competed in her first event at the starter level at the Kentucky Horse Park. Also, she participated in the USEA American Eventing Championships, winning in the Bates preliminary junior/young rider division with a score of 29.3.

Despite belonging to a high-profile family, Savannah has carved a name for herself in the equestrian world. She is currently a realtor at Gailey Enterprises in Ocala, Florida. Her dedication and passion for horse riding are evident, and she continues to excel in her equestrian pursuits.

net worth

The information about her actual net worth is not yet confirmed. But Savannah Blackstock belongs to a millionaire family. She is living a lavish life.

Brandon Blackstock’s net worth is around USD 10 million. On the other hand, the net worth of her stepmother Kelly Clarkson is USD 45 million as of 2021.

social media


Savannah Blackstock, a horse rider, is quite active on Instagram. Her Instagram is full of her vacation, horse riding, and family photos.

Savannah Blackstock has followers numbering 7k on her Instagram. She is open about her life and loves sharing her moments with her through social media.

You can follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


How old is Savannah Blackstock?

Born on June 7, 2002, Savannah Blackstock is currently 21 years old.

Who is Savannah Blackstock’s mother?

Savannah Blackstock was born to Melissa Ashworth. Melissa is Brandon Blackstock’s first ex-wife.

Is Savanna Blackstock pregnant?

Yes, Savanna Blackstock is a mother now. She gave birth to a baby boy now named Lake Easter Lee.

Who is Savannah Blackstock’s boyfriend?

Savannah Blackstock’s boyfriend is an entrepreneur named Quentin Lee. 

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