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Sharon Mobley Stow early life, relationship, career, social media, net worth and income

Who is Sharon Mobley Stow? 

Sharon Mobley Stow is widely popular as the ex-spouse of a CNN anchor. Her ex-husband Jim Acosta works as a chief White House Correspondent at CNN.

Moreover, Stow is a medical health professional from the United States. She was an ordinary nurse until she married Jim Acosta, which made her a media sensation. Acosta is a famous American journalist at CNN. After engaging in a verbal fight with the ex-US president, Donald Trump, he came to an absolute rise in popularity.

Furthermore, Sharon is a registered nurse in Maryland, USA. She finished her nursing course at James Madison University, Virginia, in Maryland. Soon after, she began her work as a professional nurse after receiving a license on September 14, 2015, that expired on December 28, 2016.

Here is everything to know about the American nurse and a popular media sensation Sharon Mobley Stow.

Quick facts 

Full nameSharon Mobley Stow
BirthdateDecember 26, 1970
Birthplace Severna Park, Maryland, USA
Age48 Years
FatherKent W. Stow
MotherJoy Johnson
BrotherSteven Stow
SisterMichelle Marie Stow
Height5’5 in
Weight57 kg
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseJim Acosta (1993-2017)
Net worth$700,000

Early life, family, age, career, and education

Sharon Mobley Stow was born into a Christian family on December 26, 1970, in Severna Park, Mary-land, United States of America. Reportedly, her father’s name is Kent W Stow, and Joy Jonson, her mother. 

Sharon has two siblings, her sister being Michelle Marie Stow and brother Steven Stow. Similarly, she was very much interested in medicine from an early age. It was her dream to be a medical worker where she decided to attend secondary medical school. 

Sharon, as a result, received several job offerings because of her excellent professional reputation; hence, the nurse worked for many of the reputable hospitals within Maryland. 

Following her dream, she started attending James Madison University, Virginia, USA. With her aim and primary being a nurse. In her persuasion, she met her future husband, Acosta, who studied mass communication in the same university. 

The couple graduated from college in 1993 together, having already dated for several years.

Even though Sharon was exceptional in her university and her grade, she was not very popular until she officially had a relationship with Jim Acosta. 

Sharon is a nurse in Maryland and has worked very hard to receive the prestigious medical license. She is known for being very dedicated and diligent in her work. 

Reportedly, Sharon worked in many hospitals and enjoys what she does as a career. She came to everyone’s attention when she tied the knot to Abilio James Acosta.

Sharon Mobley Stow social media, height, weight, and body traits

Sharon Mobley Stow has an average but a slim type of body. Her eyes are brown, and she has black-colored hair.

Additionally, she stands at 5 ft 5 inch tall and weighs 57 kg. She is 48 years of age and considering her age; she has a fantastic body feature.

Sharon is a very private person as she does not have any social media accounts, i.e., no Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in her name and presence. Jim Acosta (Ex-Husband) has pictures of his children on his Instagram page, but his ex-wife’s pictures are non-existent. 

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Sharon Mobley Stow personal life, marriage, ex-husband

Sharon Mobley Stow and Jim Acosta first met when they were studying in the same college. Acosta was studying mass communication, and she was studying nursing. 

The couple started dating a short while since and formally exchanged their wedding vows in a private wedding ceremony after college in 1994—the wedding ceremony initiated at United Methodist Church, Queenstown, Maryland. 

A limited number of people got the invitation to the ceremony. Only close friends, colleagues, and family members attended the wedding ceremony.

In total, this beautiful couple had three children; daughter, Hartley, son Peter and they had another child, a girl whose name is still unrevealed for public knowledge. They had a home costing around $660,000, which they bought in Maryland before their three children were born. 

Furthermore, the couple spent 24 years together in a happy and harmonious relationship with no rumors of extra affairs or breaking up. They were a perfect example of a long-term relationship.

But, as all goods things come to an end, the couple parted their separate ways in early 2017, followed by their divorce filing, and ultimately finalized the process July 2017 at Charles County District Court, Maryland. It was shocking news to everyone who knew them and to the general public; the reason behind their separation is still not revealed.

According to various sources, Acosta moved on and was seen with different women as he is not so private about his life. However, in the case of Sharon, she remained private about her relationship status and her entirety after they separated.

Sharon seems to be on the low profile and has not been dating since her split-up with Jim Acosta, whereas Jim, on the other end, is enjoying his single life and has been spotted with other women. Being an ex-spouse of a media personality, Sharon earned an exponential increase in her worth.

Let’s get to know more about Sharon’s ex-husband Jim Acosta.

Abilio James Acosta bio, career, relationship

Abilio James Acosta was brought onto this world on April 17, 1971, in Washington, D.C., United States of America. He finished his schooling in 1989 at Annandale High School in Virginia, USA; soon after graduation, he began a career in journalism.  

When he was in high school in his early days, he had started volunteering for a radio station WXJM, soon after, he started to work at WSVA as a reporter. In the coming years, he was recognized for his voice, knowledge, and talent, not to mention, he received many job offers from both radio stations and televisions.

Acosta, who is 50 years old, covered the Trump and Obama administration from the White House and worldwide. He is a famous journalist who served CNN with his wisdom and knowledge, the radio, and the WMAL in his past days. 

After working at the radio stations, he instigated in the television part where he started his first job. Later on, WBIR officially provided him with an opportunity to work as a reporter. This job was his first as a T.V. journalist.

Although in the past, performing as a journalist for the radio was his job. He shifted to Dallas.

Acosta was at the CBS, where he remained for six years. During his tenure, he had endured works involving incidents of the Iraq War, presidential campaign, and the Katrina hurricane of 2004; CNN witnessed his excellent efforts offering him a job in 2007. And since then, he is with CNN.

People did not know Acosta very well, but everyone worldwide came to know of his existence after filing a case against Donald Trump, ex-President of the United States. Altogether, he is a person who has a vivid intellectual knowledge of politics and society.

Acosta lived a long-married life. Although, after an unfortunate and inevitable cause, the couple separated and dissolved their wedding. The long-lasted couple has three children, two daughters, and a son. After the divorce, he did not pursue any more relations, but he has enjoyed his bachelor time with other women reportedly.

Some of the rare facts about Jim Acosta

  • Donald Trump called Acosta’s campaign ‘Fake News’ and pointed him as a dishonest journalist.


  • After the undeserved comments from the Ex-President of the USA, Acosta started to receive death threats.


  • Acosta wrote a book on the aftermaths of the press conference dispute he had with Trump and openly mentioned it, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”


  • ISIS is considered a conspiracy, but Acosta found Barak Obama speaking of it coldly. He asked on the spot, “Why cannot be ISIS removed?”

 The book he wrote is considered a key source in getting him his press passback and added popularity.

Sharon Mobley Stow net worth

Sharon’s net worth is over $3 million as of 2021. She received a massive sum of money from the divorce settlement with Jim Acosta, and she also additionally earns around $68,500 per year from her career as a nurse. 

She accumulated wealth from her career, her struggle but mainly as a sensation when she was in a relationship with Jim. 

According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, a registered nurse makes roughly $56.57 per hour and $117 670 per year. Sharon Mobley Stow is a successful woman with a promising career at hand and a single mother of three children. 

Sharon Mobley Stow social media

She had a rough period following the separation but eventually subdued it and moved on with her everyday life. As of now, she has chosen to live her life far away from the public’s eye and knowledge.

On the other hand, Jim, who has thousands of followers on his Twitter account, is also highly active on Facebook and Instagram. To be more precise, he currently has over 2.2 million followers on Twitter, about 232k followers on Instagram, and more than 64.4k on Facebook initially. He is still in the limelight among people around the globe because of his journalism career.