Simon Barnett Wife Ethnicity: Jodi Barnett Nationality And Religion

Simon Barnett Wife Ethnicity: People are curious to know more about Barnett’s wife’s religion and nationality as she died of cancer.

Odi Barnett was the wife of prominent New Zealand radio and television presenter Simon Barnett. She passed away on October 2, 2023, at 61, following a long and courageous battle with brain cancer.

Odi was a dedicated mother to her four daughters and three grandchildren. She was also a selfless and lovely person who supported her husband’s career and inspired many people with her faith and resilience.

Barnett endured four brain operations, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment since being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2018. Her husband and family were by her side as she died quietly at their Christchurch home.

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Simon Barnett Wife Ethnicity

Jodi Barnett’s ethnicity is White, suggesting that her family’s genealogy is heavily founded in European lineage, having roots in England, Germany, and France.

Jodi’s cultural background is essential to her identity, influencing her perspective and worldview.

Barnett is inextricably linked to Europe’s unique fabric of traditions, customs, and historical practices because of her White background.

Simon Barnett Wife Ethnicity
Simon Barnett with her husband. (Source- NZ herland )

This heritage gives her a unique perspective on the world, allowing her to appreciate the rich history, art, and culture that have evolved through the decades.

Jodi’s ethnicity connects her to her family’s history, giving her a sense of continuity and belonging while broadening her understanding of the larger global context in which she lives.

Jodi Barnett Nationality And Religion

Jodi Barnett’s faith and ethnicity are essential parts of her identity. To begin with, particular information on her religious beliefs is not publicly available.

Similarly, individuals worldwide practice many religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. These beliefs frequently substantially impact an individual’s values and practices.

Second, her origin relates to his place of birth. Jodi is from New Zealand, a lovely island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

Jodi’s husband and daughters describe Jodi Barnett as a loving, caring, and unselfish woman who always puts others first.

In addition, she is also a courageous and resilient woman who has battled her disease with dignity. She is the family matriarch and Simon Barnett’s soulmate.

Jodi Barnett Family Tree

Barnett and Simon have been married since 1991 and have raised their children in Christchurch, New Zealand, where they have lived most of their lives.

Sophie, Samantha, Isabella, and Lily are their four daughters, all grown up and pursuing their aspirations and passions.

Samantha Barnett, their eldest child, was born in 1993 and married Matty McLean, a TVNZ weather presenter. Samantha and Matty married in a beautiful wedding their family and friends witnessed in 2018.

Simon Barnett
Simon Barnett with his family. (Source- GH Gossip)

Their second daughter, Sophie Barnett, was born in 1995 and is engaged to Josh O’Connell, a Canterbury rugby player.

Samantha Barnett, their third child, was born in 1997 and is currently dating Sam Cane, the All Blacks rugby team captain.

Isabella and Sam have been dating since 2019 and frequently share their adorable moments on social media.

Lily Barnett, their youngest daughter, was born in 2000 and is currently single. Lily attends the University of Canterbury, where she majors in psychology. She also plays university hockey and has represented New Zealand at the junior level.

In addition, she and her husband celebrated the happy news by renewing their wedding vows in front of family and friends. Barnett expressed gratitude for the many people’s support and prayers, and she felt privileged to have extra time with her loved ones.

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