SDM Jyoti Maurya Husband Alok Kumar: Abuse Video Gone Viral On Reddit

Discover the latest updates on SDM Jyoti Maurya’s husband and their troubled relationship. Stay informed about the controversies and allegations surrounding their marriage.

Jyoti Maurya, a Provincial Civil Service officer currently serving as SDM in Bareilly, has recently made headlines.

Previously, she served as a probationary officer in the Kaushambi tea subdivision from 2019 to 2021.

However, Jyoti Maurya’s personal life has attracted significant attention as she left her husband and reportedly adopted her lover after assuming her role as SDM.

Videos and pictures of Jyoti Maurya have been circulating widely on social media, further fueling public interest.

A viral video shows Jyoti Maurya passionately criticizing her husband and in-laws.

In a conflicting twist, Jyoti Maurya has accused her husband and in-laws of dowry harassment.

These events have brought Jyoti Maurya into the spotlight, capturing public curiosity and raising questions about her personal and professional life.

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SDM Jyoti Maurya Husband, Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar, the husband of Jyoti Maurya, shared their journey, highlighting their early days of marriage and the sacrifices he made for his wife’s education.

In 2010, Alok married Jyoti, a resident of Chirai village in Varanasi, who expressed her desire to pursue further studies after marriage.

Despite his modest income, Alok dedicated himself to supporting his wife’s educational aspirations, diligently saving money, and even enrolling her in a reputable coaching center in Prayagraj.

Jyoti Maurya husband alok
Jyoti Maurya and her husband, Alok Maurya, were married in 2010. (Image Source: Twitter)

In 2015, their joy multiplied as Jyoti gave birth to twin daughters and received the news of her successful selection in the PCS exam.

The entire household rejoiced in this accomplishment, with Jyoti attributing her success to her husband Alok Maurya and father-in-law.

However, their happiness took a turn when Jyoti, now an officer, faced challenges in their relationship.

Alok Kumar’s support and sacrifices during their journey highlight his role as a dedicated and supportive husband.

SDM Jyoti Maurya accused Husband and In-laws of Abuse.

Jyoti Maurya initially credited her husband, Alok Maurya and father-in-law for her success.

She later filed a case against them at the Dhumanganj police station, accusing them of dowry harassment, defamation, and harassment.

The couple’s married life was seemingly going well until Jyoti met Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey in 2020, which allegedly caused a rift between Jyoti and Alok.

Alok claims that he discovered incriminating chats between Jyoti and Manish on her mobile phone, leading to suspicions of infidelity.

Jyoti Maurya accused husband
Jyoti Maurya has accused her husband and in-laws of harassment and abuse. (Image Source: Odisha TV)

Meanwhile, Jyoti, who serves as an SDM in Bareilly, and her lover have been accused of a murder conspiracy by the husband of a Dhumanganj resident.

The complaint has been lodged with the Home Guard Headquarters, and the investigation has been entrusted to Deputy Commandant General Santosh Kumar of Prayagraj by DG Home Guard VK Maurya.

The accusations and complexities surrounding Jyoti Maurya’s relationship with her husband and in-laws highlight a tumultuous situation.

SDM Jyoti Maurya Video Gone Viral on Reddit

The controversy surrounding Jyoti Maurya continues as she faces accusations of infidelity and a deteriorating relationship with her husband, Alok.

Recently, a leaked screenshot of her chat with another man has further strained their marriage.

The situation escalated when video recordings surfaced on social media, depicting Jyoti verbally abusing her husband and mocking his parents’ profession as sweepers.

Jyoti Chats Gone Viral
Jyoti Chats with Manish has Gone Viral on social media. (Image Source: Twitter)

Alok, remaining composed, recorded the incident and shared it online.

The ongoing case of Jyoti and Alok has garnered significant attention, with frequent updates circulating on the web.

The latest development of Jyoti Maurya’s viral video has sparked discussion and garnered attention on Reddit, drawing further scrutiny to the troubled relationship and its public fallout.

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