Who is Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson is a well-known name in Hollywood. Professionally a massage therapist based in New York, Sharina Hudson rose to fame when her affair with Kevin Hunter was revealed to the public. Kevin Hunter is Wendy Williams’ ex-husband, and his extramarital affair with Sharina Hudson created a lot of buzz in the media.

The massage therapist also has experience as a fashion designer and owns her vegan food brand called Vegan Nose. She currently resides in Morristown, New Jersey.

Sharina Hudson Biography
Sharina Hudson Biography

Quick facts

Full nameSharina Hudson
BirthdayMarch 1, 1986
Age36 years old
BirthplaceNorth Carolina, USA
Father’s nameUnknown
Mother’s nameUnknown
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight60 kg
Educational qualificationNot available
Marital statusEngaged
Name of fiancéKevin Hunter
Children1 (Journey Hunter)
ProfessionMassage Therapist
Net worthUSD 500,000

Early life, parents, and upbringing

Even though Sharina herself never intended to be a part of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, her affair with Kevin Hunter created a media frenzy. It ultimately resulted in an increased interest in Sharina’s life in the paparazzi.

However, Sharina has never spoken much about her personal life to the media, and she likes to lead a pretty low-profile life. The fashion designer prefers not to divulge details of her earlier life, and as a result, information regarding her upbringing, her parents, and the availability of her siblings are unknown.

Apparently, Sharina Hudson had a normal childhood with a good upbringing from her African-American parents. However, as she grew up, their seemingly cordial family relationship turned sour.

According to multiple reports, Sharina is no longer is on speaking terms with her family. In fact, Sharina has been estranged from her family ever since she graduated high school and left her hometown.

Even though the identity of her parents remains unknown, they have expressed their disappointment regarding Sharina’s involvement with Kevin and mentioned that their daughter should be able to distinguish right from wrong.

Educational background

Considering Sharina’s reserved nature, it is only natural that she has not revealed details about her educational qualification. The names of her high school, university, and major are not known at the moment.

However, since she works as a massage therapist, it can be assumed that she has received a certificate or diploma degree program from an accredited school. It is also to be noted that becoming a massage therapist does not require a university degree, and one can get involved in the profession right after graduating high school.

Sharina Hudson, fiance of Kevin Hunter

birthday and horoscope

Sharina was born on 1st March 1986. The massage therapist was born in North Carolina, USA.

Since Sharina was born on March 1, she is a Pisces. People having the horoscope are known to be creative, empathetic, generous, smart, and intuitive. As a Pisces woman, Sharina is soft-hearted, deeply emotional, and selfless and tends to put other’s needs above her own.

Nationality, ethnicity, and religion

When it comes to nationality, Sharina is an American. She belongs to the African-American ethnic community, and she is a devout Christian.

Height, weight, and measurements

Standing tall at 5 feet and 8 inches, this African-American beauty weighs approximately around 60 kilograms. Sharina’s measurements are 34-27-36.

She has quite a curvy figure and appears attractive with her long black hair and dark brown eyes. Moreover, Sharina has a round face and full lips.

Hobbies and interests

Hudson is known to be fond of watching movies. Her favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr., and her favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence.

Furthermore, she likes the color black and blue. Her favorite cuisine is Mexican.

Diet and exercise

When it comes to Sharina Hudson’s diet and exercise preferences, it is known that the massage therapist is a vegan. Following the footsteps of Hudson, Kevin Hunter has turned vegan as well.

The couple has often been spotted going to the gym together, which confirms that Sharina leads quite an active lifestyle to maintain her gorgeous figure.

Sharina Hudson relationships and dating history

Hudson has been in a long-term relationship with Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter. In fact, Kevin had been in a ten-year-long affair with Hudson even before the news of his infidelity came out in the open.

In actuality, Kevin and Sharina tried very hard to keep their affair a secret and tried to stay away from the eyes of the paparazzi. Unfortunately, a picture of them together became viral in 2018, which confirmed the speculations of Kevin’s adultery.

After his separation from Wendy Williams in 2019, Sharina Hudson was spotted wearing a huge diamond ring on her ring finger. This led to conjectures regarding Kevin and Sharina’s supposed engagement.

Hunter went a step further and publicly accepted his relationship with Sharina when he posted a photo of them holding hands on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 2021. In the present, Kevin and Sharina are still together and seem to be quite happy in their relationship.

Sharina Hudson children

In March 2019, Sharina Hudson gave birth to a baby girl named Journey Hunter. The news was disclosed by blogger Tasha K during a live stream.

Sharina is also the stepmother of Kevin’s son with Wendy named Kevin Hunter Jr. As of now, Sharina’s relationship dynamics with Kevin Hunter Jr. remain unknown.

Recent news and controversies

Since Sharina Hudson is quite a famous personality, it is not uncommon that she makes headlines frequently. The media previously published many news stories about Kevin buying Sharina a house in New Jersey just nine miles away from his main residence with Wendy Williams.

After Sharina was spotted driving the Ferrari gifted to her by Kevin, Wendy Williams slammed Sharina on her show and said, “Welcome to Hot Topics, Sharina Hudson. Getting out of my car with my money! Good morning Journey.” This led to quite a media frenzy regarding the alleged feud between Wendy and Kevin Hunter’s mistress.

Sharina Hudson

Moreover, Sharina became controversial in 2012 when Kevin Hunter’s supposed sex tape got released on the internet. It was clear from the video that the woman with Kevin was not his wife, Wendy. Consequently, many speculated that the woman was much possibly Sharina even though Wendy Williams denied her husband’s involvement in a sex scandal altogether.

Sharina Hudson and Wendy Williams

It is common knowledge that Sharina Hudson and Wendy Williams do not share a good relationship. Though Wendy tried to hide Kevin’s adultery from the public in the past, she later opened about the troubles in her marriage due to Sharina’s involvement with Kevin.

After splitting from Kevin in 2019 and paying him a hefty sum of $250,000, Wendy released her documentary “Wendy Williams: The Movie” on Lifetime. The documentary gave fans a glimpse of Wendy’s failed marriage and her opinion on Kevin’s new life with Sharina and their child.

Williams hinted at Kevin’s abusive nature and even claimed that he was “very controlling.” As per the documentary, upon learning of Kevin’s affair, Wendy went to Hudson’s house and painted “Kevin + Wendy 4 Ever!” on the garage door.

She revealed that she learned about Hudson’s pregnancy when she saw Sharina in her driveway snapping pictures of herself and noticed Sharina’s baby bump. Upon learning of Kevin’s deception, Wendy became an alcoholic and checked into rehab after some time. After checking out of rehab, Wendy Williams filed for a divorce.

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Sharina Hudson career

Massage Therapist Career

Hudson has been working as a massage therapist in New York for a very long time. In fact, there have also been rumors that Kevin Hunter helped her get into a massage therapy school to support her career.

Apart from this, the information about the name of the massage parlor where Sharina works and its location has not yet been disclosed.

Entrepreneurship Career

Instead of just limiting herself to one job, Sharina Hudson has tried her hands at many other businesses as well. The massage therapist is also an entrepreneur who owns the brand named Vegan Nose. The Vegan Nose is a food brand specializing in delicious vegan shea butter and a three-ingredient pancake mix.

In addition, Sharina has also worked as a fashion designer. She is the owner of the brand Vish which mostly deals with athleisure and gym wear. Kevin has been extremely supportive of Sharina’s career choices, and as per reports, he has even invested a good deal of money in her businesses.

net worth, purchases, and lifestyle

Estimated to have a net worth of approximately $500,000, Sharina Hudson has been living quite a luxurious life. Although her net worth might not be too much, Sharina’s lavish lifestyle has been supported by Kevin, who has a net worth of $12 million.

She has been gifted many expensive things by Kevin Hunter in the past. Kevin Hunter gifted his mistress a gold Ferrari Portofino, costing $215k after his divorce from Wendy Williams, if reports are believed.

Likewise, he also bought Hudson a four-bedroom house costing approximately $765k. The house covering 3900 sq. feet is located in Morristown, New Jersey, where Hudson presently resides.

social media


On Twitter, many accounts with Sharina Nicole’s name can be found. However, the masseuse has not confirmed her availability on the social networking platform until now, hinting that the existing accounts are probably not her own.


Sharina stayed away from social media for many years to avoid any negative comments that she might get due to her affair with Kevin. The entrepreneur however has recently joined Instagram.

Unfortunately, fans wishing to get a glimpse of her personal life will probably have to wait sometime before Sharina decides to make her currently private account public. Sharina’s Instagram handle is “sharina.nicola”. She has uploaded 53 pots to date and has accumulated 169 followers while she herself follows 156 other accounts.

In addition to her personal account, Sharina Hudson also has two other Instagram accounts which focus on her business endeavors. The accounts are “vegan.nose” and “vishnyc”.

The account for Vegan Nose currently has 520 followers, and the account for Vish contains 6,560 followers. Both these profiles are public, unlike Sharina’s personal account.

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