Silvio Mora Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Musical Artist?

Explore Silvio Mora Wikipedia and discover the life and career of the renowned musical artist in this comprehensive article.

Silvio Mora, also known as “Silvio Mora Excellent,” is a multi-talented Swiss singer and composer whose musical journey has taken him from the heart of Switzerland to the vibrant rhythms of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he has made his home since a young age.

His versatility shines through as he sings in English, French, and Spanish. Silvio’s deep connection with music is far from luck; it’s a well-crafted passion.

He dedicated his studies to singing and music, specializing in the lively and beloved genre of merengue. Silvio Mora stands as a true embodiment of international musical fusion and talent.

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Silvio Mora Wikipedia and Biografía

Silvio Mora, born in Switzerland but embracing the Dominican Republic as his true home, is a multi-talented artist whose journey into music and entertainment began at an early age.

He started playing the flute at the tender age of eight and winning top honors in an interschool talent show at just ten, where he expertly imitated the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

By thirteen, he was honing his craft through acting, singing, and piano lessons.

In 1998, Silvio Mora marked his professional singing debut at the Hotel Frances in the Colonial Zone of the Dominican Republic.

There, he formed a dynamic duet with Alina Vargas, the daughter of maestro Wilfrido Vargas.

His exceptional talent soon propelled him to the forefront, earning him the lead singer position and the highest salary in the Merengue Band, Orquesta Estelar del Hotel y Casino Jaragua.

Silvio Mora Wikipedia and Biografí
Silvio Mora is an artist and composer hailing from Switzerland. (Image Source: Facebook)

In 2001, Silvio Mora’s popularity led him to embark on a solo career, forming his group, “Silvio Mora y su Grupo la Mix.”

His musical journey primarily revolves around the lively and beloved merengue genre, characterized by its joyful and rhythmic melodies.

Silvio Mora’s influence extends far beyond the stage as he debuted his solo career, captivating national and international audiences with his charismatic performances.

His hits, such as “Llegó el turkey,” gained international recognition and became viral sensations on radio stations, television channels, and social media platforms.

In 2016, Silvio Mora released his debut album, “Silvio Mora global on,” featuring eleven tracks that showcased his Caribbean flavor.

Over the years, he has continued to release hit singles, including “Saca tu celular” and “Perdóname,” demonstrating his enduring passion for merengue and cementing his status as one of the genre’s most sought-after performers.

Silvio Mora Edad 2023: How Old Is The Musical Artist?

Silvio Mora, the accomplished musical artist, was born in Switzerland in 1979. Fast forward to 2023; he is now 45 years old.

His life took a significant turn in 1988 when his father, Germán Mora, was assigned to work at the Swiss consulate in the Dominican Republic.

Seeking relief for his asthma, Germán envisioned a life in a tropical country, and upon concluding his government service, he decided to make Santo Domingo his permanent home.

Silvio’s mother, Jeannette Excellente, was a beauty stylist in Switzerland and continued her profession in the Dominican Republic, setting up a beauty salon on El Conde Street.

Silvio Mora edad
Silvio Mora, the Swiss singer, is currently age 44 as of 2023. (Image Source: Facebook)

She also introduced hair extensions to the country, contributing to the local beauty industry.

Their initial residence in the Dominican Republic was at the Dominican Concord Hotel, and they later moved to Bella Vista.

Silvio attended the Hogar Pedagogico school in that area. Subsequently, they settled in various neighborhoods, including Los Restauradores, before establishing permanent residence in the Colonial Zone.

Silvio Mora’s journey reflects a life that bridged two countries and cultures, ultimately shaping him into the celebrated artist he is today.

At the same time, his age of 44 in 2023 is a testament to his experiences and accomplishments.

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