Seth Blackstock: Kelly Clarkson’s step-son, Bio, family, and net worth

Who is Seth Blackstock?

“Name, fame, and money!” As impressive as this sounds, life has its track. Sometimes happiness does not rely on having or not having these individuals.

Seth Blackstock is an example of such a personality. Seth is a star kid who would rather have a peaceful and complete family than have all three above.

Seth is living proof that you do not always get what you desire, but life must still go on with what you have in hand.

You must have heard of the American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. Seth is a hot topic of discussion, and camera flashes follow him. The reason is the uproar of Kelly’s recent divorce from Brandon –Seth’s dad.

Quick facts

Full NameSeth Blackstock
BirthdayNovember 21, 2006
Age16 years old
Sun signScorpio
TraitsPositive– Ambitious, intelligent, and confident
Negative– Aggressive, jealous, and reticent
BirthplaceNashville, Tennessee, USA
ParentsMelissa Ashworth,
Brandon Blackstock
GrandparentsElisa Gayle Ritter,
Narvel Blackstock
SiblingsSavannah Blackstock,
River Rose Blackstock
HalfsiblingsRemington Blackstock,
Eye colorDark brown
Hair ColorLight brown
Hobbies/ InterestsListening to music,
Best match for relationCancer, Virgo, and Capricorn
Favorite singersMark Ronson, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson
Favorite sportsIce skiing, video games
Favorite past timeOutdoor dog walking, horse riding, watching baseball
Favorite petDog and horse

Seth Blackstock birth

Seth was born on November 21, 2006, which makes him 14 years old as of 2020. He was born in Nashville to parents Melissa Ashworth White and Brandon Blackstock.

personality traits

When he appeared with his family on a program, a black suit with a white pair of sneakers was Seth’s attire. His style in the formals is quite classic and somehow resembles his dad’s choices of dark dresses.

But, the teenager’s bright personality shows through the contrasting color combination he wears.

As per the characteristic features of a Scorpio, Seth must be a passionate kid. He is persistent in loyalty to friends, has curiosity, and has a meditating mind.

In short, he must be a happy-go-lucky type of person.

How was Seth Blackstock’s childhood?

Seth did not have many chances to get close to his folks. Unlike his dad, who enjoyed the presence of many folks growing up, Seth had to rely much more on his family members.

The family only visits Forth Worth, so Seth’s circle lies among his family and school friends. His childhood has not been very fond of him in all aspects. No matter how fun, dull, sorrowful, or joyful life is, sure, it becomes happier if you have siblings to share it with.

Thankfully, Seth has three beautiful siblings to share all his feelings. After his mom’s divorce, Seth had accepted his stepmom. The feeling was mutual.

Kelly and Brandon were seemingly a passionate and spontaneous couple. Famous magazines like Redbook even cast them on their issue cover.

The public has always admired this couple’s thrilling experience. Brandon has acted like a responsible dad and a friendly husband.

It’s a shame that this family further proceeded to separate. Seth currently lives in Los Angeles of California State. The family of four kids from two different mothers lives happily in the Montana mansion.

Seth’s younger sister is River Rose Blackstock, and his brother is Remington Alexander Blackstock. River and Remington are his half-siblings who live with Seth at present.

Seth Blackstock’s father Brandon Blackstock

Seth’s father, Brandon, is an American agent. He was a famous pilot and an heir to a company called Starstruck management company.

Brandon inherited the company from his renowned father, Narvel Blackstock. Narvel is a successful founding person of the company, which supported rising stars.

Narvel and his son Brandon co-own the company at present. The Brandon family originally lived in Fort Worth before they shifted to Los Angeles.

Seth Balckstock’s mother Melissa Ashworth

Seth’s mother, Melissa, was a secretary by profession. She is currently divorced from Brandon and re-married to Chris White in 2014.

Melissa and Brandon were together for twelve years, from 2001 to 2012. And they had two children.

Seth Blackstock’s sister Savannah Blackstock

Is blood thicker than water? Sure! Savannah is, without question, the most precious person in Seth’s life. Savannah has always been there for him. She has acted as a guardian, a savior, a friend, and something as ‘constant’ as air in his life.

Savannah is Seth’s elder sister, who is almost like his mother. She has been there for him during all his difficult moments, like their parents’ separation.

Savannah is also a media personality. She is eighteen years old as of 2020.

She was ten, and her brother was six when their family broke. Being the first child, Savannah must have faced a considerable amount of responsibility. She was the elder one who had to take care of her little brother, Seth.

Seth’s younger brother and sister are also good companions for playing, laughing, and enjoying.

Seth Blackstock with his siblings

Seth Blackstock relationships

Seth has a large family but is also alone at the same time. Being a celebrity figure allows you to have bigger parties. It is even more so if your family comprises members from different broken families.

Seth’s grandparents are Elisa Gayle Ritter and Narvel Blackstock. They lived back in Fort Worth. His uncle is Shelby Blackstock.

And his aunts are Chassidy Celeste Blackstock and Shawna Rene Blackstock.

Though he has a big family tree, his family gatherings are sparse. We do not see many pictures of the large family gathering for something as simple as a Christmas dinner. It is thanks to the secretive family who know how to protect their privacy.

It’s a bit unfair for fans, though! What do you think? Comment down your thoughts, friends.

Road to fame (Kelly Clarkson)

Being the son of a celebrity gifted Seth his inherent fame. Being a son to a famous CEO of and having a status of a guy “whose stepmom is the famous Kelly” is a standard tag Seth bears.

Kelly had also taken Seth on one of her shows in 2015. Again, Seth came out and sang in the front.

His cute smile and dance raised a roar in public. Seth appeared among the backup singers for Mark Ronson’s ‘Uptown Funk’ song’s cover.

Thanks to Seth’s good luck, he found a stepmom as good and responsible as a biological mother. As a result, Seth often spent quality time with her.

There are many pictures of Kelly and her stepchildren hanging out. Seth and Kelly share many fun memories and interests, including music.

Even during the time of divorce, Kelly is emotional about leaving her children. She talks about the heartbreak these poor souls would have to face to see their families shatter again.

Kelly and Brandon are getting a divorce. The reason behind the separation is ‘irreconcilable differences.’

Seth Blackstock with family.

Seth Blackstock charity

Seth is a kid at school, so the media has not disclosed any charity or donations yet. But Seth’s stepmother and father have joined many events for charity.

Seth Blackstock controversy

It is too early for a young boy to create rumors about himself. But, Seth has been facing controversies and media flashes due to his broken family.

The first time media brought him into the discussion was due to his parent’s divorce. His father, Brandon, got the children’s custody. And he lived with his stepmother and half-siblings after the separation.

Facing many ups and downs in the family at such a young age must have hurt. And even if it does not show, it leaves a scar in the heart.

It is a relief that this child has grown up well beside his family drama. But, regardless of anything, we all hope to see this young man grow up into an engaging personality in the future.

Seth’s social media

Seth’s Facebook account is a private one. You cannot see any friends or followers in it. Most surprisingly, his Facebook account has only three or four pictures to share.

The media has not found his Instagram account yet. But, Kelly frequently mentions Seth on her Instagram account. In addition, she discusses his hobbies and interests.

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