Social Repose No Makeup 2023: How Does He Look?

How does Social Repose No Makeup look? Richard Mclean Giese, widely recognized by his stage name, Social Repose, is an American singer-songwriter and prominent YouTube personality.

His journey began in April 2011 when he launched his YouTube channel, primarily featuring his original music.

Over the years, Giese diversified his content, incorporating vlogs, cover songs, comedy sketches, and more.

His artistic evolution expanded to include barbershop-style cappella and innovative loop covers, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Giese’s engaging presence and creative offerings on YouTube have garnered a dedicated following, making him a notable figure in the digital entertainment landscape.

With a career rooted in music and a knack for entertaining content, he continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

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 Social Repose No Makeup 2023 Looks

Social Repose, also known as Richard Mclean Giese, is a YouTube personality and musician often recognized for his distinctive makeup and style.

However, he has not shied away from revealing his natural appearance.

Over the years, Giese has occasionally posted pictures of himself without any makeup, giving his fans a glimpse of the face behind the creative and often theatrical masks he wears.

This willingness to showcase his makeup-free face speaks to Giese’s confidence and self-assurance.

Social Repose No Makeup
Social Repose is an American singer-songwriter and prominent YouTube personality. (Source: Pinterest)

It sends a powerful message that he is comfortable with his natural appearance and is unapologetic about it.

In a world where makeup is often used to enhance or conceal, Giese’s candid moments without makeup are refreshing and help challenge societal beauty standards.

Despite the occasional accusations of not showing his “real self” when wearing makeup, Giese remains unfazed by the trolls.

He continues to carry himself with pride, embracing both his made-up and unadorned selves.

This self-assured attitude reflects not only his resilience but also his commitment to being true to himself, regardless of how he chooses to present himself to the world.

In an age of relentless scrutiny, Social Repose’s ability to confidently reveal his makeup-free face showcases his authenticity and reminds us that self-expression can take many forms.

Whether adorned in makeup or not, he is a true artist who remains unapologetically himself.

Social Repose career details

Before 2015, Social Repose was immersed in creating emo-electronic and synth-pop music, which he independently released through platforms like YouTube and Bandcamp.

His musical journey commenced in 2011 when he ventured into the realm of synth-pop music.

His maiden composition, “Helium House,” was birthed during his time in film school and marked the inaugural upload on his YouTube channel.

This track found its place on his debut album, “Paradise,” a phase of his career he humorously regards as “cringey.”

In 2013, there was a shift in Social Repose’s musical direction as he delved into producing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) songs.

“Reckless Closure” emerged as his inaugural EDM album, complemented by an EP titled “Crazy Manic Love,” featuring a titular song of the same name.

Social Repose
Social Repose has been lighting up the music industry for years. (Source: Genius)

The pivotal moment in his musical evolution arrived in 2015 with the release of his debut album, “Yalta.”

This marked a departure from his previous styles, adopting an entirely new sound that can be characterized as alternative or indie.

It drew comparisons to the sonic landscapes of Owl City and Panic! at the Disco, signifying a significant transition in his artistic journey.

Notably, Social Repose collaborated with musician BryanStars on an a capella cover of “Follow You” by Bring Me the Horizon, showcasing his versatility and willingness to explore diverse musical territories.

This progression underscores the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Social Repose’s musical career.

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