Shilese Jones Parents: Sylvester Jones And Latrice Bryant

The US gymnastics fans are wondering about Shilese Jones parents and their whereabouts. Jones played a crucial role in securing the gold medal for the United States at the Pan American Championships.

Shilese Jones is a household name when it comes to US gymnastics. She has been representing her country since 2018. 

Representing the United States, Jones has achieved remarkable success in women’s artistic gymnastics.

She rose to ultimate fame after her inclusion in the team that clinched the gold medal at the 2022 World Championships in Liverpool.

Jones has demonstrated her versatility as a gymnast, excelling in various apparatuses including vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise.

Continue reading as we unveil the little-known side of her life, including Shilese Jones’s parents.

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Meet Shilese Jones Parents – Father Sylvester Jones

Shilese Jones’s parents have had a significant role in her early development toward the sport. 

Thanks to her dedication and sacrifices, she has successfully marked herself as one of the prominent athletes participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

However, lightning struck in the Jones family when her beloved father, Sylvester got diagnosed with a kidney disease.

Known for his unwavering support of his daughter, he battled kidney disease for a significant portion of his life.

Sadly, Sylvester’s long-term battle ended on December 2021, as he peacefully passed away in his sleep, as he had wished.

Shilese Jones Parents
Shilese Jones’s father supported her even till his last days. (Source: Instagram)

Sylvester’s devotion to his family was evident in every aspect of his life which made the difficult decision to relocate to Columbus, Ohio, eight years ago to support Shilese’s Olympic gymnastics journey.

They originally hailed from Seattle, Washington. Moreover, Shilese has mentioned on different occasions that it was Sylvester’s dream to witness his daughter shine on the Olympic stage, and he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to her passion.

Despite the exhaustion from his own dialysis treatments, Sylvester would tirelessly pick Shilese up from practices, leaving no stone unturned to ensure her success.

His love knew no bounds, and he consistently went above and beyond to provide unwavering support for her gymnastics career.

Shilese’s father, despite facing health challenges, including undergoing kidney and pancreas transplants, actively participated in their training sessions.

Shilese Jones Mother – Latrice Bryant

Shilese Jones’s mother, Latrice Bryant has been equally important in her nourishment as a gymnast. 

Moreover, along with Shilese, she was a huge support and motivator for Sylvester during his tough times.

The mother and daughter share a strong bond and motivate each other to be better. 

Jones also revealed that the duo frequently works out together.

Shilese, sadly had to withdraw from the Championships due to injuries and subsequently withdrew from the U.S. World Championships team selection event.

The coronavirus pandemic further disrupted her plans to return to competition in 2020.

Shilese Jones Parents
The Shilese Jones family was devastated after losing Sylvester. (Source: Instagram)

However, she continued training at home with the guidance of her coach, Christian Gallardo, who provided daily workout plans.

As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games draw near, the world eagerly awaits Shilese’s electrifying performances on the gymnastics floor.

With each achievement, she will carry the love and support of her late father, Sylvester, motivating her forward toward her Olympic dream.

Shilese Jones has marked herself as a true testament to the strength of the human spirit which is an inspiration to us all.

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