Siblings: Gavin Casalegno Brother Logan And Sister Ashlyn Casalegno Age Gap

Logan and Ashlyn are Casalegno brother and sister, respectively. Gavin’s parents and two younger siblings make up his family.

Gavin made his acting debut at the young age of 7, appearing in several well-known films.

Speaking about his early career in the profession, the actor told the Photobook Magazine, “I love doing what I do, and I know, at this point, this is what I want to be doing. In 2010’s “Chase,” the actor made his television debut.

Gavin plays the primary character of Cole Jackson in the 2017 movie “Nine Seconds,” and he plays Reed in the action-horror film “The Unhealer” from Texas.

In the movie “Walker,” he played the role of Trevor Strand, which may help you recognize him.

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Meet Gavin Casalegno Brother Logan And Sister Ashlyn Casalegno

Gavin Casalegno grew up alongside his brother Logan and sister Ashlyn Casalegno.

Although Casalegno is originally from Texas, he immigrated to Los Angeles at an early age, just like every other ambitious actor.

Gavin Casalegno Brother
Gavin Casalegno with his brother and sister. (Source- Twitter )

The actor stated in a tweet in 2013 that his family is of Italian origin. Ashlyn Casalegno, Gavin’s sister, is an actress most known for playing Charlotte opposite Hugh Jackman in the movie Logan.

She also portrayed Gwendolyn in Remnants of Fallen and Abby in the short film Something’s Here.

According to her Instagram, Ashlyn received the “best actor” prize at the Art Institutes film festival.

Gavin Casalegno Siblings Are Younger Than Him: Age gap

Logan and Ashlyn Casalegno are Logan and Ashlyn Casalegno’s younger siblings. Logan is the middle child, and Ashlyn is the youngest of the three.

The siblings’ trio is also interested in music, according to Gavin’s Twitter. Logan is the drummer, and Ashlyn is the guitarist. Meanwhile, Casalegno is the group’s vocalist.

Logan graduated from college and has a birthday on June 7. In 2021, Gavin received his bachelor’s degree from Collin College and his high school diploma from Lovejoy High School.

Logan spent seven months as a field technician with Lonestar Overhead Doors in 2017.

In addition, he eventually worked as a retail salesperson for Cabela’s before leaving after a year. He is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Ashlyn, the youngest sibling, celebrates her 15th birthday on August 17. She, like her older brother, is an actor and model.

Meet Gavin Casalegno Family

Gavin Casalegno was born on September 2, 1999, in Lewisville, Texas, to Bryan and Allyson Casalegno.

Gavin’s father, Bryan Casalegno, works in technology, while his mother, Allyson Casalegno, works in social media.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Brya works as a field engineer III for Ericsson’s 5G distributed innovation network. He has worked for the company for six years.

Bryan formerly worked as an Ericsson field engineer contractor at Spectrum Wireless Solutions and as an IT manager at ABC Debt Relief. He has led significant technology projects for over 30 years.

Gavin Casalegno brother
Gavin Casalegno with his family. (Source: News)

According to his Instagram, Gavin’s mother, Allyson, celebrates her birthday on February 12. His mother was his manager and traveled with him to auditions when he was a little performer.

Allyson’s LinkedIn profile states she is a content producer and social media manager.

Gavin mentioned in a sweet birthday post that his mother is his biggest supporter and thanked her for all the hard work she put in to raise him and his siblings.

Gavin is currently in a long-term relationship with Larsen Thompson, who also has a fantastic resume. She is a model, actress, and dancer best known for her roles in the films Pearl’ and ‘The Midnight Club.’

She began learning classical and tap dancing at four and quickly progressed to modern and hip-hop dance techniques.

Her dancing ability has allowed her to collaborate with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, P! nk, and Sia.

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