Sharon Au Parents: Father Jeffrey Au And Mother Irene

Sharon Au parents have surely had a great impact that shaped her into the person she is today, loved and celebrated by many. 

Sharon Au is a well-known Singaporean host and former actress.

She switched to a new chapter in her life after making a huge impact in the industry with Mediacorp, displaying her adaptability by seeking higher education and finally delving into the world of finance.

Au became well-known in the middle of the 1990s after joining TCS, then known as Mediacorp (Television Corporation of Singapore).

Moreover, she received multiple awards for her exceptional work as an actor and host throughout her time at Mediacorp.

Sharon’s talent and charisma made her a popular television personality in Singapore.

However, she resigned from Mediacorp in February 2018, signifying a significant turn in her professional career.

Au took a new position as an investment director in Paris, a France-based private equity firm.

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Sharon Au Parents: Meet Father Jeffrey Au

The recent death of Sharon Au’s father, Jeffrey Au, has revealed a more profound aspect of her journey in her varied and influential profession.

Jeffrey’s life, distinguished by a varied career and a complicated relationship with Sharon, adds an emotional chapter to the former actress and investment director’s story.

Sharon’s father, Jeffrey Au, departed from this world at the age of 74, leaving a void.

She expressed her loss on Facebook on January 3, expressing love and regret for words left unsaid.

Sharon Au Parents
Sharon Au paid tribute to her father. (Source: M 8days)

Moreover, her touching post represented the sorrow of losing a loved one, as well as the emotional complications that come with it.

During an interview, Sharon revealed details about her childhood marked by her parents’ divorce. Jeffrey, her father, stayed in touch with her despite the difficulties, paying her a weekly visit.

She also disclosed a significant component of her connection with her father in 2020, revealing that she had not seen him in 20 years.

Despite the distance, her memories of her father remained fresh and vivid.

Her father was a former discipline master at St Andrew’s Secondary School and a former police officer with the Criminal Investigation Department’s Secret Societies Branch (SSB).

Jeffrey Au was widely regarded as an exceptional person, gaining the title of “GOAT” (Greatest Of All Time).

Additionally, Sharon emphasized her father’s legendary position, highlighting public admiration for him.

Sharon Au Parents: Meet Mother Irene

Sharon Au’s journey is distinguished by her mother’s constant support and influence outside of the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Being a single parent, Sharon’s mother, Irene, provided her with everything she needed, greatly influencing her life.

Au’s connection with her mother is deeply rooted in the sacrifices and devotion that come with single-handedly raising a child.

Sharon Au Parents
Sharon Au’s mother helped her to get out of depression. (Source: CNA lifestyle)

Moreover, her path in the spotlight and beyond was made possible by her mother’s unwavering dedication to providing love, stability, and support.

Sharon struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of the pressures of the entertainment industry and the difficulties of celebrity.

Her mother’s encouragement and presence during these trying times served as a beacon of hope.

During a terrible period defined by sadness and suicidal thoughts, Sharon found solace and strength in her mother’s response.

Additionally, her mother’s steadfast love and encouragement became a turning point, providing the emotional support she needed to over her darkest times.

In the wake of her difficult journey of depression, her mother’s words serve as a ray of light.

Nonetheless, the response not only offered her emotional support but also provided her with the purpose to live her life.

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