Sherry Holmes Net Worth Parents And Family Details

Sherry Holmes net worth and career is inspiring for reality Tv star fans.

Holmes is well-known in Canadian TV and construction circles, particularly for her role as a valued member of the Make It Right construction crew.

Sherry Holmes, born on June 21, 1987, is the daughter of well-known home improvement specialist and TV host Mike Holmes.

Growing up in Canada, Sherry was raised alongside her two siblings.

Sherry Holmes bravely fought and overcame a brain tumor in her younger years.

The successful surgery removed the tumor and restored her health, leading to the diagnosis.

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Sherry Holmes Net Worth

Sherry Holmes’ remarkable achievements in television and construction have brought her fame and bestowed upon her gratifying wealth.

As the year 2023 dawns, Sherry Holmes’s estimated net worth of $1.5 million paved the way for a prosperous wealth accumulation.

During the formative years of Mike Holmes’ construction career, a young Sherry Holmes was deeply inspired by her father’s pursuits.

This ultimately led her to embark on her journey.

At the tender age of 16, Sherry Holmes stepped into the realm of television, working behind the scenes on the captivating series Holmes on Homes.

With her unwavering dedication, Sherry Holmes serves as an ambassador for the esteemed annual Women Build event organized by Habitat for Humanity. 

Further, she adds her expertise and charm to her father’s construction team, leaving her mark on various television shows that showcase her exceptional skills.

Sherry Holmes Parents

Sherry’s immediate family includes her parents and two siblings, brother Mike Holmes Jr. and sister Amanda Holmes.

Sherry Holmes Kids and Family
Sherry and Blake’s kids, Cali Kay and Oaklyn Summer(Photo Source: Instagram)

Later in life, Sherry Holmes tied the knot with Blake Steed. And three months after their wedding, they welcomed their first child, Cali Kay Holmes Steed, on April 22, 2019.

Continuing their joyous journey as parents, Sherry and Blake expanded their family again.

Sherry gave birth to their second child, Oaklyn Summer, on October 6, 2021.

She frequently shares moments with her adorable children on social media.

Holmes and Blake Steed have created an enchanting family brimming with love and care.

Their adorable children, Cali Kay and Oaklyn Summer, illuminate their lives with joy and laughter.

Together, they embrace the beauty of family, nurturing a bond that radiates affection.

Sherry Holmes Family: Husband Blake Steed

Sherry Holmes’s family is her excellent’s supporter; she is married to her husband, Blake Steed.

Steed was born in 1987 in Canada. Blake Steed effortlessly embodies the roles of a skilled contractor and captivating TV personality.

Blake Steed is the husband of Sherry Holmes (Photo Source: Next Episode)

He frequently graced the screen and shared television ventures with different personalities.

Blake Steed’s notable appearances include captivating audiences in shows such as “Holmes Makes It Right: Retooled” (2019) and “Holmes Family Rescue” (2021).

Further, it includes the renowned “Holmes Makes It Right” series that commenced in 2012.

Sherry Holmes and Blake Steed initially crossed paths as colleagues in her father’s construction company.

Initially, they were just colleagues and commonly shared a professional bond with no particular connection.

Over time, as they shared experiences and got to know each other better, their bond grew more assertive.

After a year of growing closer, Sherry Holmes and Blake Steed decided to take their relationship to the next level and officially become a couple.

Their love for each other blossomed, leading them to engage in July 2017.

In a heartwarming ceremony surrounded by their loved ones, they exchanged wedding vows in December 2018, sealing their commitment to one another.

Sherry and Blake often appear together publicly and share photos on social media, showcasing their happiness.

Their shared careers in construction and television have brought them closer and deepened their connection. As of 2023, they have been happily married for over four years.

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