Who is Skylar Gaertner?

Skylar Gaertner is an American teen actor born in California, USA, on July 12, 2004. Initially, he began his acting career in the film industry at the young age of just four.

Furthermore, Skylar is primarily known for his acting performances in movies and TV series like Ozark, released in 2017, The Ticket, released in 2016; and Daredevil, released in 2015. Moreover, the public and the audience love his acting skills because most movies and TV series he acted in are a massive hit at the box office.

So, growing up, this 16 years old star is constantly making progress in his acting career and has made an excellent name in this entertainment sector. And, this child actor has also acquired a lot of money from acting.

Likewise, several critics have admired and appreciated Skylar as an emerging star, as his acting skills and dialogue delivery is utter perfection. To date, he has not won any significantly recognized awards, but we are sure he will win loads of them in the coming days.

Please continue reading our article post as we are willing to provide you will all the relative information about this famous teen actor.

Quick facts

Full nameSkylar Gaertner
BirthdayJuly 12, 2004
Marital statusSingle
Height5 ft 4 inch
Weight47 kg
Hair colorBrown
Eyes colorBlack
Father’s nameN/A
Mother’s nameN/A
Siblings2 sisters
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA
Sexual orientationStraight
HobbiesTraveling, Reading
Net worthUSD 200 thousand

Early life, family, and background

Skylar Gaertner is a teen celebrity who associates with a family of non-actors. Furthermore, he relishes reading stories that motivate him, and his motto is to be ETC; according to him, the meaning of ETC is to be Excellent, True, and Cool.

Skylar was very close to his biological elder sister throughout his childhood, with whom he shares a special bond.

Skylar Gaertner

Moreover, Skylar is just 16 years old, and there is not much to share about his early life. But, as the media claims, he was born and raised in California, United States of America.

To everyone’s surprise, the teen star still has not revealed his parent’s information to the media or the general public. Hence, names and details about his parents are still undiscovered.

Presently, Skylar is studying as well as acting. Besides, he is an undergraduate student focusing on his studies and the acting field at the same time.

Reportedly, Skylar is receiving his schooling from a local school available in his hometown. Additionally, he is willing to go to college like a regular student, but his increasing fame makes this an impossible task.

Furthermore, Skylar is also thoroughly supported by his family to make acting his career. Moving on to his siblings, he has two other biological sisters.

However, no one has revealed the names of Skyler’s sisters. However, the known thing is how all his sisters and parents support him in his acting career and move ahead.

Likewise, at the age of just sixteen years, he has accomplished a lot, which is very hard for an average sixteen-year-old.

Height, weight, and body features

Skylar Gaertner is a teen actor who has a very slim body. Likewise, he is very young to be doing vigorous exercises to build his body just yet.

Hence, Skylar has a body of a standard sixteen years old boy. As has tends to stand tall at 5 feet 4 inches which comes at 164 cm, weighing around 47 kg, that comes at 8.8 pounds.

Skylar Gaertner

Furthermore, the charming young star has brown eyes and hair of the same color. As mentioned about Skylar’s body type being slim, he also has a noticeable birthmark on his neck, often mistaken for a hickey.

Moreover, Skylar’s Zodiac sign is Cancer, which describes primarily as being emotional, nurturing, sensitive, and insecure.

exercises and diets

Skylar Gaertner is a teen actor who doesn’t do any workouts or exercises and does not follow any particular diet plans as he is too young and too slender to be doing all these. And, we are sure that he will start his exercise sessions once he crosses eighteen.

Presently, Skylar enjoys his life eating whatever he desires without any exercise. Besides, he lives his life without bothering himself about diets and body structure because he has his parents take proper care of him.


Talking about Skylar Gaertner’s love life, he is single now as he is just a teenager to start dating, and he would rather just be focusing on his studies right now.

However, we are unsure of the reason as Skylar tends to keep his personal life very private.


Skylar Gaertner was a prominent young talent interested in performing and acting from a very young age. Furthermore, he possessed those talents within him, making him a star early in his life at just four years old.

Skylar’s movies

Skylar appeared as an actor playing the role of a character “Bode” in his first drama thriller movie named Locke & Key, which was released in 2011, and which was also his debut movie. Acting in a movie of this caliber, he honed his acting skills even further.

Skylar Gaertner

Delving into Locke & Key, the movie is an adventure story centered around three children where the children are the keeper of a New England Mansion, full of mysteries and magic. Not long after, Skyler also got a chance to work in movies like Alex of Venice and Every Secret Thing, which got their release date in 2014, and further in 2016, he also acted in the movie named The Ticket. 

Meanwhile, the film “Alex on Venice” was about a young environmental lawyer named Alex working very hard to support her family. Additionally, the film “Every Secret Thing” is an American crime drama based on a novel written by the renowned author Laura Lippman.

List of movies Skylar Gaertner has appeared in:

  • Locke and Key     
  • Alex of Venice      
  • Every Secret Thing
  • The Ticket

Skylar Gaertner TV series

At the very beginning, the teen actor, Skyler Gaertner, came to the limelight because he acted in numerous hit TV Series. Furthermore, In 2008, Skylar has his debut in the industry by acting in a TV series, Lipstick Jungle, where he played the role of Sam.

Furthermore, Skylar got to work in another TV series in 2008 named Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he depicted the role of Anthony. After that, in 2011, he got an opportunity to work in TV Series named Team Umizoomi. 

After working on Team Umizoomi, Skylar got to take himself to the big screen after which, more and more projects came his way, and he constantly earned remarkable fame at a very young age.

Likewise, in 2012, Skylar acted as Danny Cahill for a TV series named Person. Similarly, in 2013, he got the role in a TV series named Nurse Jackie, which got further released in 2014.

After acting on so many series at a young age, there was no stopping for this teen actor because later again in 2015, Skylar worked in the series named Daredevil, which gave him a massive boost on his already enormous fame. 

Presently, Skyler is involved in the Crime thriller Netflix Series named Ozark, in which he started working in 2017.

Skylar Gaertner with the co-stars from Ozark

Furthermore, Ozark is a Netflix-produced American crime drama series released on July 21, 2017. Similarly, this series got its production by Bill Dubuque, Mark Williams, and Media Rights Capital.

Moreover, Sylar Gaertner has portrayed Jonah Byrde, the teenage son of Marty and Wendy’s.

Skylar Gaertner personal life and hobbies

Skylar Gaertner is already a sensation in America. Due to his acting skills and charming face, he has won immense fame from the general audience and critics.

Also, acting has forever been his passion and drive to move on with his life, plus he has done what his heart desires. A fun fact being, Skylar had also auditioned for Stranger Things two times.

However, Skylar did not get picked for the part, but if he was somehow selected, we could have seen Skylar as the lead role of Stranger Things. Nevertheless, as everything happens for a reason, he is not sad about not being selected for that series because that allowed him to work in the presently popular series named Ozark.

Furthermore, Skylar is a big sports lover besides acting, as he also loves playing football on a competing soccer team around his hometown.


Skylar is a very secretive kind of person and loves to keep his private life to himself. He does not want to show everything he does to the public.

Also, Skylar has significantly fewer posts on social media, and most of them are about his work. Although he loves traveling and likes to take pictures of everything, he does not fancy posting pictures on social media frequently.

Likewise, Skylar prefers hiking, zip-lining, and many other adventures when he gets his time off work. Also, he loves to go into nature for photos as he is very much interested in photography.

Moreover, he has not brought his parents and siblings into the spotlight, proving that he does not want his family to face difficulties because of his overwhelming stardom.

net worth

Skyler Gaertner worked in a lot of movies and TV series. Additionally, he started making money on his own since he was four years old. 

After that, Skyler made a lot of money from both big and small screens. Still, the teen actor has never spoken about his salary.

Nevertheless, Skyler’s net worth is estimated to be over USD 200 thousand according to several sources. Besides, he is working on other big tv series which are indeed paying him a lot of money.

social media involvement

Skylar Gaertner is active on nearly all social media platforms except Facebook. Furthermore, he has an account on both Instagram and Twitter, but moreover, he tends to be more active on Instagram.

Additionally, Skylar has shared over 100 posts and has over 26k followers on Instagram. At this age, he already has a lot of fan following.

Also, Skyler joined Twitter in July 2017. Moreover, he has over 100 tweets shared in his profile and has over 2k followers on the platform.

Interestingly, his Twitter account has the official verification with a blue tick. Similarly, the links to his Social media profiles and IMDB profile are:




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