Sonya Nicole Hamlin- The second ex-wife of Idris Elba

Who is Sonya Nicole Hamlin?

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is a successful American lawyer. The diva is a pretty renowned real estate lawyer. However, most of us know her because of her short-lived marriage to the famous English actor Idris Elba.

Sonya and Idris’s relationship was a sensational topic of its time. The reason was the impulsive decision.

In an interview, she said that the reason for divorce was Idris felt that relationship could jeopardize his career.

If you want to learn more about the exact reason and facts about Sonya Nicole Hamlin and her relationship with Idris Elba, continue reading.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin biography
Sonya Nicole Hamlin’s biography

Quick facts

Full nameSonya Nicole Hamlin
Age51 years old
BirthplaceGlenn Dale, Maryland, USA
Currently residingGlenn Dale, Maryland, USA
ParentsNo information
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseIdris Elba (ex-Husband)
EducationBachelor’s degree, Political Science and Government at University of Virginia,
Doctor of Law – JD at American University Washington College of Law
ProfessionPrincipal Owner at The Hamlin Legal Group, LLC
Net worthUSD 2 million
Social mediaLinkedIn

Early life

Sonya Nicole Hamlin was born in the US in 1972 but moved to Notting Hill, London. She was a cheerful and active child. She participated in different school activities, including sports, and was a brilliant child who excelled in academics. 

No doubt Sonya Nicole Hamlin is doing well as a lawyer. She moved to London to study law.

She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Government. Having completed that, she got her Doctor of Law from the American University Washington College of Law.


Sonya Hamlin met Idris through a mutual friend in 2006. She was an accomplished lawyer, inspiring Idris Elba.

The romance took off very soon, and they started dating. The couple quickly discovered the likes and dislikes each other such as cooking and boxing.

On 6 April 2008, the couple flew to LA to see the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Junior and Zab Judah. After the fight, the couple took a hotel room; it was there the couple decided to tie the knot the next day.

The following day, Idris bought a beautiful diamond ring. Then, they acquired a marriage license from ‘A Little White Wedding Chapel.’

A LA real estate agent Daniel Krastav was the only witness.

Marriage Certificate of Idris Elba and Sonya Nicole Hamlin
Marriage Certificate of Idris Elba and Sonya Nicole Hamlin

The couple called their parents immediately afterward to get their blessings. The happily wed decided to go on a honeymoon to Jamaica. Unfortunately, the marriage ended within four months because of the pressure from their respective careers.

Sources say Idris’s friends encouraged him to leave Sonya and build a sex-symbol image. So he could thrive in the Hollywood industry. 

However, he was constantly struggling to choose between his wife and career. It became the ultimate reason for their separation.

The couple separated and filed divorced in mutual understanding.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin went through mental stress, which led her business to suffer. She said that the breakup had taken a tremendous toll on her.

She struggled to move on and didn’t enter into another relationship for several years.

Idris Elba (ex-husband)

Idris Alba
Idris Alba

He is an English actor, producer, writer, rapper, songwriter, and DJ. Idris Elba grew up in Hackney and East Ham.

Since school, Elba has had an interest in acting. The talented actor’s first big break came from his credits in ‘The Stage.’ Later, he got cast in blockbusters such as ‘Ghost Rider and Spirit of Vengeance, ‘ a sequel to Ghost Rider.

Ebla bagged a marvel role as Heimdall in ‘Thor: The Dark World’ in 2013.

 Later in 2015, he appeared in the same role in the blockbuster ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ directed by Joss Whedon. In 2016 he appeared as the villainous Sher Khan in the ‘Jungle Book,’ an adaption of a 1967 animation.

Idris Elba has bagged many accolades in his career. 

In May 2007, Elba got listed as one of the People’s annual 100 Most Beautiful People in the World. In 2013, he got awarded Essence’s annual Sexiest Man of the Year. He was also in the Top 100 most influential people in the UK of African or African-Caribbean descent.

Before marrying Sonya, Idris married Hanne Norgaard, with whom he even has a daughter Isan Elba. They divorced.

After divorcing Nicole Hamlin, he had an affair with Naiyana Garth, from which he has a son Winston Elba. Idris is now married to Sabrina Dhowre and has a son with her.

Idris Elba with Naiyana Garth
Idris Elba with Naiyana Garth

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Career

Sonya has done pretty well in her field as a lawyer. She got to where she stands today with constant dedication and hard work.

Sonya Hamlin is a lawyer and runs a law firm specializing in real estate. She has gathered an excellent team that works with her in every case. Running an office with ten employees under her belt, Sonya is doing quite well in the real estate world.

Sonya started searching for a legal counselor job when she moved from Notting Hill to the US. Working and gathering experience in the field, her hard work did pay off. Sonya is a very successful woman now running a real estate law firm in New York on her own.

According to sources, Sonya is doing great and earning herself a hefty income. She is making approximately 9.9k per month.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin
Sonya Nicole Hamlin

She came into the spotlight after her marriage to her ex-husband Idris Elba. As a woman who was already doing good for herself, she became even more famous after the relationship. Despite her popularity, Sonya tries to live a humble life. She keeps most of her personal information hidden.

Net worth

Being a successful lawyer, she has earned a hefty amount of money. Her estimated net worth stands at a figure of USD 2 million. On top of that, her monthly income is around USD 9.9k.

Her ex-husband, Idris Elba, is also a millionaire himself. His net worth is around USD 20 million. So we can also assume that some of his wealth went to Sonya as their divorce settlement.

She lives a lavish lifestyle in her beautiful home. She lives a private life away from social media.

Social media

We were unable to find any social media platform where she was active. However, Sonya has a LinkedIn account without much activity and a deleted Twitter account.

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  1. Why would she even get awarded a divorce settlement after being married to him for only four months, per your article?

    1. Hi Moka Biu. Thank you for your comment. As surprising as it may sound to you (even we had a similar reaction) however, multiple online sources confirms it. The information may not be accurate though.

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