Sofia Gomez: The Voice Artist, Cosplayer, and A Famous TikTok Star

Who is Sofia Gomez?

Sofia Gomez is an emerging star in the entertainment world, renowned for her diverse talents as a voice artist, cosplayer, social media influencer, and creator of snappy, short-form content. She has garnered acclaim for her lead role as Tee Zang in the recently released voice-dubbed series Kung Fu Sock. 

In addition, Sofia Gomez is also a significant figure on TikTok, where her delightful personality, cute smile, and appealing physique have propelled her to the top of the trending charts.

Furthermore, she is competent at producing engaging and humorous content through lip-syncing, dancing, and comedy sketches. 

Sofia Gomez Biography
Sofia Gomez Biography

Let’s scroll down more to know about trending tiktok star Sofia Gomez.

Quick facts 

Full NameSofia Gomez
NicknameSofi and Sof
BirthdayJune 30, 2002
Age20 years old
Sun signCancer
BirthplaceFlorida, USA
ParentsFrancisco Gomez (Father)
Monica Gomez (Mother)
SiblingsBella Gomez (Sister)
Marital statusSingle
Ex-girlfriendBrooklynne Webb
ProfessionVoice artist, TikTok personality, Social media influencer, and OnlyFans celebrity
Height160 cm
Weight127 lbs
Net worthUSD 1-2 million

Interesting facts 

  1. Sofia admires Madison Beer and her singing.
  2. She is a fantastic singer herself.
  3. Sof started as a voice actor at a young age.
  4. Her nickname is four eyes homes, as she used to wear glasses in her college days.
  5. Her first viral cosplayer was Perry Playptus of Phineas and Ferb.
  6. Sofia Gomez is bisexual.
  7. Sofia supports Black Lives Matter.
  8. She is a beach person.
  9. Chicken is her all-time favorite food.

Early Life and Childhood

Sofia Gomez was born on June 30, 2002, and grew up in Florida, USA. She holds American nationality and belongs to a middle-class family. As of 2023, Sofia Gomez is 20 years old.

Her father’s name is Francisco Gomez, and her mother is Monica Gomez. Sofia’s father is a photographer, and her mother is an actress by profession.

Since her father is her photographer, he has clicked her many pictures since childhood, dressing up as her favorite anime character. Growing up in a house of a photographer and an actress, modeling and acting was in her blood system since birth. Sofia was always passionate about modeling, acting, and voice-working.

Sofia Gomez with her sister Bella Gomez
Sofia Gomez with her sister Bella Gomez

Her younger sister, Bella Gomez, often appears with her in TikTok videos and on Instagram. Bella is a talented singer and songwriter, while Sofia shares her passion for music and has also worked as a voice actor.

Alongside her music career, Gomez is also a skilled dancer, gaining recognition in the entertainment industry for her performances.

Despite her growing fame, Gomez keeps her personal life private, allowing her to focus on her career. However, her fans and followers enjoy watching the videos she posts with her sister, showcasing their singing and dancing talents.

Sofia Gomez Journey in The Voice Acting

During high school, she was just seventeen, and this girl was very focused on her studies and rarely posted on her social media accounts. But when she got tired of studying, she started making videos while continuing to do her homework. To her surprise, her videos started gaining popularity, and she began to post more frequently.

One of her videos, in which she made the voice of PerryPlatypus, the beloved fictional character from the popular show Phineas and Ferb, went viral and received almost 2 million likes. This was her turning point. Soon after, she had the opportunity to meet Dan Povenmire, the co-creator of Phineas and Ferb.

Sofia Gomez in her teenage
Sofia Gomez in her teenage

One day, while she was sitting in her backyard, Dan approached her and encouraged her to continue making more videos. He saw potential in her and believed in her talent. As a result, she flew with him to Florida, USA, as she was heading home for Halloween in 2020.

While in Florida, she went to Spirit Halloween, bought cat ears and a dress, and did a Miraculous Ladybug cosplay. This cosplay did well, and people started to take notice of her. As a result, she gained more followers on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Her journey began with focusing on her studies but eventually finding success and recognition through her social media content. Her viral video and meeting with Dan Povenmire led her to expand her range in cosplay and gain greater significance.

Career Highlights 

Sofia Gomez never envisioned herself as a content creator, let alone a voice artist. Initially, she started making Tiktok videos as a fun hobby, driven by her passion for animated shows.

However, despite dreaming of becoming a famous model and actress since childhood, she eventually recognized the potential of voice acting as a lucrative income source.

Sofia Gomez in Attack on Titan
Sofia Gomez in Attack on Titan

Even as she left her acting and modeling aspirations, Sofia remained dedicated and gave her best to every opportunity that came her way. Finally, her persistence paid off when she got to voice the main character in an animated series, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Before success as a voice artist, Sofia had also worked in various advertisements for well-known companies such as McDonald’s, Eggo Waffles, and Super Bowls. Her unique feature of model-sized feet even landed her modeling gigs with Crocs and Heelys.

Sofia’s modeling career started early, with her father photographing her for a magazine cover when she was six months old. Her love for all things animated was evident from her childhood, and as she grew up, her passion only intensified.

Sofia’s voice acting talent was noticed, and director Bo Fan approached her to dub the main character in Kung Fu Sock, Tee Zeng. This animated series released its first episode in July 2022, and it was an instant hit with the viewers, earning an impressive 9.1 rating on IMDB.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Sofia’s voice acting career has taken off, and she is now one of the most sought-after voice actors in the industry. Her fans continue to admire and respect her for her talent, and she has become an inspiration to many aspiring voice actors out there.

Sofia Gomez in an interview
Sofia Gomez in an interview

Sofia Gomez Dating History

Sofia had a brief romantic involvement with Brooklynne Webb, a Canadian Tiktok star and singer widely known for her content featuring trending topics, fashion looks, ‘POV’ videos, and advocating body positivity.

Despite this, their relationship ended unexpectedly after a short time. Rumors suggest that XoBrooklynne is now dating a musical artist named Rich Boy Troy, while Sofia is not in a relationship with anyone.

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Webb Controversy

On August 24, 2022, Sofia dropped a bombshell on TikTok by announcing her split from Brooklynne Webb, accusing her ex-girlfriend of being a sex-crazed maniac who only cared about the physical side of their relationship.

Sofia admitted that she wasn’t keen on being sexually involved all the time, which ultimately led her to call it quits. Even though they appeared as a lovey-dovey couple on Instagram, Sofia revealed that her mental state took a battering during their relationship.

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Webb
Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Webb

However, Brooklynne didn’t take the allegations lying down and came forward to set the record straight. While admitting they had broken up, Brooklynne vehemently denied that she sexually assaulted Sofia.

According to Brooklynne, after a party, they returned to her place, where Sofia produced an adult toy they had both agreed to use. But when Sofia declined to be tied up and said she was too tired, Brooklynne respected her wishes and didn’t use the toy. 

Although they still hung out after that, Sofia was distancing herself from Brooklynne, and eventually, she called to explain how uncomfortable she had been in their relationship. Sofia’s comments took them back to Brooklynne, and she immediately apologized for any hurt she had caused.

But despite that, they stopped communicating with each other. Brooklynne wasn’t prepared for the backlash that followed their breakup, as it was her first time experiencing a public separation. Moreover, Sofia Gomez appealed to her fans not to take sides or spread hate because of their split.

Sofia Gomez Net worth

As of 2023, Sofia Gomez’s net worth is estimated at around USD 2 million, primarily earned from her social media presence. Also, she is working as a lead voice actor for a character.

Sofia Gomez on buying her new car
Sofia Gomez on buying her new car

Other sources of income are her role as a brand ambassador for SoundCloud, which she has held for a year. She also generates revenue from her activities on YouTube, OnlyFans, and promotional work as a cosplayer. 

Social Media

Sofia Gomez Instagram 

Sofia Gomez has been on Instagram since October 16, 2014, and has gathered a following of 640k people.

Her Instagram handle is @sofiiiiagomez. Her posts typically showcase her body, often in bikinis, as she feels most at ease in such clothing and enjoys being around beaches and water.

Sofia Gomez Twitter 

Regarding her Twitter account, She is active on Twitter since September 2019 and has 16.6k followers, where she tweets about her opinions randomly. Her Twitter account is @sophiiiagomezzz.

Sofia Gomez Pictures
Sofia Gomez Pictures

Sofia Gomez Onlyfans 

Sofia is an individual who has gained notoriety as an OnlyFans personality by posting sexually suggestive and revealing images and videos. Some of her content has been leaked from her verified OnlyFans account

In addition, Sofia creates explicit material for her followers and describes herself as a confident woman who takes pleasure in showcasing her physique in revealing clothing. She charges $10 for a 30-day subscription but occasionally provides her admirers discounted or free access.

Sofia Gomez Youtube

After becoming a hit and renowned figure on other social platforms, she joined Youtube and has gained 32.4k subscribers on YouTube with just 48 videos.

In addition, She makes videos about random blogs, beauty, fashion, comedy, and so much more. Her video content is binge-watching and entertaining. She also uploads shorts of her work-related on her channel.

Sofia Gomez Tiktok 

Initially, TikTok was the platform where she gained recognition. Her content typically involves dancing to popular songs, singing, and creating lip-sync videos with animated characters.

As a result, she has amassed a considerable following of 5.4 million users on her TikTok, with her videos receiving up to 43.4 million and 19.3 million views regularly. Additionally, her content has garnered 137.3 million likes from her audience.

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