Shahid Bolsen Ethnicity: Nationality And Family

Shahid Bolsen ethnicity has gained people’s curiosity online because of his involvement in extremist ideologies, which later turned into criminal activities.

Shahid King Bolsen, birth name Shannon Morris, underwent a significant transformation in his beliefs and actions during his lifetime.

Even as a young guy, he was concerned about social injustice and economic inequality in America.

However, Bolsen’s life took a tragic turn in 2006 when he constructed a bogus internet profile to meet a German engineer, Martin Herbert Steiner, who had recently moved to Dubai.

In a tragic turn, Bolsen was engaged in Steiner’s death, claiming that he intended to humiliate Steiner for his “sinful ways.”

Following the murder, Bolsen used Steiner’s credit cards and attempted to flee using his passport, but he was arrested.

In 2007, a UAE municipal court sentenced Bolsen to death. But in 2013, he paid a large amount of money to be released from detention and was deported.

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Shahid Bolsen Ethnicity: Significant Transformation In His Life

Shahid Bolsen, born in the United States, appears to be of white ethnicity, as reflected in his name and background in the United States.

His conversion from Catholicism to Islam reflects a profound shift in his religious views and identity.

Bolsen was brought up as a Catholic, adhering to his family’s religious customs.

But as he grew older, he became more aware of social justice issues and the disparity in money in America.

Shahid Bolsen Ethnicity
Shahid Bolsen is of white ethnicity who later converted to Muslim. (Source: Twitter)

Therefore, these worries made him look into many social and political philosophies.

Shahid’s journey towards Islam began in early 1997 when he came across a biography of the Prophet Mohammed. This reading sparked his interest in the Islamic faith.

Islam strongly emphasizes overcoming the hardships and inequalities experienced by vulnerable people, which resonated with Bolsen’s fundamental concerns about social justice.

Hence, he underwent a spiritual and personal transformation during the conversion process.

Further, it inspired him to take on a new name, “Shahid,” which means “martyr” in Arabic.

The decision to convert to Islam was momentous, indicating his great conviction and belief in the religion’s fundamentals.

Bolsen’s conversion from Catholicism to Islam exemplifies how personal experiences and ideological developments may cause people to transform their religious identities and beliefs.

Additionally, it serves as a reminder of religious conversions’ complexities and profoundly personal nature.

Shahid Bolsen Nationality And Family

Shahid Bolsen, also known as Shannon Morris, was an American citizen by nationality because he was born in Boulder, Colorado, in the United States.

His mother raised him as a Catholic after his father left the family in 1983.

Moreover, his family background and personal life are not extensively known in the public domain.

Morris met Asya, a Palestinian lady from Gaza, while working as a reporter for a local newspaper, who later became his wife.

Shahid Bolsen Ethnicity
Shahid Bolsen belongs to American nationality by birth. (Source: YouTube)

His intellectual change towards Islamism and the development of hatred towards Jews and Israel were further influenced by their close relationship.

Shahid Bolsen moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, with his family in the early 2000s, and he started to participate in the Islamic Association of North America (IANA).

In addition to leading Friday prayers in the local jails, he supervised outreach activities for non-Muslims.

In search of a better life, Bolsen and his family relocated to the United Arab Emirates in 2003.

However, frustration grew due to financial hardships and dissatisfaction with the modern Dubai lifestyle.

His internet actions increasingly reflected his frustration with neo-imperialism and Middle East affairs.

Bolsen’s conversion to Islam, subsequent engagement in extremist beliefs and activities, and illegal conduct are the main reasons his personal life and past have attracted attention.

However, specific details about his family are still mostly unknown.

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