Seraina Schönenberger-Mick Mars’s Wife

Who is Seraina Schönenberger?

Seraina Schönenberger, the wife of the American musician and songwriter Mick Mars, is a professional model. Moreover, she is one of the former Miss Zurich contestants. Seraina is an Italian name that means “tranquil” or “serene.” She became famous after her relationship with the lead guitarist of Motley Crue became public.

Seraina Schönenberger and Mick Mars’s marriage gathered massive attention. Some people praised the age gap, while many talked crap. But did all the negativity affect the lovey-dovey duo? Heck! No.

Seraina Schönenberger Biography
Seraina Schönenberger Biography

Quick facts

Full nameSeraina Fai Schönenberger
Also known asSeraina Mars
BirthdayOctober 4, 1984
Age38 years old
Sun SignLibra
TraitsPositive: Fair, diplomatic, and ideological
Negative: Attention Seeker, Dishonest, and Controlling
BirthplaceZurich, Switzerland
Currently residingNashville, Tennessee, USA
ParentsNo information
SiblingsLina Layne
Marital statusMarried
SpouseMick Mars (2013-2023)
ChildrenStormy Deal, Erik Deal, and Les Paul Deal
Height5 feet 9 inches/1.79 m
Estimated Net WorthUSD 500K
Social MediaInstagram

Early Life

Seraina Schönenberger
Wife of Mick Mars

Seraina Schönenberger was born in Zurich, Switzerland, on October 4, 1984.

She is a libra. Libras, according to their sun sign, are natural peacemakers. She is charming, intelligent, encouraging, passionate, and friendly. However, she is indecisive, terrified of confrontation, and an attention seeker.

Libran women are good-looking. Seraina is 1.79 m tall, weighs around 60 kg, and has attractive body features that have always been her plus point.

She looks good and always turns up looking gorgeous. The name, Seraina, means calm, clear, and serene. It is a Romansh name derived from the Latin word Serenus.

She was ambitious and enthusiastic from a very young age. As a result, Seraina Schönenberger started working as soon as she finished school.

Seraina participated in the Miss Zurich contest. Even though she did not win any title, she gathered experiences that later helped her pursue her career as a fashion model.

Seraina worked with a few ad agencies in Switzerland before moving to America.

Moreover, she is also a musician.


Seraina Schönenberger and Mick Mars

Seraina Schönenberger tied the knot with the American musician Mick Mars in 2013 after dating for six years. Mick is 33 years older than her.

Seraina met Mick in Switzerland during the 2007 tour of Motley Crue. She was a great fan of the band. Mick showed genuine interest in Seraina, and the rest followed the flow.

Seraina Schönenberger with her husband, Mick Mars

She joined Mick and his band members for their Crue Fest Summer Tours from July to August 2008.

It took no time for them to start seeing each other. The initial friendship slowly turned to fondness. Later, the affection grew to love and marriage; hence, Seraina moved to the U.S.A., leaving her home country and rising career behind.

While dating, they made very few public appearances together.

However, they have been happily married for more than seven glorious years. Therefore, the 33 years of age gap has never been a problem.

Seraina Schönenberger often made appearances during the performances of her husband’s rock band, Motley Crue. Moreover, she traveled with her husband and the rock band on tours.

Mick Mars

On May 4, 1951, Mick Mars was born in Terre Haute (Indiana). He started his musical career in his youth. He is the lead guitarist and one of the co-founders of the hard rock band Motley Crue.

Mick and his other band members, Nikki Six, Tommy Lee, and Vince Neil, founded the band in 1981. Some popular songs by the band are, Shout at the Devil, Looks that Kill, Home Sweet Home, Wild Side, Girls, Girls, Girls, Dr. Feelgood, and Kickstart My Heart.

The husband of Seraina Schönenberger, Mick Mars, has a reserved personality. Furthermore, his appearance perfectly supports his music choice and mysterious nature. Long black hair, tattooed hands, dark makeup on eyes, etc., give the artist a specific impression.

Mick Mars
Mick Mars is showing off his finger tattoos

Further, Netflix tells the band’s story in the movie, The Dirt in 2019. 

In 1970, Mick Mars married Sharon Deal, but the couple divorced after two years. She is the first wife. The couple had two children, Stormy and Les Paul Deal.

After that, Mick Mars began dating Marcia in 1976. Unfortunately, this relationship also did not last long.

In 1990, he married rock band vocalist Emi Canyn but divorced in 1994. People believe that Erik Deal, his son from Emi.

Finally, in 2007, he met Schönenberger. They met, fell in love, and tied the knot. 


Seraina doesn’t seem to have any kids with Mick Mars; however, she has three stepchildren from Mick’s first two marriages.

Seraina Schönenberger Net Worth

As per the sources, her estimated net worth is USD 500k. 

However, Mick Mars has an estimated net worth of USD 70 million. Of course, his glorious musical career that is still going on gets all the credit for his fortune.

Mick shares his net worth with his wife, Seraina Mars. She, rightfully, enjoys the fortune that her husband has acquired. After all, she is the wife and the love of Mick’s life.

Seraina Schönenberger Social Media

Seraina Schönenberger likes to be on social media. She is on Twitter as well as Instagram. Seraina knows how to entertain her followers without revealing much about her routine.

Seraina is on Instagram as serainamars with over 13k followers. Occasionally, she posts pictures with her husband, Mick Mars, who, on the other hand, does not like to be on social media that much.

Mick Mars uses Instagram. He has a verified Instagram account with the username mr.mickmars.

Seraina is also on Twitter with 8,552 followers. The former Miss Zurich contestant also has a private account but doesn’t use it much.


How Old Is Seraina Schonenberger?

Born in October 1984, Seraina is 38 years old.

What Is Seraina Schönenberger’s Husband’s Real Name?

Her husband’s real name is Robert Alan Deal. 

How Tall Is Seraina Schönenberger?

She is 1.79 meters tall.

Who Was Mick Mars Married To?

Before marrying Seraina, he married Sharon Deal from 1970 to 1973. Then he married his bandmate, Emy Canyn.

What Was Seraina Mars’ Career Path?

Seraina Mars was a Swiss model featured in many magazines and brands. However, she halted her modeling career after marrying her rockstar boyfriend, Mick Mars.

What Is Seraina Schönenberger Net Worth?

Her net worth is under review. However, some sites have estimated her net worth to be USD 500k.

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