Selena Gomez’s security guards are earning their keep because some weird stuff’s happening at her house, including a fan getting on her property early Sunday morning.

According to LAPD sources, the man tried to flee Selena’s residence, but her security team had already caught him.

Around 1 AM, the suspect jumped a fence, and security called the cops. Despite his attempts to flee, responding officers found him wandering around the neighborhood, saying he just wanted to meet Selena.

This seems low-key compared to the incident at the home of the “Only Murders in the Building” star a few weeks ago.

Police were called by security after a man allegedly wrote Selena’s name on a mattress with blood and then set it on fire!

According to her security, that guy did not make it onto the property — it all happened outside. Although Selena wasn’t home at the time of either incident, it was still creepy.

The mattress guy was taken into custody by the police, but the case is still pending. Trespassing charges were filed against the alleged fence jumper this morning.

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