What Is Shannon Beador Religion? Ethnicity And Origin

Known for her presence in The Real Housewives Of Orange County, fans are eager to know about Shannon Beador Religion. Does she follow any particular faith?

Reality shows are primarily scripted (although their names might symbolize otherwise) but addictive. Viewers are addicted to them for their realistic content, drama, and real-life situation portrayal.

Among many reality series, the real housewives franchise is not new. There are varieties of the show, among which some have continued for several seasons.

Here, we are talking about The Real Housewives Of Orange County, whose seventeenth season will soon premier on Bravo.

Shannon Beador gained prominence through her participation in the series. A regular cast member since 2014, she has appeared in over 180 episodes so far.

The show saw the reality tv star’s relationship with her former spouse, David, their split, and her moving on.

It also showcased her friendships with other housewives, particularly with her bestie Tamra Judge.

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What Is Shannon Beador Religion? Ethnicity And Origin

While Shannon’s relationship and family life have been primary subjects in The Real Housewives of Orange County, her other personal details have also gained the spotlight. For instance, fans are eager to know about her religious faith.

Well, as per many sites, Beador is a Christian and follows Christianity. The topic of religion has occupied several episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which likely gave a hint to viewers about Shannon’s faith.

Furthermore, the reality tv star shared about her daughter Sophie Beador’s decision to get baptized on social media.

Shannon Beador Religion
Shannon Beador is Christian, as per several sites (Source: People)

While she didn’t always feel strongly about the religion, it was Sophie’s self-decision to get baptized, having found an interest in Christianity. Her decision made her mom super proud, who didn’t hesitate to share it with her fans.

Additionally, Shannon shared how Sophie was adamant about not attending Church when she was young.

Following her baby girl’s decision to get baptized, Shannon shared how she couldn’t be prouder and called that night the most incredible.

Likewise, Beador often expresses her belief and faith in Christianity through her social media posts. She believes that god has a plan for all of us and is grateful for her daughter’s devotion to Jesus Christ.

Finally, talking about Ms. Beador’s origin, she hails from California, USA, and is of mixed ethnicity.

Is Shannon Beador Back Together With Ex-Husband David Beador?

If you keep updates with the RHOC star, the chances are you saw her IG post with her ex-hubby David Beador. The former pair were shown posing in a smiley selfie recently.

The post created lots of speculation, with many wondering if David and Shannon are back together. So, is the beloved RHOC couple reunited?

Well, it doesn’t appear so. As indicated in Shannon’s IG caption, she bumped into her former partner while hanging out at The Quiet Woman restaurant and bar.

So, it seems like it was just a coincidental meeting.

Shannon Beador Husband
No, Shannon Beador and David Beador are not back together (Source: Instagram)

David and Shannon were married for seventeen years and welcomed three children, Sophie, Stella and Adeline, throughout their marital life. Their union of seventeen years ended in 2017, following Ms. Beador’s filing for divorce.

Sharing how two people are required to make a marriage work, the RHOC star mentioned she felt alone in her marriage.

During the show, she talked about David’s infidelity, and the then-pair worked to repair their marriage.

However, it wasn’t meant to be, and the Beadors separated after seventeen years of tying the knot.

Following her divorce, Shannon dated John Janssen, but their relationship ended before it could progress to something more.

Overall, Shannon Beador is not back with her ex-husband, David Beador. But, both seem to share a good bond, given their recent social media exchange.

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