Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Net Worth: How Much Did She Earn?

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Net Worth, her family background, and her recent legal battle have become gripping topics dominating social media discussions.

The mystery surrounding her financial situation, the business heritage of her family, and the developing legal drama have caught the interest of web users.

Exploring Shanna’s narrative offers a fascinating trip into the enigmatic parts of her life for those anxious to solve the riddle.

From her concealed fortune to her family’s history in the Stampin’ Up! business to her current involvement in a complicated legal matter, Shanna’s story is full of turns that keep the internet humming with rumors and intrigue.

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Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Net Worth

Shanna Gardner Fernandez, who is most known as the ex-spouse of American businessman and investor Jared Bridgeman, is an accomplished lady in her own right.

Despite being frequently compared to Jared, she has made her way in the IT sector. Shanna has kept her professional activities somewhat under wraps, giving room for considerable conjecture.

According to other stories, she tirelessly ran their home and committed to being a housewife.

It’s important to remember, though, that Shanna worked a variety of occupations before getting married.

She also has solid entrepreneurial roots because her parents co-founded the arts and crafts-focused business Stampin’ Up!

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Net Worth
Shanna Gardner-Fernandez family (Image Source: nypost)

Even though Shanna Gardner Fernandez’s precise net worth is unclear, 2023 is projected to be about 200,000 US Dollars.

Given her history and connections, this number could not fully capture her financial condition.

On the other hand, her parents have amassed a substantial fortune due to their economic success, with an estimated net worth of over 10 million US dollars as of 2023.

Shanna now resides with her children in Florida, United States. Their home, worth $780,000, is where Jared and Gardner-Fernandez’s two children from a previous marriage gather.

Despite their distance, Jared still has a close relationship with his children and frequently travels to Jacksonville Beach in the north to spend time with them.

Since Shanna Gardner Fernandez continues to lead a secluded life, many details about her private and financial affairs remain unknown.

Shanna Gardner Fernandez Parents

The fascinating tales of Shelli and Sterling Gardner, the parents of Shanna Gardner Fernandez, reveal their zeal for business and fidelity to their faith.

Originally from Southern California, Shelli’s family moved to Kanab, Utah, when she was a little girl.

She married Sterling at the age of barely eighteen, which marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial life.

Together, they started a business in Las Vegas building bespoke homes with the help of Shelli’s sister’s husband.

Due to her desire to succeed as an entrepreneur, Shelli looked into chances with Tupperware and other direct sales businesses.

But what started something extraordinary was her shared idea with her sister LaVonne.

When they couldn’t discover a rubber stamp firm that fit their requirements, they took their cue from the lucrative business strategies of organizations like Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Discovery Toys.

This idea resulted in Stampin’ Up!, a business that started selling stamps made by other companies before moving on to create, produce, and market its stamps.

In 1993, they moved the firm from Boulder City, Nevada, to Kanab, Utah, demonstrating even more dedication to their enterprise.

In 1998, Shelli Gardner Fernandez, Shanna’s mother, took over as CEO and oversaw the expansion and achievement of the business.

Sara Douglass’s takeover in 2014 allowed Shelli and Sterling to focus on missionary work. This is a testimonial to their strong faith and commitment.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez Husband

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez’s life has been significantly affected by ties from her past and present.

Jared Bridegan, her first spouse, was extremely important in her life. Their child’s father, Jared, was a senior design manager at Microsoft.

However, their union suffered a devastating setback when Jared was fatally shot and died in an “ambush” in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, in February 2022.

Their 2-year-old daughter was uninjured but orphaned due to the tragic tragedy since her father was killed.

Shanna Gardner-Fernandez with her current husband, Mario Fernandez
Shanna Gardner-Fernandez with her current husband, Mario Fernandez (Image Source: nypost)

Their neighborhood was rocked by this tragic incident, which also started a protracted judicial procedure with indictments and continuing court cases.

Shanna started a new chapter in her life after divorcing Jared Bridegan and discovering love again.

Currently, she is wed to a well-known businessman with a presence in the business world named Mario Fernandez Saldana.

The mysterious nuptials of Shanna and Mario Fernandez Saldana represents a new beginning. The chapter contains both previous adversity and promise for the future.

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