Sheikh Darvesh Saheb IPS Wikipedia And Biodata: How Old Is He?

Discover Sheikh Darvesh Saheb IPS Wikipedia. Learn about his career, achievements, and contributions to law enforcement.

Sheikh Darvesh Sahib, a highly accomplished officer, has been appointed Director General of Police in Kerala, India.

With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Sahib has held critical positions in the police force, including the state’s head of Fire and Rescue Services.

Having worked closely with the Crime branch chief and the ADGP in charge of law and order, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role.

Sahib, who joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1990, began his journey as an ASP of Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram.

With his strong leadership skills and commitment to public safety, Sahib is poised to contribute significantly to maintaining law and order.

Ensuring the safety of citizens and upholding the integrity of the police force in Kerala.

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Sheikh Darvesh Saheb IPS Wikipedia

Sheikh Darvesh Sahib is an esteemed Indian Police Service (IPS) officer with a remarkable career spanning over three decades.

Currently serving as the head of the Fire and Rescue Services in Kerala, Sahib has demonstrated his dedication to public service and law enforcement.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, he is widely recognized as a symbol of compassion and gentleness within the police department.

Sahib, a 1990 IPS batch cadre member, began serving as an ASP of Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram.

Sheikh Darvesh Saheb Ips Wikipedia 1
 Sheikh Darvesh Saheb will take charge as state police chief on June 30. (Image Source: The New Indian Express)

He has since held significant positions, including a district police officer in multiple districts and Crime Branch Chief.

He has also served as the Kochi City Police Commissioner in the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP).

With an impressive educational background in agriculture, including a doctorate in agronomy and an MBA in finance.

Sahib has further enhanced his skills through training programs in the United States.

Notably, he has been honored with prestigious awards such as the President’s Police Medal and the Indian Police Medal for his exceptional service and contributions to society.

Sheikh Darvesh Saheb Age: How Old is He?

Unfortunately, the specific age of Sheikh Darvesh Saheb, the current Chief of Fire Force and soon-to-be state police chief, is not publicly available.

The absence of publicly disclosed information regarding his age makes it difficult to determine his exact number of years.

However, considering that he is assuming the position of state police chief and is actively engaged in his professional responsibilities.

Sheikh Darvesh Saheb Ips age
Sheikh Darvesh Saheb Ips’ age is not currently available in the public domain. (Image Source: Deshabhimani)

It can be inferred that he is still within the working age bracket. As an accomplished officer entrusted with such significant roles,

Saheb’s capabilities and expertise demonstrate that he possesses the necessary skills and experience to lead in his field.

While his age remains undisclosed, his dedication and contributions to the police force are evident through his exemplary service and achievements throughout his career.

Sheikh Darvesh Saheb Family

Details about Sheikh Darvesh Saheb’s family are not currently available in the public domain.

Limited information regarding his parents, wife, siblings, or children is available.

As of now, no specific details about his family background have been disclosed or made widely known.

Saheb has primarily been recognized and acknowledged for his professional accomplishments and contributions to law enforcement.

While his dedication and achievements in his career have been notable, information about his personal life, including his family members, remains undisclosed.

It is not uncommon for public figures, particularly those in positions of authority, to maintain privacy concerning their personal relationships and family matters.

Thus, until further information becomes available, Sheikh Darvesh Saheb’s family background remains unknown.

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